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Play Zombie Payback Zombie Payback Dec. 28, 2014
I have to re-mute the game after each time I die?
Play Pre-Civilization Bronze Age Pre-Civilization Bronze Age Dec. 17, 2014
Well, I have to agree with LifeOnTop, it was really hard after the main objective ended until I focused only on culture. That really sped up my society's growth. My culture points overflowed to "Null" :P Anyways, it was fun.
Play Blazing haystacks Blazing haystacks Nov. 26, 2014
What a great update! Added a whole new level of challenge to the game. I really enjoyed it.
Play Blazing haystacks Blazing haystacks Nov. 23, 2014
Bugs: game doesn't save; when game beaten, each time another level is to be played, tutorial comes back up; if you fail the tutorial, game gets stuck.
Play Blazing haystacks Blazing haystacks Nov. 23, 2014
Fun take on an old infectionator type classic. Not enough levels and tons a few bugs, but overall good.
Developer response from slamirstudio

we added some new levels and fixed bugs. Thanks for your feedback

Play MURDER MURDER Nov. 17, 2014
Spoilers: There are at least 4 different endings: Get killed by the jester, Get poisoned, Get married, Ascend to the throne
Play MURDER MURDER Nov. 17, 2014
Very entertaining, simple game. I really enjoyed both playing it, and getting various endings. Any chance you'd integrate with Kong API to track getting all the endings (so you get badges)? Thanks for a great game.
Play Gravibots Gravibots Nov. 09, 2014
I enjoyed the game. I don't however understand the point of lives. After I expend them all, I go to the home screen then just reload the level...
Play 2048 Halloween 2048 Halloween Oct. 29, 2014
Also, one last comment, Abyss, can you add Kong high score API integration please? Thanks.
Developer response from abyssgames

Thank you for comment, dig in )

Play 2048 Halloween 2048 Halloween Oct. 29, 2014
To those who didn't realize, the big ? shows the progression of Halloween related icons.
Developer response from abyssgames

Added High scores )

Play 2048 Halloween 2048 Halloween Oct. 29, 2014
I'll be honest... I expected to really dislike this game. Having to remember what symbols referred to each number, or checking the reference page constantly. However, I actually felt the game flowed well. Music was a nice addition. Overall, a pleasant twist on the original.
Developer response from abyssgames

Thanks for comment, glad to hear )

Play SnakeFormer (Post-LD-Compo Edition) SnakeFormer (Post-LD-Compo Edition) Oct. 27, 2014
Absolutely loved this game. Very unique. Good combination of puzzle and nostalgia, while remaining very unique and original. Terrific..
Play Isles in the Sky Isles in the Sky Oct. 27, 2014
Really neat concept, but fell a little short in execution. For me, Chromium 38, the following keys don't work: D, F, and H. The game at a certain point hung, taking out my whole browser session. Otherwise, as I said, neat concept.
Developer response from Tanner963

Thanks! Sorry for crashes, but I suppose it is a problem with WebGL itself - sometimes it also crashes for me, but not only for this game. Anyway, thank you!

Play Monster Squad 2 Monster Squad 2 Oct. 16, 2014
HAHAHA, this game is so bad, that I can attack my own players! What would be the point in that?!?!?!
Play Steep Dive: Airmail Steep Dive: Airmail Oct. 14, 2014
This game has two gameplay dynamics, choosing the path, and choosing timing. I generally found the latter more difficult than the former. Good puzzler overall.
Play Just Type This Just Type This Oct. 14, 2014
Great game! The ABC DEF GHI JKL with blocks, spikes and bullets is REALLY hard. Had a lot of fun playing this though.
Play Umbrella Revolution Umbrella Revolution Oct. 13, 2014
Ah, ignore my previous comment about the grenades. Turns out I missed bouncing it off of my umbrella.
Play Umbrella Revolution Umbrella Revolution Oct. 13, 2014
Not bad for such a simple game. Didn't realize the streets of HK were so dark and narrow :P My cell phone must be made of diamonds or something... My only real complaint was that sometimes my umbrella didn't seem to work to repel grenades. Power to the the citizens of HK. Stand up against your Chinese overlords!!
Developer response from dingjun

Thanks for your interest and comment. The hardness of the cell phone is based on the true story though. Check this out.

Play Maze Dungeon Maze Dungeon Oct. 12, 2014
Thanks for posting the game! I feel like it has potential, but it is lacking a little. Also, why is the death screen in some language other than English? I got a little lost there :P A little explanation for those who think they need it: Find your way through the maze, use the gun to battle off zombies, use the X to help yourself remember what paths are dead ends, use flares to reveal the map from the darkness, and gather gold to get a higher ranking. Note, you cannot walk past the exit with the key without walking through, so gather all the gold before the key if you need to walk back past the exit. Also, rather entertainingly, on custom maps you can have more zombies than bullets, and they run faster than you... so get mazing!
Developer response from Daiimm

Thanks for the comment. I will add your description of the game and fix the bug as soon as possible. :)

Play Aviator Aviator Oct. 12, 2014
I finally got to Europe! "Oh, yeah, we understand that you have a huge plane and millions of dollars in Africa, but you can't use any of that here..." What? What a waste.