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Play Idling to Rule the Gods Idling to Rule the Gods Oct. 08, 2014
Why do these idle games use Unity when they could actually use a simple Flash script?
Play Arcane Arcane Sep. 06, 2014
I love when you kill somebody off screen It makes me feel like a 420YOLOsniper that's got a lot of swag
Play Dangerous adventure Dangerous adventure Jun. 21, 2014
Look, man. I'm clicking the potion. It does nothing. Fix the tutorial, damnit!
Play Shootorial #2 Shootorial #2 Jun. 15, 2014
Here's the thing. These tutorials aren't correct. They give misleaded information about the code its self leading you to believe that certain things don't belong. I spent an entire day trying to figure out why the ship wouldn't go right when I pressed the right button but it just so happens that the code was wrong. It leaves important parts out as well such as the fact that you HAVE to save before you test or it won't work. Though they do provide you with the basic script. You might have to do a little bit of fixing but the scripts work if you figure out the problem.
Play Shootorial #1 Shootorial #1 Jun. 15, 2014
Is it possible to use Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5? Because that's all I can get my hands on.
Play AdVenture Capitalist AdVenture Capitalist Jun. 12, 2014
You ought to be able to purchase more than one at a time. That would be a great update.
Play Attack On Titan Attack On Titan Jun. 27, 2013
Hey man, played this game. What are these tan things, where did they come from, who am I, Where am I, what am I doing. Why do I shoot pubic hairs that latch onto things when I press space! I need answers!
Developer response from Tweax

this game is based on the anime attack on titan

Play Reactance Mobile Reactance Mobile Mar. 12, 2013
Play Slender - Web Edition Slender - Web Edition Nov. 12, 2012
i think a multiplayer slender might be nice
Play Relic Of War Relic Of War Aug. 17, 2012
to be honest i really REALLY wanna play this game, but sadly i cant 1st try my CPU never drops below 50% 2nd try all programs go unresponsive, windows explorer has to restart 3rd try MY SPEAKERS STOP WORKING plz try to fix this
Play Just for chatting! Just for chatting! Aug. 17, 2012
all im getting is a white screen can you fix that
Play Super Adventure Pals Super Adventure Pals Aug. 06, 2012
i just LOVE the animation
Play Anti-Idle: The Game Anti-Idle: The Game Aug. 03, 2012
cant use the report bug feature, theres a bug in the typing where i cant finish, i type it out exactly ive even deleted it all and started over on the line 5 times and it still wont let me move on
Play ASCIIvania ASCIIvania Aug. 01, 2012
should have a hard badge
Play From Beyond From Beyond Jul. 23, 2012
super flash bros games are always fun but a mute button would be nice
Play Just for chatting! Just for chatting! Jun. 28, 2012
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Play The Sandbox The Sandbox Jun. 14, 2012
it just freezes somethimes
Play Freefall Tournament Freefall Tournament Jun. 14, 2012
doesnt all
Play Cube Ninja Cube Ninja Jun. 14, 2012
well now it wont work at all...
Developer response from PrionGames


Play Cube Ninja Cube Ninja Jun. 14, 2012
okay bro i hope this gets rid of some going to be pointing out problems only. 1.)menu buttons text is out of the button 2.)cursor bug on upgrades screen 3.)weird blue glow on the ninja in beginning is kind of out of place and annoying and educes a lot lag not all computers are good keep that in mind. 4.)tutorial lvl or maybe on first lvl little signs telling you the controls as you go along (nobody READS instructions) 5.)its a 3D web player not 2D the characters need 3D models 6.)why the hell do we kill these other ninjas and who do they work for hint hint ...STORYLINE 7.)theres only 1 lvl 8.)the enemies that spawn after you kill the one just seem to be like a counter attack for the one you just killed i found this to be quite confusing when trying to know my kills thats all bro.
Developer response from PrionGames

Okay we will get on some of those topics soon.