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Play Cube Escape: Arles Cube Escape: Arles Jun. 26, 2015
wtf is with the drink puzzle even the walkthrough doesn't explain how it is meant to work
Play Elemental Heroes Elemental Heroes Jun. 24, 2015
really want to like this but the long download time no matter what just for a crappy energy system and half a dozen micro transaction buttons before you even play the game?! 1/5 facebook games belong on facebook 11/10 IGN "Like skyrim with guns!"
Developer response from jedgames

People had too much negative experiences these days. But let me show - that this game is different ;) We are almost ready to deploy the game contents on the new game hosting which will greatly improve download speed. As for the energy - there was lot's of complaining when people saw it, but after people got played a bit, they saw that the energy has a completely different idea in this game. It doesn't block you from playing the game, but provides some sort of guidance on high levels, when you have to fight with raid bosses. There are many energy refilling places and the 3rd portal let's you play even when you have spent all your energy. Also this game can be played without any donations as there are many ways to get diamonds.

Play Mini Heroes Mini Heroes Jun. 11, 2015
full of game breaking bugs (such as items randomly being deleted stopping you from progressing) slow combat style because these days if your making a game and have a good combat system you need to make it shit and then the hour wait for the simplest of things like the pickaxe having 1 hour wait for 30 sec use with a glitchy movement system making you need to wait 2 sec between commands but then even the first dungeon gets the pay wall going when you need premium items just to progress 1/5 i just don't understand why people need to be so greedy like this 10/10 IGN "Like skyrim with guns"
Play Kamicat Football Kamicat Football Jun. 07, 2015
why do you have to be so greedy and have microtransactions?!!! you make enough money from plays alone!
Play Egg Knight Egg Knight May. 28, 2015
holy shit that into is so long how is this game even popular
Play Bloons TD 5 Bloons TD 5 May. 18, 2015
my rank but not money got completely reset... not even worth coming back for
Play Reactor Incremental Reactor Incremental May. 13, 2015
this game had so much potential and was so popular why is it abandoned?!
Play Infinitum: Battle for Europe Infinitum: Battle for Europe May. 04, 2015
was getting into this game and then each time i play i need to start over on a new server...
Developer response from allodium

I don't understand. Why you need start over on new server each time?

Play Doodle God Blitz Doodle God Blitz May. 02, 2015
if i could rate 0/5 i would WHO THE f IS RATING THIS UP 3.45 MY ASS and i can't swear in the comments WTF
Play Army of Pixels alpha Army of Pixels alpha May. 02, 2015
would be good if not for that crappy 5yo immitation
Play Red Crucible: Firestorm Red Crucible: Firestorm May. 02, 2015
delete the game finish it and then repost don't try to give us this half done piece of shit
Play Era of Empire Era of Empire Apr. 30, 2015
P.S. don't try to make a mobile game for PC get rid of premium currency the need for friends to progress as well as a need to complete the buildings after they are built
Play Era of Empire Era of Empire Apr. 30, 2015
could have been a good game but you people keep on making it pay to play which always looses you thousands of fans WHY CAN YOU NOT SEE THIS!?
Play Pokémon MMO 3D Pokémon MMO 3D Apr. 23, 2015
incredibly unoriginal and breaking many laws of copyright take it down fast or Nintendo will sue you big time
Play Infinitum: Battle for Europe Infinitum: Battle for Europe Apr. 20, 2015
16 mins for a single unit?! I'd hate to see the build time on other units and seeing as the 1000 you need to have any impact on the effectiveness of your starting army which can only have one type of unit takes 277 hours speed it up ALOT and make a reason to fight people
Developer response from allodium

Upgrade your training factories. In a few days you'll be in tens of thousands, later in millions.

Play Fire Will Fire Will Apr. 17, 2015
the kong rating system has turned into an IGN review a comment saying "good" nothing more got "under rating threshold" yet this game gets 3.51 as an average rating!!! please kongregate don't do this to us
Play Shape Fold Animals Shape Fold Animals Apr. 14, 2015
so you load the game and then put a play button that is actually a link to another site... 0/5
Play Reactor Incremental Reactor Incremental Mar. 06, 2015
"improved heatsinks" has no affect at all and neither does "active venting" past a certain level
Play Reactor Incremental Reactor Incremental Feb. 19, 2015
needs to be an easier way to replace cells between tiers so you don't have to replace a quad plutonium cells with single thorium cells.... one... by.... one for the whole grid
Play Reactor Incremental Reactor Incremental Feb. 13, 2015
i love the amount of updates but i hate that so many of them mean i need to restart the game because it either reset my upgrades but kept my layout destroying everything etc