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Nov 24, 2015 5:44am

he died in tsunami

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Oct 7, 2015 1:06pm

game sucks

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Calixtoman Nov 19, 2015 9:27pm

And you swallow ;)

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Nov 19, 2015 12:12am

Please make some adjustments to Orbital Onslaught. I love it but its very difficult to keep up with enemies level unless your suppose to die strategically through the game. Really cool game but it should be a little more forgiving so you can experiment without starting over. I hope you do find time to adjust it because its a well done game.

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Aug 9, 2015 11:39am

Did nerdook really die?
i’m a bit sad now.

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WhoKnowsLolMe Oct 21, 2015 12:17pm

Lol Kloud.Ty everyone

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ThomasN127 Nov 13, 2015 3:08pm

KLoud Is Stupid

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Davman8 Nov 15, 2015 4:45pm

No he didn’t die. He makes Steam games now.

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Nov 14, 2015 11:31pm

so many great games here o-o

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Aug 15, 2015 12:49am

games suck

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KLouD_KoNNeCteD Oct 7, 2015 1:06pm

BountyBeast sucks

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Lightsman Nov 11, 2015 6:02pm

KLoud sucks

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ThomasN127 Nov 13, 2015 3:07pm

*pees on KLouD

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Nov 12, 2015 10:37am

i feel like its worth pointing out that nerdook finally got his wish of getting a game on steam, and its hella amazing. good luck with whatever you try to do next :3

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Nov 2, 2015 9:30am

Well i guess i should forget about Monster slayer 2. That sucks.

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Jul 31, 2015 8:46pm

R.I.P. Nerdook on kong Ripz
m6969 love forevah

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dbzrocks1 Sep 28, 2015 11:23am

He’s not dead, he’s releasing games on Steam at the moment.

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gryffin311 Sep 30, 2015 4:59am

on kongregate hes ded yes steam no kongregate

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iAmDraudBitch Oct 27, 2015 12:40am

L3gEnd. “Nerdook”, much sweg, such awesomeness, wow.

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Oct 16, 2015 4:52am

Praise Lord Nerdook for he blesses us with good flash games!

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Oct 15, 2015 4:47pm

game best :D Mr.Nerdook in game again soon? :)

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TAHEERX Oct 15, 2015 4:52pm

sorry Games*

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Oct 15, 2015 1:53pm

nerdooks you are a god

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Oct 10, 2015 7:53pm

games SUCK

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HaloExpert422 Oct 12, 2015 10:44pm

Jeez, what is your problem KLouD? If you had a game and someone just wet on there and said, “game sucks”, how would you feel? Jeez.

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Oct 9, 2015 6:28am

Its been a long time scene i left a comment here but i just got your new game and wanted to say its amazing! and that i love you and have always loved your game its been years but your finally getting there im so proud-love long time fan cowZ

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Sep 28, 2015 2:41pm

Just saw you’re on steam now! About time :D

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Sep 25, 2015 9:20am

He’s not dead, he’s releasing games on Steam at the moment.

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Wario5000 Sep 28, 2015 3:57am

Yeah, I think his latest one was Reverse Crawl

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Sep 25, 2015 4:34am


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Aug 7, 2015 2:45am

RIP Kongregate Nerdook 2007-2014
long live Steam Nerdook 2014-

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Sand_fall Sep 4, 2015 6:45pm

Nah he post something on reddit 2 month ago

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Sep 2, 2015 4:16am

Your games were the first I played on Kongregate so I just wanted to thank you for being The best There is. LONG LIVE GOD NERDOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Aug 30, 2015 1:12am


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Aug 27, 2015 7:47pm

Hey, just wanted to say I’ve been playing your games for years, and I’ve never gotten round to thanking you until now. I always look forward to whatever comes out of your studio, you have amazing music, fun quirky graphics and constantly impressive concepts followed by great development. Thanks for all the hard work over the years, we &…

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Aug 23, 2015 7:41am

Hey Nerdook! Where are ya? What are ya up to? We’re all missin’ ya terribly! ~Your Kong fans

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Aug 15, 2015 11:26am

Nerdook, we’re waiting for you ! Come back, it’s cold here without you :(

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Aug 14, 2015 1:30pm

I need the unlimited mode ;-;

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Aug 5, 2015 11:16pm

i love your game deadly neighbors