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Play The Bravest Hunter The Bravest Hunter Jul. 05, 2013
I'm curious, why is it we cannot play our characters on the offline version and have to start an entirely new character on there? Great game apart from that minor detail :)
Play Esgrima 2 Esgrima 2 Apr. 08, 2013
Can't play, in the city when i run around all npc's follow me across the screen, can't interact with anything in the city, no other players, can't connect to games just my character visable please fix, this is such a good game :/
Play Terra Monsters Terra Monsters Dec. 02, 2012
Just aother one being added to the complaints but i am also stuck on retrieving player information screen, sometimes it stays on the loading page, other times 3/4 of the screen is white and 1/4 i can see the bottom right corner of the loading page. Rather a shame i can not play it at this time, i was told to check it out by a friend who gave it a great review :/
Play Papa's Hot Doggeria Papa's Hot Doggeria Nov. 25, 2012
Another great addition to the Papa Louie franchise - the man is a genious
Play Book of Mages: The Dark Times Book of Mages: The Dark Times Nov. 23, 2012
Honestly can say this is one of the few games that i can play over and over and not get bored of, love the combat and the replay value is fantastic.
Play Sands of the Coliseum Sands of the Coliseum Jun. 28, 2012
black pages is not necersarily their fault, could be something to do with your browser or flash player not being updated
Play Achievement Unlocked 3 Achievement Unlocked 3 Jun. 28, 2012
I can not go back up the tube to leave the hamster room all it does is leave me hovering up there and if i die by holding the spacebar to create the exploding pastry while in that tube the screen moves so i can not see the game anymore, it is just white.
Play Feed Us 3 Feed Us 3 May. 13, 2012
Who else dived into a hole and landed right into a sharks mouth?
Play Dragon Age: Journeys Dragon Age: Journeys May. 08, 2012
Lol played this 2 years ago and forgot the hard badge
Play King's Bounty: Legions King's Bounty: Legions May. 08, 2012
Like the general idea of the game i'm just not putting money towards it no offense, but a good job with the game :) 4/5
Play Epic War Saga Epic War Saga May. 08, 2012
That is because this is not Epic War 6 pokeybomb, this is Epic War Saga and doesnt follow rudy sudarto's original epic war storyline, expect epic war 6 in a couple of years time.
Play Terra Monsters Terra Monsters May. 08, 2012
i really hope you see this message, i watched some gameplay thanks to my friend streaming it and i liked the look of it but i cant get past the loading screen all it says is it is retrieving player information and wont go past that stage :/
Play Book of Mages: The Dark Times Book of Mages: The Dark Times Apr. 28, 2012
needs an endless mode after main story is finished like in monsters den, maybe introduce an air and earth clan to represent all elements (sorry if that sounds like avatar but it would be epic) and try to balance out the clans more.
Play Epic War Saga Epic War Saga Apr. 27, 2012
@chaosmokas how is the beta better than the launched version, you sir are stupid. @cyber774 Rudy worked on this with artlogic so yeah it is related but it is the first Multiplayer version of an Epic War game and is not part of the series. @Kazejin you try to do better and what is the harm in trying new things, maybe the developers wanted to try out new things especially since this is their first EW MMO,i imagine sometime in the future they will make an EW that has a mega long and awesome campaign and the quality of the gameplay is good just give them a chance to try out their ideas first
Play Monsters' Den: Book of Dread Monsters' Den: Book of Dread Apr. 26, 2012
Play Monsters' Den: Book of Dread Monsters' Den: Book of Dread Apr. 26, 2012
what does the temporary becomes permanent altar do?
Play Epic War Saga Epic War Saga Apr. 25, 2012
Also i wanted to ask if there will be achievements getting added to the game in the next couple of weeks or is that a no?
Developer response from artlogicgames


Play Epic War Saga Epic War Saga Apr. 25, 2012
Ah artlogic i feel sorry for you guys i knew there would be complete children who would complain about the payment feature -.-. They have actually made it so pretty much everything is available just means you would have to play for a long time to get all the gold needed. Anyway great game one thing i dont like is the energy bar cause it kind of doesnt make much sense but i figured how to use it properly and i wont let something like that ruin the game for me 5/5
Developer response from artlogicgames

Thanks :).

Play New York Shark New York Shark Mar. 21, 2012
Good game but the base at the beggining murdered my ears. (note to self, don't forget to turn down the volume when using headphones)
Play GrindQuest Expansion GrindQuest Expansion Mar. 19, 2012
How do you log out, if you cant please implement this feature so we can quickly go back to the menu to choose a different character