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Play Free Fred Free Fred Feb. 20, 2014
Hi, We uploaded a new version which fixes the coins bug but resets the old data.
Play Free Fred Free Fred Feb. 13, 2014
Hi, From some reason the game file is not working, e are fixing it. sorry for the delay Saar
Play Polkafriz Polkafriz Dec. 24, 2013
@brainisdead: there is a walkthrough at thebegining of the game. You have to click outside the suare.
Play Doctor Acorn - Birdy Levels pack Doctor Acorn - Birdy Levels pack Sep. 24, 2013
We updated the game, Some bugs had been fixed. Pleas let us know if you have any others...
Play Zombudoy Zombudoy Aug. 22, 2012
@equinox216, we won't do it becaue it is much ore fun to shoot them :)
Play Pick and Dig 3 Pick and Dig 3 Jan. 26, 2012
Hi, Sorry for the miss-order issue. We are checking it and we will upload an update as soon as it will be solved.
Play Sliding Cubes Sliding Cubes Dec. 28, 2011
I love that game, so do my wife and kids. that is why I became the... sponsor of it :)
Play Protostar Protostar Nov. 02, 2011
Thank you for your comments, I will make sure that the developer will get them.
Play You Are A Box You Are A Box Oct. 11, 2011
It is a pleasure for me to read those comments, I would like to thank ShooterMG who created such great game. Thank you, (the sponsor of the game)
Play Hippo's Feeder Hippo's Feeder Aug. 23, 2011
Hippo will eat the person, it is starving :-) give him the watermelon and you will be safe :-) I love that game (that is why I sponsored it...)
Play Xonix 3d Xonix 3d Jul. 02, 2011
Thank you all for your comments, I'm glad you enjoyed the game, I remember the classic version as one of my favorites as a teenager.
Play Xonix 3d Xonix 3d Jun. 28, 2011
hi, we updated the game,enemies are now 25% faster than before. thank you for the comments
Play Starcede Starcede May. 18, 2011
Hi, We uploaded a new version. The link issue was a bug which existed in one of the version we uploaded. We are very sorry for that. We hope you will enjoy the game as we would like you to. Saar.
Play Starcede Starcede May. 18, 2011
Thank you for the great review!
Play BubbleBods BubbleBods May. 12, 2011
Thank you, I'm happy you like it (at least most of you...)
Play Bubble Blast Extreme Bubble Blast Extreme Jan. 08, 2011
Thank you for the comments and thank you bloodyMarry :-) I see many agree with you :-) I will consider those commnets in our next game. thank you again.
Play Sky Commando Sky Commando Dec. 28, 2010
Thank you for the comments. Weapon is being changed when you hit a balloon... If you want to keep the weapon, do not hit balloons. As for the rest of the comments, I will see how we can improve that. Thank you.
Play Christmas Bubbles Christmas Bubbles Dec. 20, 2010
Hello joe2527, can you please check again? I checked it and it seems ok now. thanks.