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Play Murloc RPG: Stranglethorn Fever Murloc RPG: Stranglethorn Fever Jul. 11, 2011
The enemies scale with your level but you healing items have a flat effectiveness, meaning that levelling up actually makes things a lot harder. That's just poor design; autoscaling enemies when you yourself barely gain anything from levelups means you don't actually progress at all.
Play Space Arcade (the game!) Space Arcade (the game!) May. 30, 2011
I'm all for giving games different difficulty settings, but just from starting the game, the way to do it is to actually change the challenge of different difficulty settings, not just giving out less cash on higher difficulty settings.
Play Magi: The Fallen World Magi: The Fallen World Apr. 18, 2011
The skills, at least for the warrior, are worthless to level up. Why would you ever want to increase the cooldown and mana cost of a skill for a damage increase that is nearly entirely irrelevant? Seriously, Bash is only used for the stun; increasing the cooldown makes it useless. Likewise, doubling the cost of bloodlust for a 10% increase in damage (250% to 275%) is terrible, and it takes longer to recharge. Skills should LOWER in cooldown at higher ranks, if anything.
Play Loved Loved Jun. 15, 2010
This is another dull artistic game that sacrifices a clear meaning for being "open to interpretation" which basically means he game developer preys on trolls and armchair psychologists to "interpret" the game and say those who don't see a point to it "don't get it." So if you follow the dickish voice in the background, the world gets a few minor details to it, and if you don't, you get random flashes of color. Then at the ending, you either pick up a floating coin or walk though an empty hallway. What does it mean? Everybody in the top rated comments "knows" but it's just meaningless garbage.
Play Elements Elements Jul. 21, 2009
Why is it that my enemies can attack my monsters, but I can't attack theirs? The only thing, besides that, I don't like is that you basically have to stick with your initial deck type because you start off with a +1 to that all the time; it would be wasteful to not have at least a few of your starting cards in your deck. The fact you can't see your deck until after you choose compounds the problem.
Play Heavy Weapons Heavy Weapons May. 29, 2009
Bosses are too easy... you just sit on them and use lightning, and they die in one burst.
Play Ayumilove HackerStory V1 Ayumilove HackerStory V1 May. 15, 2009
Also, killing green snails is utterly stupid; the best money in the game comes from Death Kloks, which have the highest Meso to HP ratio in the game; you get about 3.5 mil per hit with level 100 equipment and an onyx fruit. 100k scrolls from green snails are shit.
Play Ayumilove HackerStory V1 Ayumilove HackerStory V1 May. 15, 2009
Dan, fame is dirt cheap and GM's come MUCH more often with lower fame; at my 10k fame, I never see a GM, but at any - level of fame, they come about once every 10 times or more.
Play Zening Zening May. 08, 2009
Multiplayer is horribly balanced. Like, this is just HORRIBLE. One unit can basically be unattackable by using her default ranged attack! Another is a dragon that does massive damage and cannot be killed if he gets off an attack, and can't be chased after by practically anybody! And they aren't unlocked from the start, making it IMPOSSIBLE for new players to win unless the other guy is sleeping.
Play Zening Zening May. 05, 2009
Why do you make a game that takes so long to load? Just front-load everything like... every other flash game ever. Loading screens suck, especially when they occur in the middle of the movies. In summary: In order of goodness: Loading everything from the start > loading things when you go into them >>>>>>>>>> loading the video as you watch it. You decided to choose the third one for no reason; not only is the total loading time probably the same, but it is also EXTREMELY annoying and noticeable when the game freezes in the middle of a cutscene.
Play Frontline Defense First Assault Frontline Defense First Assault Apr. 20, 2009
Damage resistance in a game like this is stupid. Why is it that there are like 5 different infantry who are exactly the same, except one takes so much damage it would be a challenge not to kill them, and others (red especially) wind up taking massive amounts of hits before dying? Not only do red enemies take more hits than their counterparts to kill, even if the reds came waves earlier, but because of the damage system, they deal MUCH more damage. My success is based mainly on whether or not a particular wave has red enemies in it, and that is just... stupid.
Play Penguinz Penguinz Mar. 29, 2009
The game is mediocre. The enemies are simply too strong at later levels, and the design is terrible; having enemies shoot snowballs at you, (which hit you even if they should go above your head) in a game that has a white background and snow effects is incredibly dumb. The lack of a mute button further drags this down.
Play Chaos of mana Chaos of mana Feb. 14, 2009
This isn't really a fighting game so much as a 1 on 1 rpg battle. Still seems fun so far.
Play SnakeBox SnakeBox Feb. 10, 2009
It isn't full 3d. Hell, it isn't even 3d at all, it's just a really wide game of regular snake with a crappy box mechanic thrown in. If the box had a top and bottom, it would be unique; as is, it's just snake with enough faux 3d to impress random people.
Play Spectrodisc Spectrodisc Feb. 10, 2009
Good game.
Play BubbleQuod BubbleQuod Jan. 24, 2009
Which is exactly what he said.
Play Battle Gear Battle Gear Dec. 31, 2008
There is no point in reducing lag with a unit max. Lower the anti aliasing. It's impossible to even win by crushing the base with such a (horribly low) unit max.
Play Hey Wizard! Hey Wizard! Dec. 10, 2008
The game is kinda fun, but the collision detection is awful and there are quite a few glitches.
Play Guitar Geek Guitar Geek Nov. 16, 2008
So the songs are awful and have no real guitar rythm, the part we tap out is barely like the part on the songs, and the songs aren't that great anyway. Why is this supposed to be good, again?
Play Mytheria Mytheria Nov. 12, 2008
Commander J'ardan (SP?) doesn't seem to work. :/