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Play Wordspector Wordspector Jan. 07, 2010
@labridi: Although you can submit practically any English word, all the Mystery Words you need to solve are handpicked and shouldn't include any distinctly British or American words. Some words, like 'cipher/cypher', may have alternative spellings though. @wisygig: The game uses ENABLE wordlist to validate the words player submits, but the Mystery Words are handpicked (about 5,000 of them). @GameKultist: We salute you! ;)
Play Wordspector Wordspector Jan. 05, 2010
Good news everyone! The mystery word dictionary is now updated. No more old English or byzantine vocabulary to suffer. @Kyriva: use the "X"-button on top left corner to pause the game at any time.
Play Wordspector Wordspector Jan. 05, 2010
Hi all, thanks for the feedback! We'll work on the dictionary. However, a big part of the wordspecting challenge is (and will be) figuring out some of the more obscure mystery words just by narrowing down the possible letters. Think of it like cracking a code, where the meaning of the word is irrelevant.