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Play Loot Heroes Loot Heroes Mar. 23, 2014
too short
Play Zombies Ate My Motherland Zombies Ate My Motherland Dec. 24, 2013
Music Stolen from Open Hexagon. Poor language. 1/5.
Play BloodRealm BloodRealm Nov. 16, 2013
Needs more socializing features. Guilds, territory wars or something like that.
Play Hexagon Hexagon Aug. 21, 2013
This stuff is too easy. xD Try googling "super hexagon" (still quite easy tho, try "open hexagon" for some real challenge)
Play One Click Game Creator One Click Game Creator Jun. 19, 2013
Wanted to score 666. QQ Not starting again >.>
Play Battle without End Battle without End Feb. 21, 2013
CRITGAME! I love ya! please marry me!
Play Run Run Jan. 02, 2013
both hard achievment are bugged. :/
Developer response from player_03

Take a screenshot and use the "Report missing achievement" page. Or just reload the page a couple times.

Play Airplane Adventures 2 - The Return Airplane Adventures 2 - The Return Jan. 01, 2013
*starts game* *starts pressing the mouse* *releases the mouse* *dies* *F5* *rage* *scrolls down to read comments* *ok, can't play this again* *checks game* *game is paused... Gets hope.* *NVM*
Play Hexagon Hexagon Dec. 25, 2012
needs the "hard" hard badge set to medium, and a true hard badge to be created. I'm doin 80+ almost evry time i play... this ain't no hard task.
Play Stick War 2 Stick War 2 Dec. 16, 2012
please innovate. bored of playing same games over and over.
Play Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 2 Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 2 Dec. 15, 2012
Pls quit making boring games out of cool game franchises.
Play Hexagon Hexagon Dec. 11, 2012
Nothing effin happens when reaching hexagon level.
Play Tesla Defense Tesla Defense Nov. 27, 2012
no challenge.
Play Hordes and Lords Hordes and Lords Nov. 05, 2012
too short
Play Zombie Situation Zombie Situation Jul. 08, 2012
Play The Game That Never Ends! The Game That Never Ends! Jun. 30, 2012
damn this game. I caught myself singing that thing in the shower. >.> I felt pretty stupid, but the song is somehow catchy.
Play Wizard Walls Wizard Walls Jun. 30, 2012
way too easy.
Play Relive Your Life Relive Your Life Jun. 11, 2012
:/ I sold myself to science. i think i shuldn't have skipped school...
Play Monster Corp Monster Corp Jun. 11, 2012
most unbalanced game ever. takes a couple month to build millions. :/. would ppl actually come in an empty museum? then IJS, but selling kappa for 70 in the museum, for 50 in the lab while they cost only 15 to build and we can build as much as we want at the same time is pretty game breaking... have you even tried to play the game you created?
Play Card Monsters Card Monsters May. 19, 2012
i think a piercing damage buff for melee and ranged attack would be a cool thing to implement in the game.