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Play Mite Love Mite Love Apr. 29, 2012
Amazing game. Just amazing. Make a sequel, and I will be one of the first to play it.
Play Mite Love Mite Love Apr. 29, 2012
Wohoo, first!
Play Burrito Bison Revenge Burrito Bison Revenge Mar. 01, 2012
There is a bit of audiolag in the Survival Mode. Small bug, but I wanted to say something.
Play Super SOPA Bros. Super SOPA Bros. Jan. 19, 2012
This game is really fun, actually. Sequel please!
Play BioGems BioGems Aug. 24, 2011
Damn furries...
Play Synapsis 2 : Walkthrough Synapsis 2 : Walkthrough Jul. 27, 2011
Rate + if you found the horrid misprint in the room with the red robot.
Play MoonType MoonType Jul. 05, 2011
As quoth by David Ises, "Three monkeys hitting keys at random on typewriters for an infinite amount of time will almost surely produce Hamlet". This game has produced the entire screenplay of Inception. Well done.
Play Combat Hero Adventures Combat Hero Adventures Jun. 29, 2011
And then from the Heavens came the voice of Monkeymanmo, bequeathing the phrase "Thou shalt not upload bugged games." And so it was.
Play Mute Button3: BOSS Mute Button3: BOSS Jun. 24, 2011
No mute button, 1/5
Play Dusk Dusk Jun. 24, 2011
Time travel and squares. The amazing puzzles in this game, along with the overall texture make this the best puzzle game on the internet. I cannot wait for a sequel. 5/5
Play Diamond Hollow Diamond Hollow May. 11, 2011
"This cave is ENDLESS!" You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
Play DuckLife3: Evolution DuckLife3: Evolution May. 11, 2011
New Duck Olympics! Travel the Globe! Fly in exotic places! Learn to rock-climb like a pro! *TWO LEGGED DUCKS NEED NOT APPLY*
Play Rage 3 Rage 3 May. 05, 2011
Play ef the game ef the game Apr. 15, 2011
Not to be a newbie, wjut what is this "Green Halo" My fish has somehow aquired? Does it have something to do with the "Parasite Fish"?
Play Hack Slash Crawl Hack Slash Crawl Mar. 07, 2011
WTF? Unequipped sword, and now i am holding a giant... Ring?
Play Gib Fest Multiplayer Gib Fest Multiplayer Mar. 07, 2011
This game sucks. I thought it said "Gir Fest"
Play Rotate & Roll Players Pack Rotate & Roll Players Pack Mar. 07, 2011
Play Avoidster Avoidster Mar. 07, 2011
Level 1: How is this "Awesome"? 1/5. Level 4: OMG IT'S PONG!
Play Epic Fail Epic Fail Mar. 06, 2011
Why would anyone play this?
Play Hack Slash Crawl Hack Slash Crawl Mar. 05, 2011
The titles need some work... The Brave Nudisy is much better than the Nudist and Brave. Likewise, the Brave Bonebane is better than the Bonebane and Brave.