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Play Arkandian Revenant Arkandian Revenant Aug. 27, 2011
My old game data got erased. Is there anything that can be done?
Play Arkandian Crusade Arkandian Crusade Aug. 27, 2011
My save got wiped. I had all the achievements. Can anything be done?
Play Killing aliens Killing aliens Jul. 31, 2011
5/5. my only complaint is it is too realistic
Play Music Catch 2 Music Catch 2 Mar. 27, 2011
To get the hard badge you have to do 2 things. First the settings have to be right. (1) Shapes - Abstract (2) Pattern - Straight (3) Motion - Fixed. However the second thing you have to do no one has mentioned. You must get the flashing colored powerup (which changes everything to yellow notes) EARLY on in the game. The cut off is about 20-25% thru the song. If you havent gotten it by then, restart. Please rate up so people dont get frustrated they cant get enough points.
Play Tower Attack. Tower Attack. Oct. 21, 2009
i beat it, kinda cool idea
Play GemCraft chapter 0 GemCraft chapter 0 May. 25, 2009
GRIND GRIND GRIND GRIND.... Fun then kinda fun then annoying then frustrating then wtf... are they serious?
Play Pirate Defense Pirate Defense May. 15, 2009
I like the song
Play Frontline Defense First Assault Frontline Defense First Assault Apr. 16, 2009
this is impossible
Play The Great Siege The Great Siege Apr. 11, 2009
You cant mute sound unless your in campaign, you need to change that
Play The Great Siege The Great Siege Apr. 10, 2009
Play me and the key me and the key Apr. 10, 2009
decent, what do i do on 19?
Play Fantasy Kommander Fantasy Kommander Apr. 07, 2009
Sign if you think this game should have achievements: Pacaholic, Bently12349, Area467
Play Orbital Decay Orbital Decay Apr. 06, 2009
15th! I like it except the ship looks ugly, they need badges ASAP, dont wanna waste time playing if they are gonna make badges
Play Perfect Balance: Playground Perfect Balance: Playground Mar. 23, 2009
too many pieces
Play Dinowaurs Dinowaurs Mar. 11, 2009
games take a long time...
Play Music Catch 2 Music Catch 2 Mar. 11, 2009
B E A utiful
Play Jigsaw Deluxe Jigsaw Deluxe Mar. 08, 2009
i hate jigsaw puzzles, they are boring. U made it somewhat enjoyable though so good job 5/5
Play Bible Fight Bible Fight Mar. 06, 2009
3/5. I also find this game to be offensive and undeserving of badges. HOWEVER, I find it HILARIOUS when "Christians" go off on the game cussing up a storm in anger... rofl? also i find it funny when people like frogz694 say stupid things like "all great games are ignored." Don't both of you type of people understand how much credibility you all lose when you speak that way? Calm down and post a thoughtful and intelligible post please...