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Play TransformIce TransformIce Mar. 12, 2015
Play TDP5 Arena TDP5 Arena Nov. 04, 2014
its a really great game! its just a shame more people dont play it because once you pass the lvl 1-4 maps, almost no one is on thats a lvl 5-150 so its impossible to play after that.
Play Survivor Squad DEMO Survivor Squad DEMO Jul. 29, 2014
dude you should seriously make this free but just make money off of advertisments. Make it so you get some kind of reward for watching them or make it so you watch them right at the beginning because this is DEFINITELY NOT worth ten bucks, or really paying for at all to be honest.
Play Clout: The Game Clout: The Game Jul. 29, 2014
I want to give this game 5/5 stars, but considering how active you are in replying to everyone i want to make it 6/5 stars right now
Developer response from delosford

Well, thanks for the glowing praise!

Play Solarmax 2 Solarmax 2 Jun. 18, 2014
@rileydabozo thats because this is a certain genre of a game. Thats like complaining that one racing game is a copy of other racing games
Play Frontier Frontier Apr. 27, 2014
xtremuZ that just means you have to get glasses, or that you have an extremely small screen
Play Saturday Night Bloodfest Saturday Night Bloodfest Nov. 11, 2012
istenelen the host means that you didnt have the luck to go through ALL the rooms and win
Play Infectonator 2 Infectonator 2 Oct. 08, 2012
jodybrai you can use as many grenades as you want for those types of challenges, they just have to be in the same round.
Play Strike Force Heroes Strike Force Heroes Aug. 15, 2012
the white camoed tank looks like a storm trooper!
Play CS Portable CS Portable May. 10, 2012
2KOOLKID frag is another word for kill.
Play New Star Soccer New Star Soccer Apr. 29, 2012
you know you have good shoes when it costs as much as a town house.
Play Burrito Bison Burrito Bison Jan. 10, 2012
so the moral of the game is never to land on cops right?
Play Stick War Stick War Jan. 08, 2012
guys there are certain rules to adding badges, but i dont remember any. :P
Play Dwarf Toss Dwarf Toss Jan. 04, 2012
it cost $100 for some stool that only lifts you 100 feet in the air!?!
Play TDP4 Team Battle TDP4 Team Battle Jan. 04, 2012
@kunduzukito: that just means you suck, not that the game sucks.
Play Smash Melee Smash Melee Jan. 02, 2012
wont work?
Play Just Chatting Just Chatting Jan. 01, 2012
amazing game, but how do you beat the last boss?
Play Greens Survive only when Reds Die Greens Survive only when Reds Die Dec. 30, 2011
@kirkinater for saying that i will pretend you are the red, killing you over and over again. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! >8)
Play TCT RPG TCT RPG Dec. 22, 2011
since when did muffins cost $45?
Play Swords & Potions Swords & Potions Dec. 20, 2011
i found this amazingly fun,until the coin thing. I found it extremely annoying, but since this is a good game i kept playing. I started to love this game until the day thing ran out and it said that i need to wait 30 mins or PAY to play this game. then i said, "FFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU-