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Play Haven: Prelude Haven: Prelude May. 27, 2015
Why on earth are transports there if they have no combat capabilities?
Play Modern Tactics 4 Modern Tactics 4 May. 27, 2015
This game makes me try to collect every gun in every mission.
Play Tap Heroes Tap Heroes Mar. 05, 2015
So I powered up my mage, thinking he'd deal damage, but.. he's a healer? W.. why is he called mage? Why not healer or priest or anything but mage?
Play Dungeon Warfare Dungeon Warfare Feb. 27, 2015
Gotta ask, if a push trap pushes enemies to the wall adjacent, shouldn't it squish them or somethin'? Not do no damage?
Play Anticristum Anticristum Jan. 13, 2015
Destroying AI. On easy. Using the pause glitch to summon units. They're near death. They're getting more karma. Rubberbanding AI hard
Play Necronator 2 Necronator 2 Jan. 01, 2015
Majapakit when
Play Feudalism III Feudalism III Dec. 25, 2014
Some kind of indicator for ammunition, please. I can't tell with these simple animations and all the units in the way. Some kind of skirmish option or something so I always stay away when using ranged weapons. Some kind of reload cancel so I don't have to stand in the middle of the battlefield reloading my weapon and unable to move. WASD controls. Difficulty options would be appreciated, but they're really the least of my concerns.
Play Idle Conquest Idle Conquest Dec. 22, 2014
Why does it cost so much to invade a country jesus.
Developer response from CodeRiftStudios

Need to build up your economy before you can wage war!

Play Clicker Heroes Clicker Heroes Dec. 15, 2014
100% damage modifier is actually.. Very little. Can you like increase that?
Play You Are The Road - Molyjam 2012 You Are The Road - Molyjam 2012 Oct. 30, 2014
Change it now..?
Play Command & Control Command & Control Jul. 23, 2014
It's a cool little game and I like it. Shame it's short, only two supports, and you can only build in strictly designated places. Anti infantry seems a tad bit useless compared to the others as well since they have longer range and can damage both infantry and vehicles/tanks. And the cost isn't really worth it.
Play Stock Market Game Stock Market Game Jul. 10, 2014
Play Nuclear End 2 Nuclear End 2 Jun. 09, 2014
There should be a 3rd in which you pick a missile then accompany it with mods and whatnot instead of just a set missile.
Play Haven: Prelude Haven: Prelude Jun. 07, 2014
Reminds me of dawn of the hulker, but better.
Play Modern Tactics Online Modern Tactics Online Jun. 07, 2014
Would be better if it had more players.
Play Warlords: Epic Conflict Warlords: Epic Conflict Mar. 30, 2014
The game is pretty much pointless after taking every castle and defeating every army, as your enemy literally has no way of getting a comeback. I've basically just been using charge on max spearmen to win the game. It's not too strategic. A lot of the late game battles, especially after the previous scenario involving no armies or castles, are repetitive and tedious rather than fun or interesting. Just feels weird. But early game is rather fun and it's a mad rush to get things done. 3.5/5 stars.
Play Warlords: Epic Conflict Warlords: Epic Conflict Mar. 29, 2014
Been playing for a bit now and I must say, this combat is dreadfully slow. Increase capture rate or add a speed up button or something.
Play Road of the Dead 2 Road of the Dead 2 Nov. 09, 2013
You'd think that the military would be able to figure out that getting into a car and running over zombies with a passenger would be a great idea.
Play Contract Wars Contract Wars Jul. 14, 2013
Why does the judge not have much recoil?
Play Mini Commando Mini Commando Jun. 10, 2013
Tad bit more grammar.