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Play Dude and Zombies Dude and Zombies Aug. 02, 2011
@buttmunched all you have to do was upgrade your car's strength, the same thing happened to me and I did that and it let me repair my truck
Play Lucky Tower Lucky Tower Nov. 08, 2010
MMMMmmmm....delicious food!*Dragon roars at him*
Play The Shit Hit The Fan The Shit Hit The Fan Jul. 28, 2010
how the hell did he shit in his fan?
Play Rotatix Rotatix Nov. 29, 2009
-1 11 -111 1111 -11111
Play Bubbles 2 Bubbles 2 Nov. 03, 2008
i got more than 2000!;P
Play LePussé du Game LePussé du Game Oct. 12, 2008
Play Rocket Booster Rocket Booster Oct. 04, 2008
Play Kongregate Chat (Long) Kongregate Chat (Long) Oct. 02, 2008
ooohhh....... shiny button....
Play Cursor Challenge Unlimited Cursor Challenge Unlimited Oct. 02, 2008
my brain felt like my heart once I was done
Play Light People on Fire Light People on Fire Oct. 02, 2008
Play 3D Logic 3D Logic Oct. 01, 2008
im stuck on level 16
Play Desktop Tower Defense Desktop Tower Defense Sep. 26, 2008
Play Pointer Pointer Sep. 24, 2008
the worst game on the world!
Play Tangerine Panic! Tangerine Panic! Aug. 05, 2008
how big can tangarines get!
Play Darkness Episode 1 Darkness Episode 1 Jul. 20, 2008
never mind, it's awesome!
Play Darkness Episode 1 Darkness Episode 1 Jul. 19, 2008
this is so scary I never want to play it again!