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Play Seedling Seedling Jul. 24, 2012
Absolutely beautiful, no complaints, really gets the nostalgia going. If you could continue to make games as good as this, please do.
Play Flood Runner 3 Flood Runner 3 Apr. 07, 2011
They have a pad advertisement, Im fair sure the majority of people here are guys O.O
Play Miragine War! Miragine War! Jan. 27, 2011
i swear ive heard that music in another game o.O???
Play ClickPLAY 3 ClickPLAY 3 Jan. 26, 2011
im a bolder.....basically because I ROCK!!!
Play Farm of Souls Farm of Souls Jan. 24, 2011
@Doomstruck more like 1000 farmers, 160 speed, 400 sight, 200 land, and around 100 life... BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM
Play Transformice Transformice Jan. 16, 2011
please please please put in vote kicking :D
Play Fade Fade Jan. 10, 2011
i held jump and clicked out of the screen....i got max speed
Play Cat Astro Phi Cat Astro Phi Dec. 22, 2010
he should really take jonesy out of that seat ._.
Play Null G Null G Dec. 12, 2010
glitch on level three? or do i just suck
Play endeavor endeavor Dec. 08, 2010
what does the snow leopard do? someone tell me
Play Warlock's Arena Warlock's Arena Dec. 04, 2010
Here is my opinion: Really great concept but i feel it does get repetitive sometimes. Add more maps, with items and maybe traps would be cool. Different characters with different attributes? and expand on spells. Better graphics would be better and what would be cool is an experience system where when you level you gain access to more and more spells but you do need to be careful otherwise it could get unbalanced with higher levels, so make sure there is a handicap system or something similar. Saying this, accounts are a must.
Play iZZi iZZi Sep. 29, 2010
Nice game, but needs polishing in many little things: Sometimes the blocks just stay hovering in the air after the blocks below them have been destroyed. It'd be better if the player could just choose the ball's color and not just keep discarding them until the right color comes along. Speaking of discarding the balls, if you have to do that at least you should be able to shoot the ball behind you and off the screen. When the blocks run out but the player doesn't have the gold medal, the game should restart the level, advance to the next one or ask the player which to do. Keyboard shortcuts for advancing and restarting level are missing. Also, some of the levels rely on blind luck instead of skill or wits which is never good level design.
Play Transformice Transformice Aug. 09, 2010
+ up if you think we should have something other than letters in our names
Play Everybody Edits 0.6.x Everybody Edits 0.6.x Jul. 15, 2010
just got booted from my own is full and now i cant get in
Play Texas Hold'em Poker Texas Hold'em Poker Jul. 12, 2010
too many hackers
Play Everybody Edits 0.6.x Everybody Edits 0.6.x Jul. 12, 2010
@robinzm what?!?!?
Play Everybody Edits 0.6.x Everybody Edits 0.6.x Jul. 09, 2010
Ystory is a dipshit + if u agree XD
Play Everybody Edits 0.6.x Everybody Edits 0.6.x Jul. 08, 2010
Troll list: gamewinner5 Add the trolls u know on this. KEEP ALIVE
Play Everybody Edits 0.6.x Everybody Edits 0.6.x Jul. 03, 2010
awww poor ichigo XD
Play Everybody Edits 0.6.x Everybody Edits 0.6.x Jul. 02, 2010
@Ebax you misspelt his name XD