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Play Epic War Legends Epic War Legends Jul. 28, 2014
What is with the random pvp cheating? I keep getting level 60+ guys that suddenly get another digit added to their attack power...ima lev 5 ffs!
Play Epic War Legends Epic War Legends Jul. 28, 2014
This game feels like a whole bunch of graphics, mechanics and ideas have just been thrown into a pot, baked for a few minutes and *shazam* heres your game! I just don't know where to start with the problems, there's that many...sorry Mr. Dev but 1/5 just....because!
Play Clockwords: Prelude Clockwords: Prelude Jul. 26, 2014
Dictionary could use an update but is actully a great game once you get into it and upgrade your letters using the boiler...even for a slow typist and poor speller like me. Sucks you in as much as any shooter when you get to higher levels - you really start to panic at times!
Play RoidCorp RoidCorp Jul. 24, 2014
Nice set of updates. Good to see a dev who uses the feedback well!
Play Cultures Online Cultures Online Jul. 03, 2014
Given how many runes/Kreds the dev wants for decent items, do you get a refund when they're sold? If not, it would be a great idea and would encourage spending our hard-earned Kreds
Play Cultures Online Cultures Online Jul. 02, 2014
Funny how I can pick the "random" bonus every day...Games is too greedy, so won't be investing too much time here which is a shame as it looked good. 3/5, but could be 5 if the greed is reined in and Kong given its own server.
Play Curl Up and Fly! Curl Up and Fly! Jun. 06, 2014
Awesome game! Love the Kongpanions and the upgrade menu is really clever but that feeling when you stop jut short of a mine...keeps you coming back for more and more! 5/5
Play IdleHero IdleHero Jun. 04, 2014
Nooooooo! Damn game reset today - l fix this issue Mr. Developerman!
Play Sky Taxi : Fastest Adventure Sky Taxi : Fastest Adventure May. 19, 2014
Great game - just the right amount of randomness to make it difficult but not frustrating, then the upgraes kick in making it les of a grindfest - great fun!
Play MegaCorporation MegaCorporation Apr. 15, 2014
Bought the More Boosters resrch and now haven't had a bonus for 15mins - have even reloaded the game twice and reset everything!
Developer response from tathtat

Oh... Now they appear more frequently :)

Play Space Field Space Field Apr. 07, 2014
Nope, not addictive in the least.
Play Find Out - Capital Cities Edition Find Out - Capital Cities Edition Jan. 23, 2014
Poorly thought out, poorly worked and f**king annoyingly stupid "game"
Play Painters Guild (Alpha) Painters Guild (Alpha) Jan. 19, 2014
Didn't get it first time - came back, had another go, realised this is actually a really clever and subtle game. Upped to 5/5 and went onto Steam to vote - can't wait for an improved, all-singing, all-dancing version!
Play Kick Out Miley Kick Out Miley Jan. 17, 2014
Bet @Cydira didn't like the Bieber or Gomez versona either! Same thing and equaly good fun 5/5
Play MonsterHouse MonsterHouse Jan. 17, 2014
I take it this is your first time stealing games to post here
Play Knights vs Zombies Knights vs Zombies Dec. 20, 2013
Yet another game where i wish we could have a dislike button to award negative points. Th bad positioning mechanism, poor upgrades and miss-matched levels just make me want to scream! 0/5 if I could, and that's with a point for the graphics
Play Tanki Online Tanki Online Dec. 09, 2013
Play L.I.F.E. L.I.F.E. Dec. 06, 2013
Wow! Such a 'simple' game but seriously good. Genius, really enjoyable and strangely addictive 5/5
Play Great Conquest Great Conquest Nov. 23, 2013
You need to check your logic - if both sides are equal and the value goes to zero then the attacker should not automatically take it and start growing without any follow up. 3/5 is all it's worth as there's really nothing new here. Average for this type of game until that's fixed imho.
Play Sleeping Caveman Sleeping Caveman Nov. 19, 2013
Am I the ony one worried abut the glint in the cavman's eye - especially if he catches you?