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Game Comments
Play ALL Chuck Norris FACTS ALL Chuck Norris FACTS Jul. 05, 2009
This game is amazing 5/5
Play Desert Samurai Desert Samurai May. 02, 2009
MUHHHHAAAA I CAN'T DIE But seriously this needs work no sound u or the can't die i mean come on
Play Classic Pong Classic Pong Apr. 19, 2009
yep exactly wat mokono said stupid all you do is go back and forth
Play Stick adventure Stick adventure Apr. 18, 2009
2/5 boring nothing to do apart from run about a lame attempt at a fancy pants copy
Play Eragon Shooter Eragon Shooter Apr. 18, 2009
it's not funny it's terrible 0/5 if possible but sadly 1/5
Play Paddle Ball Paddle Ball Apr. 18, 2009
ok for a paddle ball game but you should be able to track the ball and why has he got no shoes is he homeless?
Play Sweet Ball Game with Colors Sweet Ball Game with Colors Apr. 18, 2009
terrible who enjoys watching a bunch of coloured balls move slowly round a box 1/5
Play Mecha Dress Up Game Mecha Dress Up Game Apr. 18, 2009
it's ok 4/5 good for a dress up game but about as much depth as a paddiling pool
Play Dancing Bush Dancing Bush Apr. 12, 2009
really boring not much more to say
Play Toggle Toggle Apr. 12, 2009
fun but difficult and wat is the point of a sound but that just changes colour lol? 4/5
Play Tom Crisis Tom Crisis Apr. 12, 2009
dosent load and english descripiton would have been nice
Play Custom gun maker Custom gun maker Apr. 12, 2009
good idea but needs more parts and maybe be able to test the guns? a snap on function would be a good idea but you only are able to have like ak-47, m16 and mp5 bodys. it is a good idea but made badly 2/5
Play Dodge Dodge Apr. 10, 2009
good game but really quite hard 4/5
Play Punk-o-matic Punk-o-matic Mar. 31, 2009
Great game 5/5 what do u guys think of my song this is my first attempt so don't expect it to be perfect lol! 012347459----3---5--74-6---749--4----------------------------4-4-9-------1---9-5-3-03b--bb---4--2---9--8---bbbbbbb888---1-1-4---3-1---4---8---5-0-----c----4-2----8-7-2-2-5-346----5---4-05-8-0---1---4444-4-1-1-8-1---1---4---8--8-0----------