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Play Pixelo Pixelo Jul. 21, 2014
yep, the daily puzzle has a guessing point at the very end. i have two groups of 2 pixels each that i have to place, and four groups of empty (not X-ed) places to put them in. they could either go left-up and right-down or (the correct option) left-down and right-up.
Play BloxxClicker BloxxClicker Jul. 18, 2014
@dev - the error message is "reset: Error #1009". however, despite getting the error message, the game works. like previously stated, it would help if there was some extra content. as it is, i feel no motivation to continue playing it. good luck with it, hope you turn it into something cool.
Play The Lord of the Tower The Lord of the Tower Jul. 18, 2014
there's nothing wrong with level 8 if anything, the whole game is a tad on the easy side. could do with a little more difficulty. maybe slightly increase the health of the incoming enemies as one nears the end, and also make their attacks somewhat stronger. it's not challenging at all as it is now.
Play Pixelo Pixelo Apr. 28, 2014
just saying, but the "theater" level should have a smiling and a sad face, not two smiling faces.
Play Pixelo Pixelo Apr. 28, 2014
brilliant game. i love it. as previously pointed out, some minor flaws here and there. for instance, i'd like to see badges explained a little better (junk collector = get junk. +300% gold... what does that even mean). but all in all, loved it. 5/5
Play MegaCorporation MegaCorporation Apr. 14, 2014
i wonder when it starts making sense buying a 475,000 mall that produces 330 instead of a 95,000 disco that produces 165. four times the price, twice the output. i know prices go up as you build more of the same building, but how many would i have to build for the next one to stop being profitable when compared to the next level one.
Play Lord of the Underworld Lord of the Underworld Apr. 05, 2014
Play Learn to Fly Idle Learn to Fly Idle Mar. 19, 2014
just curious. what is the "clear time" score? i thought it would be the time it took to destroy the devil, and then i thought it would be the time it took to get all the achievements, but now i've got all 40 of them too, and i still haven't set a score.
Developer response from light_bringer777

It *is* time to kill the devil. I'll investigate why someone wouldn't get his score, sorry for the trouble.

Play Learn to Fly Idle Learn to Fly Idle Mar. 18, 2014
don't eat the yellow snow
Developer response from light_bringer777

It's got a special 'flavor' :o

Play Idle Castle Crush Idle Castle Crush Mar. 16, 2014
it's a sad thing when devs don't bother to read the comments at all. i mean, seriously, how hard could it be to add thousands separators?
Play Idle Castle Crush Idle Castle Crush Mar. 15, 2014
a couple of observations. first, as previously stated, there should be digit grouping (space or comma or dot or whatever). then, you should check your collision detection. after a few speed upgrades, i sometimes have my bullets go through the corner of the brick (i usually aim at the top two bricks). a few other improvements might be a statistics section, having the angle of the cannon displayed and some description of what everything does (particularly the exp). interesting concept otherwise. nice.
Play Bonzaidle Bonzaidle Mar. 05, 2014
looking forward to your other stuff then :)
Play Bonzaidle Bonzaidle Mar. 05, 2014
i think the canvas works, but only if you remove the wind. besides, the wind effect is a tad weird. a bonzai tree would probably not wave unless the wind war reasonably strong. i'd give up the wind entirely, and stick with the minimalist take. very zen. or if you insist on keeping the wind, maybe just make the leaves wave. anyway, i love it, great little game. well done, sir :). i took a screen shot of one of the trees i made and it is now my google avatar :)). hope you won't sue me for copyright infringement :P.
Developer response from MyChairHasALooIn

It's your tree sir :) I agree about the wind, it doesn't look natural but it does help differentiate the current growth from the previous. But no more changes will be made, I need to do other stuff :p.

Play Death lab Death lab Feb. 27, 2014
hmmm. made it to the last level. got all the stars, need about 3000 to get all the upgrades. can't seem to finish the boss. is there a trick? i keep headshooting him with everything but the grenades (those don't seem to do any real damage), and he still has about 15% of his life left (or so) when i finish my ammunition.
Play pulse pulse Feb. 16, 2014
awe... wait for it ...some. awesome.
Play Dungeon Farmer Dungeon Farmer Jan. 29, 2014
it lags. now, i know my computer is older than some of the people here on kongregate (just joking), but it's a text game, ffs. there's absolutely no reason for it to be so slow.
Play Dynetzzle Dynetzzle Jan. 29, 2014
i wish there was a 5+ or 6, on the grading curve. something to grade games that are extra special, or where you want to show your appreciation for developers who come up with an interesting, new idea. well done!
Play Sentry Knight Sentry Knight Jan. 15, 2014
nice and short. on to the endless mode, though those usually have me bored quick enough. one thing - am i the only one who finished the game, got 3 stars on all levels, 'cept the ice shard one? aced the last level as well, first try, but the ice hellion or whatever it was called gets me every time.
Play Battle of Lemolad Battle of Lemolad Jan. 10, 2014
great idea, poorly executed. i got excited about playing, but it got so tedious after less than half an hour. maybe the developer is going to come up with a second part, tweaked here and there.
Play Into Space 3: Xmas Story Into Space 3: Xmas Story Jan. 06, 2014
i don't know what people are complaining about. this is a great followup. it's a launch game, it's supposed to be a tad grindy. but there are achievements, there are missions, there are components to be unlocked and bought, upgrades to be unlocked and bought. definitely still one of the greatest launch games out there.