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Play Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Apr. 29, 2015
Play Straw Hat Samurai: Duels Straw Hat Samurai: Duels Apr. 09, 2015
Why is there an item called Bigger Boobs?
Play Swarm Simulator Swarm Simulator Feb. 20, 2015
This is basically the zerg.
Play Rogue Legend: Tame the Wild Rogue Legend: Tame the Wild Nov. 19, 2014
Play Rogue Legend: Tame the Wild Rogue Legend: Tame the Wild Nov. 19, 2014
This game reminds me of a less dating simmy version of Rune Factory.
Play Arcuz (Full Version) Arcuz (Full Version) Nov. 12, 2014
I really wish this game had duel wielding, so every time I used the Falchion Special Attack, I could yell "STARBURST STREAM!"
Play Treasure Seas Inc Treasure Seas Inc Oct. 04, 2014
I think that the limited life system is actually one of the best parts of this game. It keeps players from just doing dumb shit, and makes them actually makes intelligent decisions in what they buy.
Play Super Duck Punch! Super Duck Punch! Apr. 25, 2013
There's no limit to overly manly man's willingness to fight.
Play Legendum RPG Alpha0.001 Legendum RPG Alpha0.001 Feb. 05, 2013
@liviud's comment; perhaps if you want money, you could add in-game bonuses, like minigames that cost kreds to unlock, or multiplayer with features that cost kreds to unlock; as in "50 tokens to start a guild" or something like that.
Play Legendum RPG Alpha0.001 Legendum RPG Alpha0.001 Feb. 04, 2013
I think with a few improvements, like an inventory, more dungeons, and maybe a crafting system, this game could get quite the following. 2 things though. 1, fix the walking through walls glitch. It's really annoying. 2; if this gamedoes get a huge following, do not, I repeat, DO NOT make it a pay to win. if you do, I will never play the game, and really, not many people will.
Developer response from liviulord

there is an inventory :)) but at the moment you cannot equip the items you found ;))

Play Island Escape Island Escape Jan. 17, 2013
The first time I encountered a monster, I wasted 30 bullets shooting its dead body
Play Island Escape beta Island Escape beta Jan. 16, 2013
I have a few ideas for the game. Add a bigger arsenal, and more craftable stuff, like more pistols, motorcycles, and maybe something between the starter pistol, and the sniper. I found that one was to weak and the other was too strong. That is all.
Play Freefall Tournament Freefall Tournament Jan. 14, 2013
@Wwewe The loading speed depends on you internet connection, and your computer speed.
Play Outpost:Haven Outpost:Haven Oct. 29, 2012
The "Features" Text is invisable. Just wanted to point that out
Play Into Space 2 Into Space 2 Oct. 17, 2012
One does not simply clear an airspace.
Play KongreTube KongreTube Oct. 17, 2012
@ alyssaeve Derpy isn't going anywhere. She just likely won't have any major speaking roles. Save derpy is a ridiculous cause. It's like saying "OH NO NASA'S SPACE PROGRAM SHUT DOWN WE'RE NEVER GOING BACK INTO SPACE EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER OMGZ!!!!!11!!!!!!!1!!!!one!!!!!11!!!!!!uno!!1"
Play Galaxy Life Galaxy Life Oct. 14, 2012
How exactly does one send someone a message?
Play Into Space 2 Into Space 2 Oct. 07, 2012
I sure feel bad for the planes pilot.
Play Infectonator 2 Infectonator 2 Oct. 06, 2012
Someone said Me Gusta. In the middle of a zombie invasion. When they were surrouned by zombies.
Play Galaxy Life Galaxy Life Oct. 06, 2012
It kinda reminds me of Star Craft: Brood War. I loved Brood War.