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Play Gravitee Wars Gravitee Wars Aug. 11, 2011
anyone elses mute not work?
Play DJManiax DJManiax Jan. 30, 2011
Lol 69 :P
Play Air Pressure Air Pressure Oct. 24, 2010
Well it was rather easy to get each ending for me anyway got each first time, maybe that's just me though.
Play Doodle God Doodle God Jun. 24, 2010
:o That was the ending....what a bummer. Well the description has nothing to do with the game at all.
Play Protector IV Protector IV Jun. 23, 2010
Used a consumable by accident and lost all my experience :( doubt I'll play it again now.
Play Chaos Faction 2 Chaos Faction 2 Jun. 20, 2010
finally a sequel been waiting for ages.
Play Chibi Knight Chibi Knight Feb. 08, 2010
need sto be longer but good gameplay.
Play Anti-Idle: The Game Anti-Idle: The Game Jan. 29, 2010
what's attack power mine increased seemingly randomly
Play Endless Migration Endless Migration Dec. 31, 2009
I got everything before the badges :(
Play Inquisitive Dave Inquisitive Dave Dec. 28, 2009
Whenever I move over something with ifno ti comes up so I can't get past the bush anymre any idea why it's starte?
Play Starlight Starlight Dec. 26, 2009
still enertaining though
Play Starlight Starlight Dec. 26, 2009
Gets easy you just need to look at which way all the lines are facing.
Play Shadowreign RPG Shadowreign RPG Dec. 23, 2009
I seem to be missing the last badge and the last boss ise asy if you have the slow arrow move.
Play Effing Hail Effing Hail Dec. 22, 2009
am i the only one who laggs badly on this game?
Play MouseDodger MouseDodger Dec. 21, 2009
With my comments it starts from the bottom post and then follows on with the comment above it.
Play MouseDodger MouseDodger Dec. 21, 2009
graphics without them distracting you. Unique ideas, the stealth idea is a great idea and not seen it before on this kind of game some other ideas that could be included are upgrade systems afer so much time or so much blocks maybe make your mouse smaller or faster or maybe firepower if you want to go there are many games now that do include upgrades so this maybe something to think about and could also be something to improve graphics with. Sorry for the lengthy comments but I wanted to go indepth to help you in any future versions of ths game (even though your past comments are against thi idea) and any future games you may make. Sorry for all the posts it couldn't fit it on one.
Play MouseDodger MouseDodger Dec. 21, 2009
this fails to work for me and I'm unsure on this reason. Graphics, once again there is little room for expansion in this area of game but you have managed to fill up what is needed for this kind of game in the graphics area and not sure what else could be done to improve
Play MouseDodger MouseDodger Dec. 21, 2009
Ok thank you for telling me to revisit this game I have taken another look and shall rate it out of 40 each star is 10 points (you gain the final star if I come back to play it again for replayability) gameplay 4/10, addictiveness 7/10, graphics 4/10, uniqueness of ideas 6/10, overall 21/40. Gameplay, as previously mentioned by some other comments you don't have much directions to go with this kind of game but it's good for a first game but just because it's your first game I can't give it preferential treatment over some better games as I'm sure you'll admit there are better ones out there. Addictiveness, this game timer and such with incentive to beat yours and other scores will definitely keep people playing but for some reason in your game
Play Endless Migration Endless Migration Dec. 21, 2009
4/5 (If I revisit it it gains the final star as it shows it has replayability) great game and adicting to try and get those final achievements finally done it couldn't believe it when I got 178.2 seconds :P
Play Fly Hard Fly Hard Dec. 20, 2009
why won't it load?