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Play Tyrant Tyrant Dec. 31, 2012
Yeah, I realized that after I posted.
Play Tyrant Tyrant Dec. 31, 2012
So DarkxideX points out the stupidity of how people vote on Kongregate by pointing out that Yoshii got voted down, but when he criticizes Yoshii he gets voted down. It makes absolutely no sense. Also, first Tyrant comment of 2013.
Play Business Tycoon Online Business Tycoon Online Nov. 18, 2012
And I thought the creators of Tyrant had sold out for money...
Play Scratch Out Terrorism Scratch Out Terrorism Jul. 26, 2012
Too short but still favorited.
Play Villainous Villainous Jun. 06, 2012
My favorite part of this game is the eye that follows your cursor. 5/5
Play Billy the Pilot Billy the Pilot May. 16, 2012
Kids today are getting too smart.
Play Clear Vision 5 Clear Vision 5 Apr. 19, 2012
An excellent game overall but I have two problems with it. One, I understand that Clear Vision is a series but when I play a Clear Vision game I do expect to play as Jake and not Tyler. My second problem was the length, far too short but still a good game, I look forward to the sequel. 4.5/5
Play Tyrant Tyrant Mar. 15, 2012
Did you know the odds of a flying dodge 10 times in a row are .000977%? Apparently Silent Surveyors are that good though.
Play Tyrant Tyrant Mar. 14, 2012
All building decks: a really good way to piss somebody off.
Play Tyrant Tyrant Feb. 19, 2012
@danywhteboy Stop whining, use a lot of strike and/or jam Raider. Use pierce if they're armored. Rifter and Xeno Mothership and Interceptor are excellent cards to use if you have them. I would suggest using those in addition to a lot of Imperials with a commander (Thadius maybe?) of your choice. If you're to mission 83 though, you should have learned by now what to attack Raiders with. So, man up and start thinking.
Play Tyrant Tyrant Feb. 07, 2012
Play Tyrant Tyrant Feb. 07, 2012
I know I'm going to look like a noob for saying this but: is there anyway to get to cards in the vault? I am elite so that's not the problem. What tab should I look under?
Play Tyrant Tyrant Feb. 07, 2012
@danywhteboy I seem to remember that I used a lot of Strike cards like Marksman, Devestator, Rifter, EMP and Sabre, the rest are up to you. If you have those 5 cards they should give you a good start though.
Play Dynamite Blast 2 Dynamite Blast 2 Jan. 22, 2012
So steel floats but wood doesn't? Okay...
Play Sea of Fire 2 Sea of Fire 2 Jan. 18, 2012
A good game that gets less recognition than it deserves in my opinion.
Play Star Supremacy Star Supremacy Jan. 15, 2012
Are there actually so many people playing this that WereAllGay is taken as a colony name?
Developer response from barbily

I think that name was taken in the first week nking3 ;)

Play Tyrant Tyrant Jan. 09, 2012
Question: Is there any way to get cards once they're locked in the Card Vault?
Play Tyrant Tyrant Jan. 06, 2012
@persona4rocks Dude, 3 comments in a row voted down, ouch.
Play Tyrant Tyrant Oct. 26, 2011
How is Fulfilling Mist a building? It's mist!
Play Battle of Britain WW2 Battle of Britain WW2 Jun. 05, 2011
Making a game because you are bored is one thing, but making a game that is absolute shit is another.