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Play Mu Complex : Episode One Mu Complex : Episode One Mar. 07, 2015
Wait. . . is this tricking me into learning?
Play Tower of the Archmage Tower of the Archmage Jul. 13, 2014
I broke the game: 1] Acquire absorb (or the block-absorbing rune, presumably) 2] Cast cloud rune using a high tiles-effected target rune (plus cheap attack runes, if necessary.) 3] Cast cloud-absorb rune using the same target rune (plus cheap attack runes, if necessary) to add a power buff. 4] Repeat indefinitely, resting as necessary. 5] Revel in your newfound unlimited power, as you cast 40,000+ damage with a single flux point. 6] Try not to accidentally target yourself.
Play Bat Country Bat Country Jan. 14, 2011
Fire should be switched on and off with left click, rather than having to hold it down. Additionally, having to use momentum for your bombs makes laptop gameplay very difficult, which for a flash game is an automatic -2 stars.
Play Steambirds: Survival Steambirds: Survival Dec. 11, 2010
Worst thing in the game is that if you bomb a swarm of enemies as you die, you don't get the points. Totally contradictory to the spirit of the game. (Rate +1 if you agree, so the developer can see)
Play Steambirds: Survival Steambirds: Survival Dec. 10, 2010
5/5. Some advice, though: 1) A few of the middle planes should have been replaced with weaker planes, but ones that could use multiple items. 2) The amount of money awarded per kill should vary more from the weaker to stronger enemies. 3) Stats should be explained more fully on the plane selection page. 3)
Play PitSweeper PitSweeper Dec. 07, 2010
I beat it on my first try, quite a while back, but I can't seem to now. Last time through, the Reaper showed up right when I uncovered the Tyrant...
Play Don't Look Back Don't Look Back Dec. 03, 2010
Good game. Unless there is something I am missing, though, it should not be possible for someone to have the medium badge without the easy one- which is the position I'm in. There's more to life than badges, though, I suppose.
Play Viricide Viricide Apr. 28, 2010
Well, that's a bit depressing... 5 out of 5 stars for design, but sheesh. Could you make a slightly happier game next time?
Play the Flood Runner 2 the Flood Runner 2 Apr. 13, 2010
1,707,548 points, 4/5 stars
Play SteamBirds SteamBirds Mar. 27, 2010
All badges. There needs to be an impossible badge for 4 stars on all missions. Brilliant game. 5/5 stars, favorited.
Play Mindless RepliCat Mindless RepliCat Mar. 24, 2010
Really, the timer on the planets should move in the same way as the replicas do.
Play Robot Wants Kitty Robot Wants Kitty Mar. 17, 2010
Beat it, but got no badges... still, 4/5 stars.
Play Bubble Tanks Tower Defense Bubble Tanks Tower Defense Jan. 22, 2010
I said "the only real problem." The targeting issues and wall-jumping splitters are really more like bugs. I was speaking of problems in the game design.
Play Bubble Tanks Tower Defense Bubble Tanks Tower Defense Jan. 22, 2010
Great game. I particularly like the idea of tower fusing, though that should a small amount less. Only real problem is that the splitters are quite overpowered for the reward they give. Four stars.
Play Doublue Wires Doublue Wires Aug. 15, 2009
Great concept, fairly poor use of the concept. Why does your man let go before you say to?
Play Multitask Multitask Aug. 15, 2009
Also, a huge part of it is where the spikes happen to show up.
Play Multitask Multitask Aug. 15, 2009
The hard thing is keeping track of what controls what...
Play Shopping City Shopping City Aug. 15, 2009
Utterly brilliant concept. Totally abysmal use of that concept.
Play Bubble Tanks 2 Bubble Tanks 2 Aug. 11, 2009
I searched for several hundred bubbles after the boss, and I cannot find the BFT. I got all the others... but not that one. Is this unusual?
Play Mindless RepliCat Mindless RepliCat Aug. 06, 2009
Brilliant game. Truly brilliant. Lets get some of those pathetic games off of the all time favorites and add this one.