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Apr 12, 2014 9:04am

Hey mind geek how did you open so many tabs on just trolling? 0_0

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Sep 15, 2013 9:58am

Hey! Just a quick reminder the Kongai tournament is going to start two hours from now. If you’re still interested, show up in Kongai Room 1!

Kongregate Announcement

Feb 12, 2012 3:51pm

The administration has received complaints about your recent behavior in Kongregate chat. While in chat, please remember that you are bound by the Kongregate Terms of Service so please refrain from spamming, cursing excessively, harassing other users, or using overly-sexual language. If you have any questions about appropriate chat behavior, please…

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Oct 13, 2011 7:58pm

More recruits, and more, and more, it’s your best bet. Train units constantly, aim to get a unit up to level 10 and everybody gets a bonus. Tweak how many units you research and build buildings, there is usually a sweet spot. Biggest thing though is to keep getting more recruits.

I’d post it in the forum, but internet wigged out and wou…

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Aug 8, 2011 6:54am

hey i think i have seen your profile image from a russian movie

Kongregate Announcement

Jun 17, 2011 11:26am

After review we have removed your submission “Eye”. Please remember that we do not accept photographs or works dominated by words. Additionally, all submissions must be your original work and not pornographic, hateful, or obscene. Repeat offenses may be punished with a ban.

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Nov 11, 2010 4:03pm

dude OMG MECHQEUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROCKS who are u are u a creater?

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mind_geek Nov 12, 2010 7:40am

HELL NO. but yeah, it rocks.