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Play Haiku Hero Haiku Hero Sep. 21, 2010
letting one in now (5) i don't care if it eats me (7) zombies are hungry (5)
Play Escape from really boring island 3 Escape from really boring island 3 Mar. 11, 2010
wow this is just like heavy rain dood! 5/5
Play Only1 Only1 Mar. 10, 2010
what in the great game designer handbook of l337 terminology is "FLESHED-OUT CONTROLS".
Play Only1 Only1 Mar. 10, 2010
You are not first.
Play This Game Needs A Mute Button This Game Needs A Mute Button Nov. 13, 2009
thanks for the bugreport but it was just kong being slow. looks like it's working now -->
Play rgbTD0 : Before The Guns rgbTD0 : Before The Guns Jan. 30, 2009
strange, i thought Kong was PRO-free speech. hence why they keep telling developers they aren't allowed to moderate the comments on their games page.
Play rgbTD0 : Before The Guns rgbTD0 : Before The Guns Jan. 30, 2009
the adult content is provided by other users. you know, people like you. i don't know how to stop people from being adults. do you?
Play PIEF PIEF Jan. 30, 2009
freedom of speech much? the admins remove any comments that includes the word GAY in it. which is a tad harsh, considering the theme of the game.
Play PIEF PIEF Jan. 24, 2009
you will never be FIRST.
Play WetDike WetDike Jan. 07, 2009
music is obviously free to use. why else would we put it in there. click on the tracks to get to musician's individual pages to download them. there is an MP3 player to your top right. volume control is all there, obviously. Read the game description. Also, this badge was previously for 1000 points to get it but Greg had to lower it to 500 cause Kongretards found it too difficult. So much so, we have cheaters like hokage4354 and n00bx001.
Play Argue (Real-Time Strategy) Argue (Real-Time Strategy) Oct. 29, 2008
for some reason, i was hoping for this to resemble that awesomely hilarious 'argue & insult a pirate' bit of monkey island. but instead, tis rockpaperscissors. yet still, lovely UI.
Play WetDike WetDike Aug. 31, 2008
Play intrusion intrusion Aug. 12, 2008
it's like metal slug but without the fun.
Play Bubble Tanks 2 Bubble Tanks 2 Aug. 09, 2008
this is definitely not luck based. simple concept, awesome gameplay. even if the act of holding down to shoot is a tad superfluous as it could be on automode.
Play Starballz Starballz Aug. 09, 2008
named after the starwars-inspired hentai, obviously.
Play Filament Filament Aug. 02, 2008
ignore the kongretards. they are far too dumb to appreciate anything that needs a working brain to figure out. love the games as they are. thank you!! :}
Play Lightshift Lightshift Aug. 02, 2008
i fecking love this game. and Filament. thank you for making them! :}
Play PixlCoop PixlCoop Jun. 06, 2008
No. 8 = infinity sideways = LOLZ
Play Vector TD Vector TD Jun. 02, 2008
does that mean he still gets to keep the weekly cash prize? cause you know, he won. lulz
Play The Several Journeys of Reemus The Several Journeys of Reemus May. 20, 2008
excellent! a teeny bug at the end where i had to do the scene twice (same actions) to win. :} ps: if you needed a walkthrough for that, you is pathetik init?