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Play znRevolutions znRevolutions Jun. 17, 2011
Hit escape > Move pieces around with mouse > Win game.
Play Incident 9:02 Incident 9:02 May. 25, 2011
Thanks for the bug reports. Can't believe I never caught that. The reason was that I put the boundaries in before I had made the building. The cars are giant because I didn't make them and that's the resolution they came in. If I scaled them they would have lost their pixel appearance and recognizability.
Play Running Wizard Running Wizard Apr. 23, 2011
Great art, great music, and fun game. One tweak I would make is ensure that the lowest platform is never out of view by moving the camera, so you can always see where you are jumping. Also, I disagree with adding upgrades since this isn't really an achievement game, it's more of an endless high score game, so upgrades would just negate the need for skill to get a good score. With that being said you should implement high scores with the Kong API since it's on this site.
Play Clarence's Big Chance Clarence's Big Chance Mar. 04, 2011
I waited in my bed for a while, expecting secret levels. None were to be found.
Play Interlocked Interlocked Feb. 23, 2011
I have #5 in my room. The challenge is putting it together, not taking it apart.
Play DJManiax DJManiax Jan. 31, 2011
This game is broken for me (across all versions of flash and browsers), but i still enjoy playing the first half of each song.
Play CogHeart Says CogHeart Says Dec. 06, 2010
Fun. It is sort of slow at first and easy until you're forced to move during the round. I like the voicing and the art. I think the binary success of it makes it a little frustrating (you either win or lose). Maybe an option with multiple lives would be fun. And the pace could be faster, or at least adjustable like kjojo said. But awesome work for 72 hrs, and I sort of know what that's like since I made a game for the game in ten days competition here. Hope to see more!
Play Capt Pancakes adventure Capt Pancakes adventure Dec. 03, 2010
I stabbed that dragon in the ass for like 3 minutes after I killed it.
Play Sleep Harder Sleep Harder Nov. 23, 2010
Play BALListic BALListic Nov. 22, 2010
Amazing game, the only thing bad I could say about it is that it needs a game over screen. Otherwise I love the difficulty adjustment and the way the action picks up. The particle effects really make the simple graphics nice too. Most importantly, it's tons of fun.
Play Triformus Triformus Nov. 13, 2010
I think that having the shapes fall down slower but spawn faster would be a good idea, since that way you could see what is coming sooner and strategise. Right now it's just guesswork with what will come next, since there are only a few shapes on the screen at a time. Also, try making the goal and rules a little more obvious right from the start. The graphics need some work too. This is definitely a good idea though, keep working on it!
Play Coin Tower Defence Coin Tower Defence Nov. 07, 2010
Bummer, it didn't submit my highscore when I won. Oh well, good game. Consider making it go to the menu when you lose/win.
Play Phobiaphobiaphobia Phobiaphobiaphobia Oct. 21, 2010
I think it would have been interesting if after answering enough questions you got to play a game that would be scripted to scare you based on how you answered.
Play Mega Bounce Mega Bounce Oct. 07, 2010
It's an OK concept, it could have been a good game. Bad programming and art though, it doesn't play right.
Play Germicide TD Germicide TD Sep. 01, 2010
It practically crashes my computer after each level (slows way down for ~20 sec, firefox won't respond) Windows 7 firefox 3.6.8 32bit
Play Marbelous Marbelous Aug. 25, 2010
Not the most original game but it adds some fun new elements to the genre. Crazzy mode is fun once you figure out the trick.
Play Rock Paper Scissors Multiplayer Game Rock Paper Scissors Multiplayer Game Aug. 24, 2010
God that thumbnail looks so wrong.
Play poorly-programmed squid poorly-programmed squid Aug. 23, 2010
Kinda fun game. Intro was funny. I liked learning how to beat this squid with his different phases. There's a few things that could be improved but overall nice work.
Play Permutation Permutation Aug. 19, 2010
enigmatic 1:17 17 moves
Play The Scene: Demo The Scene: Demo Aug. 18, 2010
I's glitchy, I had to refresh it, and I don't see the point, 1/5, good music though, too bad its low quality :(