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Play Zombie Zone Zombie Zone Dec. 23, 2014
cool game description of what upgrading a gun does would be useful though
Play NovaLode NovaLode Jun. 23, 2014
pretty good so far I'd like to suggest a higher durability pick for creds though like a 200 durabilty pick for 5k creds or a 500 durability for 20k so when I'm on a roll I don't have to stop and open my uplink screen because my pick broke
Play Mud and Blood 2 Mud and Blood 2 Apr. 07, 2014
gotta love your mortars compared to their mortars personally my mortars hit (not kill) 1 outa 10 their mortars hit 9 outa 10
Play Mud and Blood 2 Mud and Blood 2 Apr. 07, 2014
gotta love when you have a really good defense going then a subsequent arty plane tank blitz happen
Play Shadow Era Shadow Era Apr. 01, 2014
After a few battes my hpes for this game aren't very high. Battle are slow and tedius even with the drag and drop the fact that even if you have allies your "hero" card can get attacked makes me think that at higher lvls the only strategy is to simply attack the hero as fast as possible and kill them before they kill you
Developer response from WulvenGames

Board control is usually more important, so you actually want to take out his allies first. But the choice is up to you, depending on your strategy. You can watch some battles in the 200+ rating and see how the game plays out on the more competitive level...

Play War of the Shard War of the Shard Apr. 01, 2014
I would like to be able to tweak the AI a bit like adjusting which skill priority to use whether they stay back or not etc the current system does that a bit but I'd like a little more control over AI prefrences
Play Super Mega Ultra Battle Robot 2.0 Super Mega Ultra Battle Robot 2.0 Mar. 28, 2014
my only suggestion would be to allow for multiple unlocks if you get the neccessary points got about 150k or so on a run and need 55k for one unlock and 75k for the next just a suggestion.
Play SCGMD4 SCGMD4 Mar. 21, 2014
Game read my mind after I lost the brothers fight with not even a sliver of hp left on em (NOOOOOOOO!!!!!) indeed
Play Cooking Witch Cooking Witch Feb. 25, 2014
love the intro music Moonlight Sonata 1st movement
Play 5 Differences 5 Differences Feb. 25, 2014
some of these differences are so sublte yu'll end up looking over em about 900 times then when you do find it all you can do is facepalm
Play Kingdom Rush Frontiers Kingdom Rush Frontiers Feb. 08, 2014
well now buccaneers den had a nice surprise in store also good game. would be nice if there was a fast foward though. maybe hold space to fast forward that way you can cancel and micromanage the struggling areas if you need to.
Play Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Jan. 29, 2014
very good game
Play RPG Shooter: Starwish RPG Shooter: Starwish Jan. 14, 2014
great story indepth characters good lvl/upgrade system good controls what is there not to love about this game?
Play Phage Wars 2 Phage Wars 2 Jan. 03, 2014
Fun game a little too easy and sambg just click all you cells then click their last one should send from every cell you clicked
Play Crystal Story II Crystal Story II Dec. 28, 2013
Bub ATB is Active time battle also one thing I'd like is a little notifactation or something that says you can't equip accessorys of the same stat boost. Like if you equip the circlet you can't equip the boots amulet or gloves. Would make it easier if that was mention ig somewhere
Play Central Alien Agency Central Alien Agency Dec. 11, 2013
OK game 4/5
Play BioGems BioGems Nov. 12, 2013
final boss was challenging and I got kinda dissapointed when my strategy failed..boss had 3 energy and I kept taking all energy gems then h matched an attack after transforming into his second form and had full energy again kinda was sad but still was fun. just make sure you match defense each time and abuse match 4s also keep an eye out before every match you make for potential matches and only match if no attacks can be matched makes the boss a little easier.
Play The Peacekeeper The Peacekeeper Nov. 11, 2013
I have to axe since I didn't see this question posted in all the comments I read why isn't the currency to upgrade called peace since they enemies suggest spending t in the dialog?
Play Folds -- Origami Game Folds -- Origami Game Nov. 11, 2013
simple concept yet challenging the biggest test for me was not being able to do some of he fold that are possible in real life like (idk the exact name of it) folding a a triangle in the middle and folding the ends the same way (I'm terrible at describing stuff but you get the idea I hope)
Play Dungeons of Kong Dungeons of Kong Oct. 31, 2013
mm idk if it was a bug but I lost an even battle with some cultists and on loss I can no longer explore though my party was brought back to life good game though