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Play Faint Faint Mar. 11, 2014
Interesting premise for a game. The monsters are terrifying! btw Pressing shift does something weird to the audio.
Play Agility Agility Mar. 06, 2014
the instructions are a bit inaccurate.
Play Idleplex Idleplex Feb. 26, 2014
Yay! My kongpanions are gardening :D
Play The Next Floor The Next Floor Feb. 25, 2014
This is a great idea for a tower defense game, pity it's so buggy. :(
Play Red Remover Red Remover Feb. 19, 2014
What does the Russian speech translate to in English?
Play Reachin' Pichin Reachin' Pichin Feb. 17, 2014
Cute graphics. Mouse control really doesn't suit this game.
Play Kingdom Rush Frontiers Kingdom Rush Frontiers Feb. 08, 2014
I just noticed that painted on the side of the crashed space ship in Lost Jungle (stage 9) is the correct symbol order to open the secret Indy door in the Temple of Saqra (stage 11).
Play Dynetzzle Dynetzzle Jan. 30, 2014
Great innovative puzzle! I like that it's tap to add numbers, it would make it easier to port onto a touchscreen. What would be helpful is if tapping on a coloured border highlighted that net in particular. I'm not colour blind, but even I had trouble separating the nets out on some of the more compact levels. Great game though - very satisfying to solve :)
Play Villainous Villainous Jan. 27, 2014
Anyone else hear strains of the Dr Who theme tune in the first few levels?
Play Bela Kovacs and The Trail of Blood Bela Kovacs and The Trail of Blood Jan. 25, 2014
/rage quits on the passcode.
Play Escape From 26 Escape From 26 Oct. 10, 2013
Hint: the 'written code' is NOT the code to the number lock. I spent ages trying to read it to no avail.
Play Don't Escape Don't Escape Sep. 11, 2013
@MadCrimson there is a second sheet of paper to the note on the table. You can see it in close up view on the left.
Play Panda's Bigger Adventure Panda's Bigger Adventure Aug. 08, 2013
Do you have to collect all the critters to get the achievement?
Play Bob the Robber Bob the Robber Aug. 01, 2013
BUG: On level 4 after you've gotten to the goal, if you walk left, you can walk through the wall and go off screen - but you can't then come back. I got trapped :( Such a sad way for Bob to go!
Play Bob the Robber 2 Bob the Robber 2 Aug. 01, 2013
In level 5 (prison) I see the Shawshank redemption reference and the Hannibal Lecter reference - but what film is the skeleton with a teddy from? Anyone know?
Play Backyard Monsters (removed) Backyard Monsters (removed) Feb. 20, 2013
Kong didn't want the game to go! It's Kixeye who pulled their game, blame them.
Play Ode To Pixel Days Ode To Pixel Days Feb. 16, 2013
Up to half way through, I thought this was a metaphor for anorexia or bulimia.
Play Backyard Monsters (removed) Backyard Monsters (removed) Feb. 15, 2013
Anyone else not able to get in due to "Being logged in on another computer/loss of internet/computer too slow"? None of these things are true - I'm using the same computer I always used, so I know it's not too slow.
Play Perspective Perspective Jan. 20, 2013
A lovely game with difficult enough puzzles to have to repeat a few times. Would have been nice if collecting the coins was towards something at the end. (unless it was and I just didn't see it because I didn't collect all of them)
Play Fractured Fractured Jan. 20, 2013
Great game, I love the puzle piece feel to it.
Developer response from GroZZleR

Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it.