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Play MegaCorporation MegaCorporation Apr. 15, 2014
Bought the More Boosters resrch and now haven't had a bonus for 15mins - have even reloaded the game twice and reset everything!
Developer response from tathtat

Oh... Now they appear more frequently :)

Play Space Field Space Field Apr. 07, 2014
Nope, not addictive in the least.
Play Find Out - Capital Cities Edition Find Out - Capital Cities Edition Jan. 23, 2014
Poorly thought out, poorly worked and f**king annoyingly stupid "game"
Play Painters Guild (Alpha) Painters Guild (Alpha) Jan. 19, 2014
Didn't get it first time - came back, had another go, realised this is actually a really clever and subtle game. Upped to 5/5 and went onto Steam to vote - can't wait for an improved, all-singing, all-dancing version!
Play Kick Out Miley Kick Out Miley Jan. 17, 2014
Bet @Cydira didn't like the Bieber or Gomez versona either! Same thing and equaly good fun 5/5
Play MonsterHouse MonsterHouse Jan. 17, 2014
I take it this is your first time stealing games to post here
Play Knights vs Zombies Knights vs Zombies Dec. 20, 2013
Yet another game where i wish we could have a dislike button to award negative points. Th bad positioning mechanism, poor upgrades and miss-matched levels just make me want to scream! 0/5 if I could, and that's with a point for the graphics
Play Tanki Online Tanki Online Dec. 09, 2013
Play L.I.F.E. L.I.F.E. Dec. 06, 2013
Wow! Such a 'simple' game but seriously good. Genius, really enjoyable and strangely addictive 5/5
Play Great Conquest Great Conquest Nov. 23, 2013
You need to check your logic - if both sides are equal and the value goes to zero then the attacker should not automatically take it and start growing without any follow up. 3/5 is all it's worth as there's really nothing new here. Average for this type of game until that's fixed imho.
Play Sleeping Caveman Sleeping Caveman Nov. 19, 2013
Am I the ony one worried abut the glint in the cavman's eye - especially if he catches you?
Play Viking Invasions Solitaire Viking Invasions Solitaire Nov. 14, 2013
Nice idea where skill, lucj and judgement can be used to get a good score but spoiled by the pairing games which rely purely on luck - I'd give it 2.5/5 because of that.
Play Cannon Ball Pest Control DEMO Cannon Ball Pest Control DEMO Oct. 25, 2013
The lag makes this gam unplayable 1/5 for a promising idea
Developer response from KybeleStudio

Where are you finding lag in the game? It has been tested and works fine on most popular browsers. Maybe you're trying to play from a mobile device or a tablet? I'm sorry but the game is only designed to work on laptops or similar computers, but we'd like some more feedback from you nevertheless.

Play Guuby Jungle Guuby Jungle Oct. 05, 2013
Has been done some much better many, many times before. Plus any game that opens another site should be banned.
Play Loot Hero Loot Hero Oct. 05, 2013
Another run-of-the-mill platform for me. Rogue-like for me means something like Dungelot, not this, sorry.
Play Pre-Civilization: Stone Age Pre-Civilization: Stone Age Sep. 12, 2013
Nice game but strange how you get less than a person when youtry to starve your tribe!?!
Play Feed the Blob Feed the Blob Jul. 03, 2013
I think the mood should modify the money -ve emotions woul mean less money.
Play CraZ Outbreak CraZ Outbreak Jun. 12, 2013
Fantastic for a first game! Would like to see V2.0 with difficulty levels and badges :)
Developer response from filya1

Thanks :) That means a lot!

Play Band Logos Quiz Band Logos Quiz Jun. 04, 2013
Too short and quite easy...if you're a music fan, not a hipster!
Play Balloonium Balloonium Apr. 22, 2013
As said, it's a bit slow to play but has potential. Needs reset and speed buttons, highscore table and more levels to be a real challenge but a solid 3/5 from me!