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Play You Have To Burn The Rope You Have To Burn The Rope Apr. 25, 2015
And where is the colossus grinning?... hmm maybe the whole object of the game to kill him because he became sad, just kill them all because theyre sad, nothing we can do about it lol
Play Party Of Heroes Party Of Heroes Mar. 19, 2015
wow melee is weird in this game, got into a pvp where my gladiator was left vs a Valkyrie (both rare and similar lvl, like 17) and the fact that the way that the combat is set up to where steel fury wears off so quickly and really doesnt help him in combat unless he isnt dodging their attacks, i find the melee combat very weird since sometimes they can attack twice in succession and other times dodging takes away much of the attacks they could have goten off
Play Dont Whack Your Teacher Dont Whack Your Teacher Jan. 26, 2015
god this is an effed up game lol, but fun to watch heheheh, but really man, something must be wrong with you to make this lol
Play The Enchanted Cave 2 The Enchanted Cave 2 Jan. 23, 2015
Fantastic game, thanks for all the work and time put into this game, a really good quality game. Although it was a wee bit too easy.
Play Not the Robots - Free Demo Not the Robots - Free Demo Jan. 19, 2015
gah this game is hard, *deletes cookies, restarts* lol
Play Surgeon Simulator 2013 Surgeon Simulator 2013 Jan. 18, 2015
Lmao, i successfully removed the ribs with a metal container
Play Surgeon Simulator 2013 Surgeon Simulator 2013 Jan. 18, 2015
Peps ur computer probably cant load the graphic on it, i was on a laptop earlier trying some other games and they just showep up mostly white, perhaps is your graphics capability, on my desktop is fine, either that or you havent downloaded unity webplayer
Play Soul Tyrant V2 Soul Tyrant V2 Jan. 17, 2015
i could see enemies coming to attack you where you are at the moment, but not stacking together in one area to create an impossible army that you cant hack through
Play Project Apocalypse: Reconnaissance Project Apocalypse: Reconnaissance Jan. 14, 2015
LOl feel out of the copter at the end, the door was closed and i ran to the end of it and when it got a certain height it kicked me out of it haha. Nice game man, wish the enemies were more varied though(wish there were humans(where were the cultists???) especially in the second level) and there was some variety to their aiming or something, the turrets can stay like how they are as long as you have them attacking in multiple areas, like flanking or something rather than everything just coming from one direction, easy to doge and ur weapon and no limit to its range so i find myself often sniping everything(almost no sprint limit). Barely used the hovercraft sadly, couldnt aim without some sort o crosshairs and running into a hill filps the hover car and makes you vulnerable. i would say make the mines a wee bit slower, just make it easier to spot them, and perhaps have them take longer to speed up since they hit you from behind so easily if u happened to miss one
Play Dragons and Titans Dragons and Titans Jan. 13, 2015
Man the community here sucks... nobody answers anything and/or they answer sarcastically or annoyed
Play Project Nemesis Project Nemesis Jan. 12, 2015
Also it seems a bunch of the things are missing in this game, bunch of text and options to click on such. a tutorial was supposed to be implemented and it would have been helpful since there seems to be a good handful of stuff one can do with attacking
Play Project Nemesis Project Nemesis Jan. 12, 2015
Shame this game seems dead, tried to go to crapgames website to check out if they moved on from kongregate but the site doesnt want to load,, so it seems as if they shut down crapgames or something at least project nemesis, its 2015 and what i see from crapgames the last time doing stuff is 2011, so shame this game is dead, i just wanted to see what game was today in 2015 but sadly its dead =(
Play The Fall of Mr. Wily The Fall of Mr. Wily Jan. 12, 2015
Play GRIP GRIP Jan. 12, 2015
and spam im flying*
Play GRIP GRIP Jan. 12, 2015
Am i supposed to be spamming left click?.. i know there right click, but spamming left just almost launches you up the side of the building, so, im like... forget this im climbing to the top of the buildings and jumping from rooftop to rooftop lol, and if i fall i just need to catch myself and smap and im flying above the building about 10-15 feet or so, this man will be the next spidey with dat grip lol
Play Keeper of the Grove 2 Keeper of the Grove 2 Jan. 12, 2015
I wish i could see the stats on a current towers level, i keep thinking "wait.. how much did i add to its attack?..?" "does purge do more damage than the 2nd upgraded guardian?.." I like the prices on the upgrades, like how cheap they are and how quickly you can upgrade but they seem a bit too underpowered for upgrades, alot of enemies still rushing by and getting through, usually on the first few levels i can keep the enemies away from whatever they are trying to get to (in this instance the crystals or protons(idk whats up with that name)) but from level 2 and onward they repeatedly are snatching the crystals, like every single enemy, in some levels the crystals are too close and makes it annoying having to pick them back up repeatedly. I like the aspect that i havent seen any flying yet, instead speed is the thing that nullifies your group control towers.
Play GodSpace Galactic Beta GodSpace Galactic Beta Jan. 10, 2015
Why is it so hard to have something orbit something that is in the orbit of the star? trying to create moons but they often show up just trailing the planet they are trying to orbit, maybe i need to lower their mass to make them go faster, thus catch up with the planet and go circle around it, also multiplayer kicks me out not long after i create a room, granted im on a laptop but im not sure why it would do that. anyways beautiful and fantastic game, love the idea and the execution is fantastic, just really wish there was a moon option and perhaps an undo button, that would be fantastic to stick in if we make something elaborate and we mess it up. but very well done game man
Developer response from TheMasonX

I don't know why that would be. The actual orbit isn't based on physics, but rather makes it move in a perfect circle around the object. And as far as the multiplayer, I never got it working the way I wanted, because the game is written in JavaScript, but the multiplayer needs C#, so I made some buggy translator scripts. Just one of the many reasons why I'm rewriting the whole thing, which will make it far less buggy, add a lot of new features and functionality, and make it much easier to add on to. I'll make sure that moons are much easier to add, and if I can accomplish it, an undo feature would be amazing. I'm really glad you like the game though, the alpha of the sequel is available at: (Can't post it here because the file is too large)

Play TDP5 Arena TDP5 Arena Jan. 04, 2015
THIS, is what a sequel should look like, fantastic, although the skill tree seems a bit odd, and the controls for 3d are very hard, at least for me, they should have an option to where the move right or left switches as you change direction to where when you make your character face the other way you are still walking in a forward or backward direction relative to the character, don't like that a and d forces you to go one direction thus when you face the other way it seems as if your running the wrong way, with this format its hard to see where you are going when you are walking backwards and it forces you to do so if you change direction, very hard for me to wrap my brain around using the other direction button when i flip around so often haha. But love the new implementations, and the music, man forget my own music, i'm listening to the game music =), so glad it switches track in a match and you have the ability to switch it yourself, thank you, great game
Play TDP5 Arena TDP5 Arena Dec. 31, 2014
oh hey at least for these hours, europe seems more populated, america seems dead server, btw its the second option int he server select when u load the game, for me the text never showed up until i picked an option, it wasa bunch of boxes and such, idk if this might be helpful for anyone
Play Prime World: Defenders Prime World: Defenders Dec. 21, 2014
heh.. funny how so many peps that like this game have their comments rated down, shame how this game showed so much promise in the beginning then after playing it longer how the hatred grew and grew. the ideas your introduced with and first looks are fantastic but after learning how hard it is to advance this game just lost so much taste. such a waste, this game had great promise but no, the devs dont wanna listen to the players and try to fix this game(and im not saying give them everything so they just zip through the campaign, rather give another tier and do some balancing..) this game makes me so sad, been clutching onto it but yet there hasnt been good enough progress, yes i thank you devs for giving more uniques but come on you gota move on from there.