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just your average gam3r --------------------------------------------------- -LE WALL OF QUOTES FROM GAME CHATS- secondaccount222: It's better to be to be pissed off than being raped by a homicidal, barely sane, moderately ugly, quintessentially human necrophiliac. ------------------------------------------------ SeptupleKill: buy my shit or I'll stab you in the eye ------------------------------------------------ sayyid412: you can wear them and say "naw we dun taek kindleh tew yer tahp erawnd here" ------------------------------------------------ sayyid412: yo momma so illiterate she alijrgnfiuah viuranrv ------------------------------------------------ *assassin2ninja: WITH MASK UP FOR 90K *sayyid412: SAY IT LOUDER AND I MIGHT BUY IT ***********************assassin2ninja: WWWWWIIICCCHHH MAAASSSKKKK UP FFOOORRRR 90KKK ------------------------------------------------ Reaper999999999: silence is golden, ducktape is silver and mute buttons are red ------------------------------------------------ 1Any1:The number of words you type w/ cap-locks is inversely proportional to your IQ...just saying. ------------------------------------------------ Wrathy78: 12 yeard olds don't lie about thier age. ------------------------------------------------ y2k95: I'm going to play some CoD to conduct research on what swearing does to children. ------------------------------------------------ trettaede: good grammar actually is arent badder ------------------------------------------------ TufsGaming: STOP SPELLING STUPIED WRONG ------------------------------------------------ Void1112: That moment, when you piss off a conservative and a leftie simultaneously... By proclaiming you believe in gun rights for married gay couples to defend their home and maijuana plants. ------------------------------------------------ septic: Thank you, I know the English language very well. =P ****************kankie: But I know the World of Warglean gooder. ------------------------------------------------ nickvdb: (ง •̀_•́)ง Me immature? Say that again you uncle-****ing ****er (ง •̀_•́)ง ------------------------------------------------ ArmyOfFun: you guys should talk about something less controversial like abortion ------------------------------------------------ nickvdb: Congratulations, America, on your 2014th birthday. ------------------------------------------------ martinlonewolf: just don't go and get any dangerous jobs like shark diving, giving suppositories to rabid gorillas, or politics, and you'll make it! ------------------------------------------------ CobraKai: Just don't go to a surgeon that accepts coupons. ------------------------------------------------ friendofdraco: Kong chat can only give you cancer ------------------------------------------------ SciffyCirco: Don't enter your PIN Number in an ATM Machine. You might get the HIV virus from the Department of Redundancy Department. ------------------------------------------------ chandler16: yes, Trill I have your invite ready right here, however I'm going to put it into Beta testing internally for the next 12 months but I promise it will arrive in your mailbox soon. Please stay tuned for more information ------------------------------------------------

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