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Play Witch Hunt Witch Hunt Jan. 21, 2015
Even though the game incorrectly shows thunder tonic as sold out when you buy max gelid gourd, you can still buy thunder tonic.
Developer response from kreig13

will be fixed!

Play Drift Runners Drift Runners Jan. 17, 2015
Full howto for "destroy 40 objects" achievement: Cones and bananas don't count. There are 45 fences total so if AI destroys too many of them before you, restart the race. Drifting during first lap is bad, especially before the big fence roadblock which you need to destroy almost completely by yourself and still get to the next big curve with fences ahead of the AI.
Play Drift Runners Drift Runners Jan. 17, 2015
Tip about the "destroy 40 objects" achievement: cones and bananas don't count, only fences.
Play Forbidden Arms Forbidden Arms Mar. 16, 2014
Fiddletink: When you get knocked down, just press spacebar to stand up. You can recover from knockdown even while you're still flying. There's even a skill (Transcendence/Rising Counter, middle row, right column) which allows you to swipe halfway across the screen right after you get up from the ground.
Play Forbidden Arms Forbidden Arms Mar. 15, 2014
Tip: Use Soul Tempest to clear incoming storm of shurikens.
Developer response from kreig13


Play Road of the Dead Road of the Dead Jan. 21, 2014
EclipseDragon: I think you missed the soldier on the side of the road who pulls the spike strip using a string.
Play Give Up Give Up Apr. 03, 2013
This game has really serious performance issues to the point where controls get unresponsive on my machine (Intel Core i5, 4GB RAM). Seriously, system monitor says that Flash process takes 130% CPU time when I move and the delay between pressing a key and the command actually happening can take over half a secon! Games of this kind written in C could run smoothly on Pentium 90 almost 20 years ago so how come this game can have serious performance issues today on a machine that's a thousand times more powerful?
Play Cyclomaniacs Epic Cyclomaniacs Epic Mar. 22, 2013
Hey turboNuke, did you know that the last version of Flash available for Linux is 11.2?
Developer response from turboNuke

read the release notes.

Play Engage Engage Nov. 16, 2012
One thing that would make this game even better: get rid of edge scrolling and instead use absolute position scrolling (calculate the relative position of mouse from center of the screen, multiply by scene-size to screen-size ratio and shift the view by the resulting vector). Edge scrolling doesn't make first person shooters more challenging, it makes them frustrating.
Play Upgrade Station Upgrade Station Oct. 09, 2012
Two things that would be nice: 1) When you open a workshop interface, you should see the number of each item in stock without having to select it for production. 2) There should be some indication when one of your workshops completes its task. Preferably a clickable one that will take you to the workshop's interface.
Play Jahooma's LogicBox Jahooma's LogicBox Aug. 27, 2012
lobis: Hint: don't use rotate on level 5. Rotate box takes 3 steps instead of just 1.
Play Candy Conveyor Candy Conveyor Aug. 07, 2012
I can confirm arcseed's level 10 with $620 and I've managed to improve my solution of level 11 to $490.
Play Candy Conveyor Candy Conveyor Aug. 07, 2012
Ravensvoice: level 11 can be done with $510.
Play Paladog Paladog Jun. 11, 2012
**** turtles! Why do I keep getting so many turtles on level 4-15?! I need critters that can fight and not goddamn turtles that just stand around and do nothing!
Play Johnny Upgrade Johnny Upgrade May. 09, 2012
Arrow controls would be nice, especially when you shoot using spacebar.
Play Chuck the Sheep Chuck the Sheep Jan. 21, 2012
Great game, just one thing that keeps it from being perfect - the annoying pop-ups about cards, damage taken etc. Could you please make them smaller and move somewhere else (like the lower right corner) so we can actually see where we're flying?
Play Village Fun Village Fun Jan. 13, 2012
@Turkishanderson: Game tags: Farm, Strategy, Tycoon, Business, Puzzle. What did you say again?
Play Village Fun Village Fun Jan. 12, 2012
Yet another game that looks like an economic strategy game at the first glance but is actually a sandbox game for little girls which has nothing to do with either strategy, tycoon or business. It may be fun for those who like sandbox games but I really crave a good economic strategy game that makes sense (flares? WTF?!). Seriously. On all of Kongregate, there's exactly ONE game of that genre but it's horribly buggy and unplayable because it lacks even the most basic statistics so you're basically playing blind. So if any competent developer is reading this, PLEASE, take a look at the good old Transport Tycoon, Sim City or Caesar series and make a real economic strategy game. If it's at least halfway decent, it'll be an instant hit given how little competition there is on this site.
Play Raze 2 Raze 2 Dec. 22, 2011
Is it just me or are the controls really painfully unresponsive for a fast paced action game? Yes, I'm already playing on lowest possible quality settings and my system is Intel Core i5 so my system should be able to run a dozen instances of this game smoothly if it was properly optimized.
Play Hood Episode 1 Hood Episode 1 Oct. 06, 2011
Very interesting story but it's a little too short with too much pixel hunting. Repeat after me: "PIXEL HUNTING IS NOT FUN!" If something is important for the story, it has to stand out just enough to be noticed immediately.