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Play Learn to Fly Idle Learn to Fly Idle Mar. 18, 2014
How many Dodo Homeworlds are there?
Play A Duck Has An Adventure A Duck Has An Adventure Mar. 01, 2014
Here is a link to an image with all the endings if you are missing one or two. Completing parts of the map will introduce new choices on boxes you've already seen though. http://i.imgur.com/E0F85Ip.png
Play Deadly Road Trip Deadly Road Trip Dec. 12, 2013
Somehow I lost my save after I turned off my computer. That was frustrating.
Play Lucky Tower 2 Lucky Tower 2 Dec. 24, 2012
This game really needs a mute button. I'm not going to turn off pandora and mute my speakers just to play a flash game.
Play Decision 2 Decision 2 Sep. 26, 2012
How do I get to the two survival areas? Those are the only sections I haven't completed.
Play Decision 2 Decision 2 Sep. 06, 2012
I think the game would be better if you were not required to buy previous weapons just to unlock new ones.
Play Epic Rail Epic Rail Nov. 08, 2011
At first I thought this was a game about making trains crash. I was disapointed to discover otherwise.
Play Crystal Story Crystal Story Sep. 29, 2011
There is a bug. The stolen bed quest is unavailable to me, and I have completed the game and defeated every monster.
Play Villainous Villainous Jul. 07, 2011
Elemental hp+ and Cleanse hp+ both unlock treasures which give you 2000 infamy each.
Play Jacob and the Gyrocopter Jacob and the Gyrocopter Jun. 20, 2011
For some reason my mp3s don't generat e any enemies or end the level.
Play Hacker vs Hacker Hacker vs Hacker Jun. 02, 2011
It would be great if you could check your upgrade screen whenever you were at the level select.
Play Diepix Arena 2 Diepix Arena 2 May. 26, 2011
Health packs should be applied instantaneously.
Play Lead for Dead: Call of the Dead Lead for Dead: Call of the Dead May. 12, 2011
It's annoying that you can't get the power ups when you kill the zombies before they cross the barricade.
Play Last Line Of Defense Last Line Of Defense May. 09, 2011
There really should be a save option.
Play GemCraft Labyrinth GemCraft Labyrinth May. 07, 2011
@hersh666 you can attack the tombs by setting gems to shoot structures. Once they are destroyed a wave of fast enemies is released from them. Destroying all enemy buildings on a level gains you a battle amulet.
Play Clockwords: Prelude Clockwords: Prelude May. 06, 2011
antidisestablishmentarianism works, you just can't see all of the word so you are typing it blind.
Play GemCraft Labyrinth GemCraft Labyrinth Apr. 30, 2011
@Jariel Banishment reduces the mana cost of monsters reaching the end.
Play GrindQuest GrindQuest Apr. 09, 2011
You should change it so that you return quests before you rest. Because sometimes returning quests levels and heals the character.
Play Reactance Reactance Mar. 05, 2011
The final boss has a dead spot between the third and fourth tines from the right on the first row. If you get up close to him there, the bullet stream/rain bullet combo and the attack where the tine tips flash will completely fail to miss you. You can kind of avoid the bullet stream attack, though that is hard when you are so close. Now the only thing you need to worry about is the rocket attack.
Play Sierra 7 Sierra 7 Feb. 09, 2011
The sniper mission needs better instructions. I've gotten 3 kills with 0 misses a couple times now, but for some reason I fail the mission after getting the 3 kills.