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Play Castaway 2 Castaway 2 Jul. 24, 2014
Also while I'm asking questions and sorry for the double post but: if I'm wearing equipment that increases my MAG by a total of 12 - shouldn't that INCREASE THE SPEED AT WHICH I REGAIN MANA NOTICEABLY? - I mean come on I just about doubled my mag (as I don't use it that often) by changing my equipment - shouldn't I almost double the speed at which I regain mana too?
Play Castaway 2 Castaway 2 Jul. 24, 2014
Question: Mag increases Magic power right? So why are the healing spells based of of: a straight number (20) a set number (50%+ whatever) and a number set on what your wearing (def) - NONE of that skill tree cares about your mag. skill what so ever... Please fix that somewhat so that a MAGE can have USE in those skills...
Play StrikeForce Kitty StrikeForce Kitty Jul. 05, 2014
@ chuck: nyan cat +waka waka (pac man) head - that's why (oh my god... 60 HP tank with double shot and five square fish absorption...)
Play StrikeForce Kitty StrikeForce Kitty Jul. 05, 2014
ok: if you manage to kill the boss before your melee characters attack the boss at least one your melee characters die for no reason... also If you pause the game after you kill foxbowser and his ghost starts chasing you but before the game gives you control you'll lose your lead character... PLEASE fix the glitches...
Play StrikeForce Kitty StrikeForce Kitty Jul. 04, 2014
@BWD777: You need ~ 50 total stamina to finish the game... keep this in mind:
Play StrikeForce Kitty StrikeForce Kitty Jun. 29, 2014
I'm having lots of lag when I update stats: probably due to oversaving, maybe one save when I click the start button to aliviate that (and prevent me from spending points that I didn't want to spend)
Play Nether Runner Nether Runner Jun. 07, 2014
@Idiott I should have SOME option to reduce graphics to improve quality... also the problem is NOT my computer/connection when I can play LOL without lag...
Play Nether Runner Nether Runner Jun. 07, 2014
I was going to give this game a 4/5 - but I'm giving it a 3/5 until it fixes all the lag - or at least gives us a graphics option to make the lag not so hard: I've lost more lifes to so much lag spike that my controls stop working for a second than to anything else...
Play Nether Runner Nether Runner Jun. 07, 2014
too much lag...
Play Pirate Defense Pirate Defense May. 20, 2014
Is it sad I come to this game to play a defense - but stay for the song?
Play Suck My Card Suck My Card Apr. 22, 2014
quick problem - starting a game that gets zero people in it should not cost coins...
Play Suck My Card Suck My Card Apr. 22, 2014
name needs edited... but... I like this so far
Play Turbo Golf Turbo Golf Apr. 19, 2014
the most annoying part of the game: the fact that the greens are so dang small - if you are near the green but not ON the green the shots become near impossible to land ONTO the green...
Play Epic Boss Fighter Epic Boss Fighter Apr. 07, 2014
I only have one complaint: the droids paths around you is just a bit too loose - far too often they miss what I'm aiming at/take damage for something I easily avoided/not block because they are too far away. Just tighten that up about 10-20 pixels and I'll give this game a 10/10 - for now 9/10 and I round up on stars
Play How Dare You How Dare You Apr. 07, 2014
(sorry for double post) two issues: 1: in first area dieing causes you to paint in mid air for no reason while cat person pushes button, 2: ending invincible rush on a saw blade happens way too often... a second of no hazards spawning in so I can handle them when they do spawn in would be nice.
Play How Dare You How Dare You Apr. 07, 2014
*finishes game* some people never learn...
Play Lightbot 2.0 Lightbot 2.0 Apr. 05, 2014
calling F2 while in F2 for the lols
Play Learn to Fly Idle Learn to Fly Idle Mar. 22, 2014
Question: Why is earth the only mass that has gravity? See Newton's second law as well as law of gravity and most of these targets should be much easier to hit with less power.
Play Running Fred Running Fred Feb. 23, 2014
"to use your afterburner shake your device once" - uhhh shaking my pc does absolutely nothing :(
Play Freeway Fury 2 Freeway Fury 2 Feb. 23, 2014
just a question: how is a car not being operated by anyone come to a complete stop before a car that is being operated by someone comes to a stop? do cars have auto "someone got out stomp on the breaks" breaks?