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Play Vertical Drop Heroes HD HTML5 Vertical Drop Heroes HD HTML5 Feb. 07, 2014
Hey, Nerdook, I left a comment on my Bugs Report post on Steam. It'd be nice you could give it a look :)
Developer response from nerdook

I did see it, and it's awesome! Busy adding new stuff to the game at the moment, will get around to your (very well done!) report right after!

Play Guard Of The Kingdom Guard Of The Kingdom Jan. 18, 2014
This game is oddly similar to Monster Castle Defense
Play Sentry Knight Sentry Knight Jan. 16, 2014
I DO believe you! I've noticed a sort of..... inconsistency? The first time I've played Endless Mode (now after the Badges and most recent updates) for 8:40' and didn't level up once. I've played again (for 7:30') and leveled up THREE TIMES! So, maybe, some people are getting weaker waves/enemies with less HP making the game easier? Could that be possible?
Developer response from JWolfGames

It's entirely possible. Endless Mode has enemies put into a pool at certain times throughout the first 10 or so minutes of the game. When it spawns an enemy, it picks a completely random one from that pool of enemies. So it's possible that some people may be getting more larger health enemies like Orcs and receiving much more XP! And with the new Horde system, some users may get more hordes of Orcs and others may be getting more hordes of Bats. It's entirely random. Unfortunately, this can pose some "unfairness" to scores as some people may get easier waves. On the contrary, you could say that since everyone is exposed to the randomness and everyone has an equal chance at drawing a harder or easier spawn, it makes it fair.

Play Sentry Knight Sentry Knight Jan. 16, 2014
Is it me or the new Endless Mode became a lot harder? The first version was too slow and too easy. This one goes much faster TOO fast.
Developer response from JWolfGames

I've still been getting complaints that it's too easy, believe it or not!

Play Battalion Commander 2 Battalion Commander 2 Jan. 11, 2014
Hard Badge was easier than Medium Badge!
Play Kingdom Rush Frontiers Kingdom Rush Frontiers Jan. 09, 2014
You end up the game with 12 spare stars. You could very well use those stars to get at least one more hero..... (there's plenty of them that cost 10 coins)
Play Battalion Commander 2 Battalion Commander 2 Jan. 01, 2014
I agree with other commenters here: firerate is indeed a bit on the slow side. And your supporting troops seem to shoot even slower. First game was more enjoyable.
Play Into Space 3: Xmas Story Into Space 3: Xmas Story Dec. 30, 2013
"Grindy" doesn't even start to describe here. Did the Grinch take over the xmas spirit?
Play The Everloom The Everloom Dec. 19, 2013
Now, THIS is pixel-art style done RIGHT! I think this is the one of the most beautiful pixel art games I've seen in a LONG time! Kudos for the artist!
Play Crystal Story II Crystal Story II Dec. 05, 2013
Hmmm, I see. Thanks for the reply, Lan14n!
Play Crystal Story II Crystal Story II Dec. 05, 2013
I wonder how come no one asked yet for a 2x or even 4x speed up button for the Defense minigame. Other than that, there's a little unbalance regarding higher weapon upgrades. Rubies and Sapphires are too rare and no one seems to really know where to get them and you need waaaaaaay to much scrap metal to upgrade also. I've beaten the game completely already, btw. So I'm not b*tching because this is too hard or anything. Only that I'd like to be able to upgrade everything and get all the in-game achievements. But the way it is now, it's too grindy.
Developer response from lan14n

speed up is too hard to code based on how i coded the minigame

Play Crystal Story II Crystal Story II Nov. 28, 2013
Ok, the WEIRDEST bug happened to me now! After I've fought against Behomoth (or whatever whas its name), I became unable to charge neither Lina nor Mari super attacks!! Now I can only charge D and Kaz super attacks. I've even refreshed the game later but it didn't work...
Developer response from lan14n

found the bug, will do a fix in a bit. EDIT: should be fixed now. just unequip and reequip your weapon.

Play Crystal Story II Crystal Story II Nov. 25, 2013
Shouldn't raising your Magic skills also raise your MDEF?
Play Crystal Story II Crystal Story II Nov. 17, 2013
Please, add hotkeys for the World Map. M for Map, I for Inventory, S for Save, C for config and something else for Magic :p Also, you've decreased Barrage's power way too much, IMHO. Cleave is a bit weaker but not that much, it's still a usefull skill. Barrage OTOH got really weak :(
Play Crystal Story II Crystal Story II Nov. 16, 2013
I don't know if someone made those suggestions already, so I'll make it: 1) Add hotkeys on the World Map. So you can access Map, Items, Save and Config without having to use the mouse. 2) Would it be possible to make the Magic panel customizable? I'd like to be able to put my most used magics and skills on the first numbers (1-4) for easier reach :) Anyway, those would be just refinements, nothing that detracts from this GREAT game! Congratulations! How much are you thinking to charge for this game?
Play Furtive Dao Furtive Dao Nov. 14, 2013
BRO! Lemme disable tutorials, please. That raccoon is the most annoying thing I've seen since Microsoft Word's help clip!
Play Drawfender Drawfender Nov. 12, 2013
"Hey, you! Stop playing now!" "NO >( " *grumpy cat* What I liked the most here is that you've opted for a Straight Line tool instead of a Free Hand one. So people with no drawing skills (like myself) can play it with more ease.
Play Strand Strand Nov. 11, 2013
Really really nice! Easy to pick up, easy to play. Since you don't have a move limit, nor have a "fail" message, you can freely undo the connections, it makes the gameplay a lot more fluid and enjoyable.
Play Dungeons of Kong Dungeons of Kong Nov. 07, 2013
What? "Hardcore mode"? I mean, no way to save and if I die I have to start all over again? :(
Developer response from nerdook

on the upside, it's not a lot of progress lost. a dungeon run takes 15-20 minutes at most.

Play Road of the Dead 2 Road of the Dead 2 Nov. 02, 2013
Why not a health/life bar?