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i saw her standing there

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Dec. 10, 2014

Rating: 1

haha quite creative

Chess Trainer: Tactical Puzzles

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Nov. 10, 2014

Rating: 1

Move the pieces around to show us what you would do. If you're going to just code the moves, at least write that in the description.

Kings Chess

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Nov. 03, 2014

Rating: 2

Hey now, you need to implement a stalemate function. When a king is trapped but is not threatened and has no more moves left to play, the game ends in a stalemate.

Sky Quest

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Nov. 01, 2014

Rating: 3

There should be another hard badge for finishing hard mode. It's SUPER time consuming

Rogue Soul 2

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Oct. 24, 2014

Rating: 1

Why are there coins, articrafts, and people dressed as Sallies all over the place? It's because they're trying to lure us out.

Voice from the Sea

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Oct. 19, 2014

Rating: 3

I was waiting for him to confess the whole time!!!!!!!!

William and Sly

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Oct. 19, 2014

Rating: 2

At the end, all he says is 'You looked pooped?' After running 30 miles in the rain and running from a gigantic snake? That fox must really love its owner.


Play WarLight

Oct. 16, 2014

Rating: 2

guys, on the crazy levels make sure to use your opponents against each other. Don't be afraid to pack up and let loose lots of territories, especially when they have an army you can't defeat. Also in the beginning, grab your territory, then build up a bit while your opponent is losing units from capturing neutral territories and then take them over.


Play Decision:Medieval

Oct. 13, 2014

Rating: 7

This is the only game where trolling trolls using trolls make sense.

Dry Fire Reloaded

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Apr. 16, 2014

Rating: 3

It twas nice and fun. 4/5. Music is awesome :D

Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 2

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Aug. 17, 2013

Rating: 0

If you are a decent player and want the medium badge, choose the shortest song, not the first one cause it's so slow that it'll make you mess up

Save the Moon

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Aug. 14, 2013

Rating: 4

is it me or is this game a little too..... cheesy?

MC2 : Burning Skies

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Aug. 13, 2013

Rating: 2

tactics: get the homing missiles/cluster, higher capacity wings, heavy plating, light bullet proof cockpit, Vulcan/Hellfire Cannon. When fighting mini bosses, always go to the area they hit least, use the homing missiles/cluster and focus on dodging. Don't even look at the enemy's health.

Swords & Potions 2

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Aug. 02, 2013

Rating: 3

We miss the haggle button and there needs to be more events to excite the world. + if you agree

The Bravest Hunter

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Jul. 14, 2013

Rating: 2

it is a little bit too slow

Clash of the Dragons

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Jul. 14, 2013

Rating: 21

how about an upgrade for how fast energy is replenished? I'm sure everyone would give the game a + for that


Play Halo

Jul. 11, 2013

Rating: 2

this is really too quick of a game. Animations need work. Bugs such as no respawn need to be fixed. More different kinds of monsters and don't just have us go out in a bang in an explosion or give us unlimited ammo and speed. That's way too extreme.


Play JellyGo!

Jul. 03, 2013

Rating: 3

awesome! took me hours an hours to complete and I wouldn't mind doing it again. for players that are struggling: conserve and defend or Blitzkrieg tactics determine the winner. For instance, you could be waiting and building up while the other two opponents fight each other or concentrating all forces on one spot and then running through the towers to one of the opponent's jellies and then using that force to wipe out as many as possible.

Robot Rising

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Mar. 31, 2013

Rating: 1

I have to say that the "session is expired" comes up way too often, even when i'm in the middle of playing. i haven't gotten far enough to know whether you can expand the building space since I had to keep refreshing but that should be something that you might want to put in if you haven't already.

Super Duck Punch!

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Mar. 31, 2013

Rating: 1

next time you should do Kung Fu Master :D