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Play FPA: World 1 Remix FPA: World 1 Remix May. 26, 2014
This sure is a FAN...TASTIC game! :D
Play Mighty Knight Mighty Knight Apr. 22, 2014
Them Dota Refrences.
Play Wonder Rocket Wonder Rocket Apr. 27, 2013
We need to call in the SUPER MONKEYS!!!
Play Give Up Give Up Apr. 05, 2013
Vaas:"Have I ever told you the definition of insanity? Insanity is... Doing the same f***in' thing, over and over again, and expecting s**t to change."
Play Spiral Knights Spiral Knights Feb. 12, 2013
Is it just me or is the new update for Java not letting me play this awesome game?
Play Carbon Combat Carbon Combat Feb. 05, 2013
a racing mode would be very fun
Play My Little Army My Little Army Oct. 19, 2012
The bosses take a very long time to finish especially Greg.
Play Freefall Tournament Freefall Tournament Oct. 19, 2012
I don't know if it is just me, but I have a crappy computer and the game crashes each time I try to play. Could you guys please fix this. Thank you, and it is still 5/5 for me from the gameplay.
Play Tech&Magic Tech&Magic Oct. 09, 2012
Veigar has the abilities of brand, xerath, anivia, and kayle. He also pissed off all the ap casters.
Play Tech&Magic Tech&Magic Oct. 09, 2012
We must have an Item shop!
Play Galaxy Life Galaxy Life Oct. 09, 2012
A building/tower which heals or increases nearby towers' stats, would be an awesome addition.
Play Smashmuck Champions Smashmuck Champions Oct. 07, 2012
Could someone please tell me how much mb it takes. Thank you
Developer response from kizstudios

after patching it's ~600mb

Play Elfender Elfender Oct. 07, 2012
It would be awesome if we could get more items and other stuff with gold.
Play Galaxy Life Galaxy Life Oct. 06, 2012
TIP: If you're low on a resource you can invade another person and deploy your units near houses or mines depending on what you need.
Play Galaxy Life Galaxy Life Sep. 28, 2012
A way to convert resources into another would make this game better than backyard monsters,and make it a legendary game.
Play Galaxy Life Galaxy Life Sep. 16, 2012
A Daily reward bonus would be awesome.
Play Bloons TD 5 Bloons TD 5 Aug. 27, 2012
Why don't the top series game already have badges or achievements.
Play Epic War Saga Epic War Saga Aug. 17, 2012
Did some other company make this?
Play Tyrant Tyrant Jun. 04, 2012
I think that some achievements should give war bonds if you complete it, since it takes a very long time to get enough for anything. +If you agree.
Play The Paint Gunner The Paint Gunner Mar. 13, 2012
This feels sort of like Portal 2.