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Play New Star Soccer New Star Soccer Apr. 22, 2012
My teammate's ball went past the keeper and rolled into the bottom corner... no goal?!
Play Trigger Knight Trigger Knight Dec. 05, 2011
innovative game aside, this game is way too luck-dependent. the order of events makes virtually all the difference in deciding how far a player gets - leaving little differentiation between "skilled" players and novices.
Play Defend your Honor! Defend your Honor! Sep. 08, 2010
the dialogue with the walrus at the end is win.
Play  Smiley Showdown Smiley Showdown Aug. 31, 2010
extremely fun and casual though what are the other five achievements at the bottom??
Play Reincarnation:  Let The Evil Times Roll Reincarnation: Let The Evil Times Roll Aug. 27, 2010
the voice acting is the best part of the game, hands down.
Play Heir Heir Aug. 19, 2010
i hate how i keep reflexively thinking that jump is space =_=
Play Color Theory Color Theory Aug. 10, 2010
nice retro game but it's really more of a platformer than a "puzzler". barely enough puzzle except a few of the better levels - the rest just boils down to timing etc. 4/5
Play pokemon full game pokemon full game Aug. 06, 2010
it's not just a black screen, if you use HM flash the cave lights up
Play Castle Wars 2 Castle Wars 2 Aug. 06, 2010
awesome game - granted there're some things castlewars 1 has over this, but the general awesome graphics are commendable and new cards add to the strategy (though it's a real bitch to be at the receiving end of the 2-for-1 thingy) 5/5. only major bugbear is the inability to log on as a member on multiplayer!
Play Qbox Qbox Sep. 10, 2009
frustrating but awesome - we need more word puzzles on here~
Play Wolf Games Apple Shooter Wolf Games Apple Shooter Sep. 08, 2009
the killing animations are hilarious
Play Champions Table Tennis IV Champions Table Tennis IV Sep. 07, 2009
collision detection fail
Play Maze game Maze game Sep. 07, 2009
I like the cookie
Play Color Attack Color Attack Sep. 07, 2009
the music restarts every round (which spans a second or less) and is kinda annoying anyway
Play Color Attack Color Attack Sep. 07, 2009
hi mom
Play Scarfit Scarfit Sep. 06, 2009
a 3/5 game: nice concept and graphics but I was bored to death
Play The right brain test The right brain test Sep. 04, 2009
saw this picture before so it doesn't really count :x
Play My first game My first game Sep. 03, 2009
Play live voting 1. Who Will Win live voting 1. Who Will Win Sep. 03, 2009
Play put stuff on your guy put stuff on your guy Sep. 03, 2009
lol 2/5 because I like the name very much, and the donuts.