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Folds -- Origami Game

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May. 01, 2016

Rating: 0

I'm not entirely sure why, but this game annoyed me more than anything else. I can't really find a game design reason, so I'll just chalk it up to personal preference I guess.


Play Magnetized

Apr. 29, 2016

Rating: 1

I really liked the atmosphere here. Simple but challenging gameplay, and pretty self explanatory (past the minimal tutorial anyway). And the magnetizer mechanics surprised me, which doesn't happen too often. Was kinda fun to find out what the other magnetizers did as I went along. The last few stages... were a gigantic difficulty spike though. Seriously unexpected considering the rest of the game had this smooth difficulty increase... Both ways, I had a lotta fun (and some rage) playing this! Engrossed from start to finish.

Pocket Creature PVP

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Apr. 29, 2016

Rating: 0

Gosh, this game seems to want you to experiment with team setups but then gives some time limit reward and makes it very difficult to swap teams midway... The gold you get is simply not enough for that before you beat the game. Also had a pretty hard time telling how much effect the monsters were having on the battle. And its incredibly long to level new creatures, evolve them and equip gems. Unless you have the exact team setup you need to win its just long, grindy, and boring. Honestly don't really see much strategy/substance in this game.


Play Qoosh

Apr. 29, 2016

Rating: 0

Well, was an enjoyable game. Controls and platforming were smooth and well polished. The slo-mo/teleport (and sound effect for it) reminds me of that other game... Focus or something? Except this is more puzzle-based instead of maniacal platforming/teleporting action. And the swapping. There are some weird quirks though... No level select, warps/deaths don't reset when you restart (that one's really annoying), achievements apparently have names but they don't show on the achievements screen, and somehow the game brought me directly to the last chamber after the turret destruction level on my hard badge run. Overall, pretty neat!

Sugar, sugar 2

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Apr. 28, 2016

Rating: 0

This series has never done it for me. Usually crosses the line from slow and relaxing to just being tedious and annoying.

Space Flash Arena

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Apr. 27, 2016

Rating: 0

The gameplay was fun, but I wish there was some reason for me to play longer.

Cover Orange Players Pack 3

Play Cover Orange Players Pack 3

Apr. 27, 2016

Rating: 0

Pinpoint precision and timing requirements in a puzzle game with wonky physics? That's just incredibly aggravating. At least all the levels aren't like that, but that isn't saying much.

A Dance of Fire and Ice

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Apr. 27, 2016

Rating: 1

Repetitive, tedious, unforgiving, and those colours are headache inducing.

Run 3

Play Run 3

Apr. 26, 2016

Rating: 0

Argh, this series. The game demands precise jumping, but you end up fighting against the finicky depth perception and general difficulty in telling where you are more than anything else. The shadow helps a little, but I find myself still running into the same old issues. I can't see myself playing this game anywhere near as long as it seems to expect me to.

Picma - Picture Enigmas

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Apr. 25, 2016

Rating: -2

Its good for what it is, and I had a good amount of fun on it... but things really start to get confusing and hard to keep track of on the larger puzzles. Plus was the worst with that, with the crossed/not crossed blurring together and a tendency to get lost in the giant string of numbers. Lot of tedium with the larger ones too, but it only really got annoying when coupled with that previous issue.

Sentry Knight 2

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Apr. 20, 2016

Rating: 0

Meh. Its ok, I guess. Pretty mindless, just have to spell spam and poke mobs. My brain kind of fell asleep playing this. Nothing I'd pay for.

Royal Warfare

Play Royal Warfare

Apr. 19, 2016

Rating: 1

Well, it was decent. Not super special, but plays pretty well. Had fun playing it at least, not something I can say for all the games I played for badges. :P Not gonna go all completionist on it though... didn't enjoy it enough for that. I like that the game has convenience features (the downgrade one star thing was a really nice touch). But I did have difficulties trying to pick out individual units and keeping track of hp bars in the giant clumps of units/mobs. Also couldn't get used to escape being deselect cause its just so far away... ended up accidentally moving units to places I never intended them to go. Pause at least made it less punishing.

Royal Squad

Play Royal Squad

Apr. 18, 2016

Rating: 1

Wow, this was much much better than I expected it to be. Challenging yet fair and enjoyable. Its not often I run into a game where I actually enjoy my completionistic tendencies. :P The auto targeting with focus fire was a really neat idea, letting me cast spells without sacrificing damage. And you can't just leave it on autofire, cause there's plenty of those units that'll make things so much harder if you don't take them out. And even the basic units remain quite viable at the end of the game (archer stun spam hehehehe). There's just so much in this game that takes the usual elements and changes it around so its actually less frustrating and more fun.


Play Jumphobia

Apr. 17, 2016

Rating: 2

Ugh, the concept was nice and I was having fun up to the last level. Which apparently means cramped spaces and pixel precision in a game that cannot handle it well, especially with the ambiguous hitboxes. I've gotten impossible platformer badges that were less irritating than that level... The double R thing is also aggravating cause it counts pressing R right after death as a full level restart. Later levels I was actually waiting and/or intentionally dying so I wouldn't trigger that. White flash also really annoyed me in stages where you die milliseconds after spawning (I'm looking at you, sawblade columns in last room in last stage). All in all, generally enjoyable for most of the game, although I'm taking points off for that kind of ridiculous precision requirement. Anyone trying for the hard badge, fair warning, the last level is a gigantic difficulty spike.

A Matter of Caos: Episode 4

Play A Matter of Caos: Episode 4

Apr. 16, 2016

Rating: 3

I was pleasantly surprised by this series. Devs clearly understand the point-and-click type of game. No obtuse puzzle logic and pixel hunting, hooray! I really liked the games, but what I liked the most was the music selection and Gilbert's fourth wall shenanigans... especially with the wrong choices. :P One thing though, that end puzzle was kinda frustrating. I don't even know how I managed to finish it, but I did somehow.

Developer response from ExperaGameStudio

Thank you for your kind words! *_* it's great to read comments like yours. Yes, we avoided pixel hunting and such, to avoid frustrating moments. About the last puzzle, many players found it a little hard, so we're sorry about that, we just wanted do give the player one last "hard" quest to solve to complete the game, like a "final boss" :D We're glad you liked it anyway. Thank you again and keep having fun!


Play Home

Apr. 11, 2016

Rating: 0

Simplistic and feels more like a trial run than anything else, but I guess it does what it was going for. I won't be too hard on it seeing its a time limited personal challenge thing, but this concept could be quite interesting given a bit more.

Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher

Play Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher

Apr. 07, 2016

Rating: 5

Unexpectedly hilarious. Especially when you pick the weird options. I especially am amused by how there is one option there whose only purpose is to make you lose (and watch the losing cutscene). The style definitely draws a lot from Phoenix Wright :P

Command & Control

Play Command & Control

Apr. 05, 2016

Rating: 7

Fun once you figure out all the stuff the game doesn't tell you, like how the towers work and what they're best against... game spends a lot of time dumping military info instead. Had to go look at comments to actually find out. Balance issues with the towers too, some of the variants are completely worthless... *looks at javelin and sniper*

Epic War VI

Play Epic War VI

Mar. 28, 2016

Rating: 2

I see this mediocre grindfest series has taken the next logical step and gone to cheapass MMO tactics, with rampant microtransactions, pvp, and limited resources where you can mess up spending and be screwed over. Amazing, the standard has actually managed to go lower. I don't know where people get the idea that the dev is different, cause the guy is still in charge of the company that's making these now... It really shows.


Play Coloruid

Mar. 28, 2016

Rating: 8

Well, all the stages can be solved with the same logic. UI covers part of the play area and the flowing mechanics trapped some stray colours behind other colours sometimes. Guess its a good thing its so short.