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Play Monster Squad 2 Monster Squad 2 Oct. 16, 2014
HAHAHA, this game is so bad, that I can attack my own players! What would be the point in that?!?!?!
Play Steep Dive: Airmail Steep Dive: Airmail Oct. 14, 2014
This game has two gameplay dynamics, choosing the path, and choosing timing. I generally found the latter more difficult than the former. Good puzzler overall.
Play Just Type This Just Type This Oct. 14, 2014
Great game! The ABC DEF GHI JKL with blocks, spikes and bullets is REALLY hard. Had a lot of fun playing this though.
Play Umbrella Revolution Umbrella Revolution Oct. 13, 2014
Ah, ignore my previous comment about the grenades. Turns out I missed bouncing it off of my umbrella.
Play Umbrella Revolution Umbrella Revolution Oct. 13, 2014
Not bad for such a simple game. Didn't realize the streets of HK were so dark and narrow :P My cell phone must be made of diamonds or something... My only real complaint was that sometimes my umbrella didn't seem to work to repel grenades. Power to the the citizens of HK. Stand up against your Chinese overlords!!
Developer response from dingjun

Thanks for your interest and comment. The hardness of the cell phone is based on the true story though. Check this out.

Play Maze Dungeon Maze Dungeon Oct. 12, 2014
Thanks for posting the game! I feel like it has potential, but it is lacking a little. Also, why is the death screen in some language other than English? I got a little lost there :P A little explanation for those who think they need it: Find your way through the maze, use the gun to battle off zombies, use the X to help yourself remember what paths are dead ends, use flares to reveal the map from the darkness, and gather gold to get a higher ranking. Note, you cannot walk past the exit with the key without walking through, so gather all the gold before the key if you need to walk back past the exit. Also, rather entertainingly, on custom maps you can have more zombies than bullets, and they run faster than you... so get mazing!
Developer response from Daiimm

Thanks for the comment. I will add your description of the game and fix the bug as soon as possible. :)

Play Aviator Aviator Oct. 12, 2014
I finally got to Europe! "Oh, yeah, we understand that you have a huge plane and millions of dollars in Africa, but you can't use any of that here..." What? What a waste.
Play Aviator Aviator Oct. 11, 2014
As one of the top comments prior to your newest update, let me just say, firstly, thank you for finally addressing the repair issue. However, you took forever to fix it, and I can't see most players coming back at this point. You did not appear to fix the other things pointed out, like making the market update more frequently or reducing upgrade costs (requiring insane amounts of grinding). Further, your update, begging people to change their rating, is lame. I enjoyed playing without major interruption (with the update), but the game is still far from ideal.
Play Pirateers 2 Pirateers 2 Oct. 02, 2014
Labu, what's the deal with Booty Chest? Features locked, Clicking it does nothing for me. Do we unlock it when we finish the game on the highest difficulty or something?
Play Pirateers 2 Pirateers 2 Oct. 01, 2014
Finally! Thanks for finally uploading it here on Kong.
Developer response from LabuGames

You're welcome.

Play MINE MINE Sep. 28, 2014
My game keeps resetting. It's really frustrating. I don't want to keep playing until this stops.
Play Rise of the Titans 2 Rise of the Titans 2 Sep. 26, 2014
The key to grinding this game: kill everyone except one human, keep walking forward and just crush all buildings/mountains/trees. Repeat until you have tons of money.
Play MassiveWar Vs BattleGear MassiveWar Vs BattleGear Sep. 18, 2014
Renaming yourself from The Games 8 to Awesome Games 8 doesn't change that your games are poorly made rubbish. Sorry, but I can't play your games...
Play Colorize Colorize Sep. 18, 2014
Very entertaining game. My only real issue is that the game relies on color, which is difficult for those with color blindness. Typically, in these cases, a color blindness mode is available, where colors are marked in a different fashion. Otherwise, really fun game.
Play Aviator Aviator Sep. 05, 2014
I get about 10 mins of playtime before I need to repair. A 2 hr wait for 10 mins of gameplay? What a colossal waste of my time. You are here on Kong. The idea is to lure a large crowd in, get them playing your game frequently, keep them playing, and then rake in the cash from advertising and the contests. You just expect money flow. Game balance needs major work. Each time I buy a facility, the cost goes up for the next majorly. Well, that means I need to play more, but to play more, as we discussed, you prevent. Right now is your critical time, you are on the leader board for top new games. Don't waste the opportunity to grow. Frequent updates can make or break a game that has issues from the onset. And if you are going to have micropayments, try playing the game on your own, without any whatsoever. See if you struggle, get frustrated, bored... Now imagine that huge % of players that will never send you kreds, and know that if you don't fix it, you lose users. Forever
Developer response from AviatorCreator

The Repairs issue is fixed. You get Free automatic full repair when you fly into a city with a Workshop in it. You should now be able to play uninterrupted. But now I need your help. If you gave the game a low rating because you didn't like the Repair system - please adjust your rating (up). Thanks!

Play Idle Village Idle Village Aug. 24, 2014
For those who are wondering, villager mode doesn't work in "Low Performance" mode.
Play As Deliciosas Aventuras de um Pai de Familia 2 As Deliciosas Aventuras de um Pai de Familia 2 Aug. 17, 2014
+10 points for the creepiest game thumbnail on Kong.
Play oO oO Aug. 16, 2014
Thanks for the update about high scores, however, you still haven't fixed the bug that circles don't show up in unity/pipelight. Not playable at all.
Play Robots Initiate Work Sequence Robots Initiate Work Sequence Aug. 14, 2014
You know, I really worked hard to get the badges for the first couple of levels, but then I realized that I was enjoying it enough, that I really stopped caring about how fast I beat the level. Very fun game. Thanks.
Developer response from UltraRhea

That's cool, but some of us feel the need to get all 3 stars no matter what. Probably perfectionism tendencies, probably OCD :))

Play Steve's Vengeance Steve's Vengeance Aug. 10, 2014
It would be nice if weapon/armor pickups show a comparison rather than a raw number. i.e. this sword is +2 over what you have, or a -2 over what you have. Sucks picking up a weaker item because you forgot what you have.
Developer response from eviltacoman

I will keep this in mind, but as it stands currently that is another big change I don't have the time or money to do sorry man