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Play Kana Warrior / かなウォリアー Kana Warrior / かなウォリアー Feb. 09, 2015
If you ever wanted to further develop this project, I think it would be amazing if, when you shoot the symbol, the person says "ku!" or "sa!" (for example) to help learn pronunciation. Great learning tool and certainly helps in remembering the characters.
Play Slimey's Quest Slimey's Quest Dec. 21, 2014
Innovative game! Good job!
Play Save the Earth! - The Incremental - Save the Earth! - The Incremental - Nov. 02, 2014
Mouse circumference upgrade?
Play Back to Zombieland Back to Zombieland Oct. 26, 2014
I really wish it had the keyboard controls, especially the option for "space" as jump rather than mouse.
Play Lexicopolis: A-B-City Lexicopolis: A-B-City Jun. 26, 2014
I'd like to see the name of the building I built when I scroll over it. Just a little text at the top, to know what you built, would be a nice addition for city planning. It'd also be cool to have a list of all the buildings you unlock. Wonderfully fun game.
Play Idleplex Idleplex Feb. 23, 2014
A "harvest all" button for the garden would be really nice, I don't like going and clicking individual ones over and over again.
Admin response from jmtb02

Cool, will think about writing an upgrade to do this for you. Thanks!

Play BloodRealm BloodRealm Feb. 11, 2014
Actually found the game challenging and enjoyable, one of the few card games I enjoyed. I thought having it based on myths was neat, and I liked the art. However, the settings only have two options to change - music and sound - and I wish I could change the resolution lower because it lags hard on my computer.
Play Deep Sea Hunter 2 Deep Sea Hunter 2 Jan. 10, 2014
Quite like the descriptions of the creatures, especially the blobfish. Wish moving in overmap was quicker and had markers for longitude and latitude for direction-challenged people like me. Loved that you could see the upgrades whilst playing. Writing needs to be edited (punctuation was especially off), but the message was very nice and often humorous. Good game, I hope to see more!
Play Bit Battles Bit Battles Oct. 21, 2013
Really love this game. Remember that the objective is seemingly to push yourself to the enemy boundaries, and that push is VERY important! I kept a mostly balanced upgrade, but mostly focused on attack and push. Really fantastic game, I hope to see a longer and more complex version I can spend all my time on someday!
Play Band Of Heroes Band Of Heroes Feb. 16, 2013
I love that you can exit a level and get XP for what you did so far! That is an awesome feature!!
Play Band Of Heroes Band Of Heroes Feb. 16, 2013
A very enjoyable game certainly! A few things that would make this game (or rather, a sequel to it..?) even more fun: Shorter levels and more of them! I wasn't fond of grinding for XP on long levels, I found myself kind of glazing over. It would also be nice to have some of the skills you buy for the characters be passive (and usable when the character is not selected): like Selene's reviving power. Still a great game, 5/5!
Play The Day The Day Feb. 15, 2013
Weir, your games are always so fantastic.
Play Beloved Beloved Feb. 15, 2013
Great game, and good for you for responding to so many comments! You wonderful dev, you.
Play Shameless clone 2 Shameless clone 2 Nov. 29, 2012
Although I had problems with the space activation (I had to press the game to get it to recognize or something?), and collecting coins was annoying at first, I really enjoyed this game. My method was increasing magnet and amt of shots first, and continuing to upgrade them til max, but adding a little damage and rapidity of shots on the way. Something else that was kind of lame was the Cactus guy, since it feels like you're always getting the shield anyways, so his "big shot" was kind of a disappointment - especially since you move to the center and miss some of your items on the way! Only thing that I think I'd change about the money system is turning off the coins after you get all upgrades, but it isn't necessary. I still rated 5/5! I love the design and fast paced shooter environment.
Play mini Tower Defence (mTD) mini Tower Defence (mTD) Aug. 24, 2012
I am quite frankly really enjoying this game. Here's a few tips: Once you get past a few levels, retry the first and get expert. Rinse and repeat. Upgrade points. Upgrade whatever. Continue this cycle - a few levels, another expert. Just use the basic tower for it, it's really a very good tower. Just upgrade and send waves coming. Once you get a really good hang of it, increase your starting money to whatever you need to get the super tower. Use the super tower. Sit back and relax. Send waves early. Expert earlier waves. Upgrade points rolling in.
Play Fixation Fixation Apr. 26, 2012
At the last level, although I thought it was going to be that way, my heart froze and I just stared. I almost cried just because it...fits.
Play You Are The Road - Molyjam 2012 You Are The Road - Molyjam 2012 Apr. 06, 2012
At first, this game was just about car slaughter. Certainly I obliged at first, but the 3rd time, I noticed him. The red car. He was determined, energetic – so full of life. I began to make the path easier so Red could persevere. And he did, growing more confident and assured – “look what I can do, Road! I can do this! Let me show you!” And I was proud. I am proud... The first time it happened, Magenta just edged Red off a bit. “HEY”, I exclaimed, but I am just the road, how could they hear? Red started to feel worried – alone. I started to feel alone. I missed Red. So I continued to make the path easier and anxiously waited for Red to catch up. He did. I rejoiced as I saw a confident Red on my pavement again. Then Magenta returned. I will never forget it. I swear on my flesh and stone, Magenta rammed Red off the road. Red combusted. If concrete could cry, it would. I tried to believe that Blue was just as good, an unsung hero –but it wasn’t the same. I’ll miss you, Red. I’ll miss you.
Play Nuclear Justice 2084 Nuclear Justice 2084 Apr. 03, 2012
A fairly fun game as always from Berzerk, but the upgrades are boring and minimal, and the keys don’t always hit the enemy (as in, it’s a little out of line, if that makes any sense). Also, “strength” was misspelled as “strenght” – although the font makes it a little difficult to tell anyways, but I don’t really have a complaint about the font. I would like to see the games be a little bit more revised and polished up, but otherwise, a good job.
Play Memohuntress Memohuntress Mar. 08, 2012
I cried. I did. Just a little bit. Starting with our friend helping us - mainly because of the wounds - and then right after with the parents. I like the ranking system you have based on hints. I was so glad this wasn't timed. My only complaint was how hard it'd be to find a few things just because you had to be at an EXACT location to find it. But still, it is a magnificent, beautiful game.
Developer response from SpikeVallentine

Wowsers. From here to there. Cool how you described point A to point B. Yeah! Didn't want to pressure people with a time limit! Want them to enjoy them selves and relax. Well you know, some items have multiple ways of seeing them. But yeah...that's how it is in real life too! You'll only see the secret treasure map by sticking your head in a dark cave.

Play The Fabulous Screech The Fabulous Screech Feb. 22, 2012
Yet again, a beautiful, amazing game. I love these so much. It took a lot for me not to cry. I was so excited when I saw you came out with another game - and rightfully so. It is incredible, poignant, and darling. I love the little details that is in everything, the titles of all the books, the naughty flowers, everything. I'm again amazed by the love that this game can install into you. Thank you, very very much. <: