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Play Creeper World 3: Abraxis Creeper World 3: Abraxis Jun. 01, 2014
This reminds me of starcraft, the music is similar too.
Play Pixelo Pixelo May. 18, 2014
I didn't really like the tutorial, but once I got past it the game was great. Tutorials are best when you don't even realise you're doing one.
Play Madville Madville Nov. 16, 2013
Had more fun with this game than a lot of other games rated higher than it ;)
Play Snail Bob 5: Love Story Snail Bob 5: Love Story Nov. 15, 2013
On level 8, bob can go off-screen by going to left.
Play Cyber Chaser Cyber Chaser Sep. 28, 2013
I like the game but it's too easy to take damage from things that aren't your fault.
Play Codelink v2 Codelink v2 Sep. 18, 2013
Game window is too large to see all the interface, I know this probably can't be fixed within reason but something to keep in mind for future games.
Developer response from momoguru

yes, this is the browser release, its actually a stand alone fullscreen game. here is and adjustable browser version, u can scale object in options. just adjust the (w)idth and (h)eight numbers.

Play Nelly 2: ep.1 Nelly 2: ep.1 Aug. 29, 2013
I love the game but sometimes it doesn't convey the rules properly which results in me dying until I realize that that box can be removed by the 'z' key, controls can be a bit clunky during the action sections as well but overall a very nice game.
Play Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Aug. 26, 2013
Heavily inspired by Phoenix Wright, not that that is a bad thing...
Play Endless Evil Endless Evil Aug. 24, 2013
Unicorns shouldn't be able to shoot until you see them.
Developer response from YAYitsAndrew

In the next release you'll be able to reflect unicorn shots with your arrows

Play Different Different Jun. 30, 2013
Thanks for the feedback everybody :)
Play Drop. Drop. Apr. 22, 2013
The only game where getting objects struck in geometry is music to your ears.
Play Life Tree Life Tree Feb. 16, 2013
Nice artwork and sound but lacking mechanically. Starting off with faster planet rotation and shooting speed/bullet speed but with more enemies would make it faster paced and more fun.
Play Porticullistory Porticullistory Jan. 19, 2013
Like the concept, intuitive and simple. Difficulty could use a little tweaking to make some levels a little more forgiving but is still fun. Physics engine is reliable and seemingly bug-free. Art could use improvements as benjib said and sound effects too but music is good. Overall a fairly good game, keep up the good work for whatever other games you make. ;)
Developer response from Drakulo

Thanks for your feedback and support!

Play Dolphin VS Ball Dolphin VS Ball Jan. 05, 2013
This game may be bad, but it's still hilarious.
Play Bacteria Simulator Bacteria Simulator Nov. 13, 2011
Fun simulator, also its nice to see the developer responding to so many comments.
Developer response from TehCybernerd

thanks. feedback is always appreciated.

Play Dead Planet HD Dead Planet HD Nov. 13, 2011
This game's good although it would be nice to have a short break in between waves to buy stuff and its really hard to jump sometimes just after you land again 4/5.
Play LaserTD LaserTD Jul. 23, 2011
Have you considered making a laser-based sanbox game?
Play Update! Kill Or Be Killed Demo! Update! Kill Or Be Killed Demo! Jul. 23, 2011
You found a key, you must now stare at it for all eternity because it is so amazing.
Play Stay Dead Stay Dead Mar. 19, 2011
Play Photon Zone Photon Zone Mar. 19, 2011