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Play Frozen Islands Frozen Islands May. 02, 2015
This game is all fluff and no substance. Almost might as well be an idle game.
Play Kill the Plumber Kill the Plumber Apr. 30, 2015
Eh, okay idea but the unforgiving pinpoint accuracy needed with the very very sluggish response of the monster things really made it more frustrating than anything else. Especially once the fireballs with changing trajectories started showing up. Also the timer seems kind of pointless much of the time, I mean so often the stage is over before a star is even gone.
Play Decision 3 Decision 3 Apr. 10, 2015
While I liked all the previous games, this one seems to reuse too much for my liking. I can even recognize the map layouts from the earlier games... =\
Play Raze 3 Raze 3 Mar. 18, 2015
Yawn. Still the same thing. Pretty looking but standard and rather boring. Leaks to lagginess after a bit of playing. The AI breaks often and stands around doing absolutely nothing, so its not exciting to fight them at all. Weapons and some stars have wonky balance. Only thing I really liked about this game was the music. Rest was meh.
Play Rogue Soul 2 Rogue Soul 2 Mar. 14, 2015
You know, I liked this a lot more than the first one (and a lot more than I was expecting), but I can't remember the first one enough to tell why. Its slick, you're highly mobile, but its still quite challenging. All the difficulty comes from reacting fast enough to recognize and avoid mobs/attacks... you can pretty much beat anything if you react quickly and accurately. I'm pretty sure was what the game went for and it does it well :P
Developer response from SoulGame

Many thanks for your nice review.

Play Witch Hunt Witch Hunt Mar. 14, 2015
I really liked this one. Funny, simple, has great mob variety, and lots of those little tricks that reward you for playing smart. Fire got shafted somewhat compared to ice/lightning cause of anti-synergy, but... still had its uses. Occasionally I'll get stuck trying to swap elements though which really screwed me over... but that didn't happen too often.
Play Strikeforce Kitty 2 Strikeforce Kitty 2 Mar. 14, 2015
What do we have here? Yet another game with poor performance from a dev whose games all memory leak to unplayable levels? And its even MORE vague than the previous games! Looks like the dev learned... well, nothing. Again. Bravo. Blames it on PC performance too. Again. How did this manage to get badged?
Play Road Of Fury 2 Road Of Fury 2 Mar. 14, 2015
Oh yes, also have to complain about the anti-air gun not targeting the boss plane. >.>
Play Road Of Fury 2 Road Of Fury 2 Mar. 14, 2015
This... was just kinda meh. Memory leaks like mad, the flying powerups forcing you to take firepower off enemies (I ended up ignoring all the coins), and generally just destroying everything on the road before they get on the screen. At least there's checkpoints.
Play The Enchanted Cave 2 The Enchanted Cave 2 Feb. 20, 2015
Well, this was very engrossing and very entertaining. Did one straight run from floor 20 to the end on my fourth go without really trying, heh. Were you supposed to be able to do that? Skipped the whole town sequence though. Maybe I should play this again, but slower, to see how the town actually changes through the floors... :P
Play Red Remover BLAST Red Remover BLAST Dec. 11, 2014
Man, the shots have to be so precise its painful.
Play i saw her across the world i saw her across the world Dec. 06, 2014
Haha, what a cute game. Bit of challenge, but not too difficult, which works for the thing the game is going for. I like.
Play Besieged 2 Infinite Besieged 2 Infinite Dec. 06, 2014
This is all it takes to win awards? I wonder what kind of awards they are... This is really a standard mobile thing - looks pretty, but not much of a game behind it. Repetitive, ends up with you spamming arrows vs a horde of mobs, the infinity shield wall with archers behind, upgrades are expensive and give marginal boosts so you need to grind a LOT... ugh. Mediocre at best.
Play Mu Complex : Episode One Mu Complex : Episode One Dec. 05, 2014
Also, these guys have rubbish for password security. No wonder why the complex didn't last...
Play Mu Complex : Episode One Mu Complex : Episode One Dec. 05, 2014
Heh, the thing I did in my desperation was exactly what this game wanted me to do.
Play Barons Gate 2 Barons Gate 2 Nov. 29, 2014
An average game, with frustrating platforming in places. The shots hitting each other/friendly fire was kind of amusing, heh. There were also a few places where you needed destructible boxes to get out... got stuck that way a few times. Good thing you can kill yourself with your own arrows, I suppose.
Play Back to Zombieland Back to Zombieland Nov. 28, 2014
Short and silly, but I enjoyed it for that. Also a bit more engaging than the usual for games of this type, which really surprised me.
Play Zombo Buster Rising Zombo Buster Rising Nov. 27, 2014
Looks pretty. Nothing much going for this game beyond that, its pretty generic. And as everyone has mentioned, the final boss is completely unbalanced, in the frustrating direction.
Play Sky Quest Sky Quest Oct. 26, 2014
This game has nice atmosphere, at least. Good art and music. Too bad the game itself is a grindy, imbalanced mess of baffling design choices and terrible monetization tactics. Can't rate this very high.
Play Demons Down Under Demons Down Under Oct. 01, 2014
Wow, this game is amazingly easy. Got to the level before the boss on my first go and the second run just obliterated everything. In fact the boss only lasted a while cause I was having fun killing endless groups of mobs, hahahaha.