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Play Monster Slayers Monster Slayers Jun. 07, 2011
How do you post your own team?
Play Sonny 2 Sonny 2 Jul. 16, 2010
adrian12182, fight the captain like u would fight the baron. destroy his focus and he goes into reloading mode. easy
Play Bowmaster Prelude Bowmaster Prelude Jul. 16, 2010
?it deleted all my data.............
Play Civilizations Wars Civilizations Wars Jul. 05, 2010
at the very last three levels, there are aliens. they might sound easy but they have blasters that weaken(kill) your troops before they actually march in. on the third to last level, u also have to battle the two other races plus the alien, and once u beat the last level, u unlock blaster mode which is awesome. Great game, 5/5
Play Civilizations Wars Civilizations Wars Jul. 03, 2010
note- the maximum level is 50 at 367700 exp. no matter how u assign your skill points, there will always be exactly one left(if u assign all possible). Once u reach level 50, you will have exactly 260 skill points. Awesome game, 10/5. click plus if u want a sequal.
Developer response from tjcarlos

Hi, guys, sorry, i wasn't able to answer earlier, in past months we were making some interesting stuff, i hope you'll like it, we updated our site,, please check it, there are some screens of CivWars2 and announce of other games, also with screens. And yeah, CivWars 2 is finally coming out, November, i'm very happy to tell you this) Thanks for your waiting, we are really appreciate this, and to say thank you, we have prepared some really cool stuff, for real fans of the game, please stay in touch, more news will be in a few days, and for now keep playing, check our site, and please leave comments) Thanx!

Play Stick War Stick War Jul. 02, 2010
this game is awesome. there should be a sequal with more units( that have an hp bar above the units), bigger maps, and achievements. great/incredible/awesome/addicting/cool game 10/5
Play Civilizations Wars Civilizations Wars Jul. 01, 2010
here is a tip for the bosses- if you can defeat the head, then all the tentacles/legs/claws instantly die, like if you are battling the octupus, just kill 2-3 legs and then aim for the head. also, before u start marching to the monsters, try to get every body to go through a crystal generator or tower, as the crystal generator allows everyone to go faster, and the towers make everyone stronger 10/5
Play Boombot 2 Boombot 2 Jul. 01, 2010
this is an amazing game 5/5 click + if u want achievements and/or a boombot 3
Play me and the key me and the key Jul. 01, 2010
lol fadrija
Play Civilizations Wars Civilizations Wars Jun. 29, 2010
i love this game, watching little people run around and getting massacred, 10/5 hope there is a sequal
Play Pillage the Village Pillage the Village Jun. 23, 2010
this is an awesome game, especially when u c helpless villagers crawling aroung without arms and legs...................... 5/5
Play Chaos Faction 2 Chaos Faction 2 Jun. 18, 2010
i agree with you dave7282
Play Chaos Faction 2 Chaos Faction 2 Jun. 18, 2010
awesome game, but it loads too slow for me................ 5/5 though
Play Rollercoaster Creator Rollercoaster Creator Jun. 11, 2010
The game's concept is overall exciting and fun, but the way it was carried out was terrible. I agree with many others about the deleting parts and smoothing out the tracks. Good idea though. 0.5/5
Play Bloons Tower Defense 4 Bloons Tower Defense 4 Jun. 08, 2010
strootle kitty, who CARES about what you have? wait, let me answer that. NO ONE
Play Stick War Stick War Jun. 07, 2010
awesome game, needs achievements tho