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Play Curl Up and Fly! Curl Up and Fly! Aug. 11, 2014
Trying to just get the height max achievement, I needed a 4x perfect launch. and get 3 in a row... and the 4th one i get an 87% on. Only go up to 28,000. And now I have to wait for a few minutes for the game to die off. what would be even better, is a (R)estart button to end the current run, even if it means forfeiting all the coins Ive gathered. It takes way too long to stop on an abandoned run.
Play Hexagon Hexagon Nov. 29, 2012
The steam version lets you run into the SIDE of block that are already going past you. this one doesnt. Makes this one MUCH harder (and not in the good way)
Play Greedy Ghouls Greedy Ghouls Feb. 16, 2012
run into a problem where all my lasers get stuck all over the screen.
Play Ultimate Santa Battle Ultimate Santa Battle Dec. 23, 2011
kinda hard (impossible) to get the 25 minions in a single round achievement if you don't get it before you fully upgrade everything. Even on the final boss my main shot always swerves towards the boss, and with his minions dead my minions go crazy attacking him and he dies before I even get to 20.