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Play Sky Quest Sky Quest Jun. 18, 2015
For those of you complaining about the game being grindy: For the first few levels you should aim for roughly 5 points into MP Plus (5 points total) 5 points into fireball and 7 points into homing missle (You should be roughly level 13 at this point - skill points are fairly easy to come by) - Use alternate routes as your friends: go as far as you can before going back to the main route and clearing it - buy some stuff and you should be able to come back to the alternate route to finish it off. As soon as you hit level 20 reset your points and put as many ranks into item spawn rate as you can - if you followed my first set of instructions the main quest should be easy enough for you to clear. as soon as you hit level 25 same thing for gold - level 30 - your going to want a high item spawn rate AND a high rare item rate as the rare items will often be better than you own...
Play Sky Quest Sky Quest Jun. 18, 2015
COME ON! I perfected the second boss (as in no damage to me OR my ship what so ever destroying every enemy) And I don't get a piece of gold or 1 xp because Wardrake 1 hit kos me? (that extra ship slot isn't that useful without money to buy things with) now come on!
Play Help the Hero Help the Hero Jun. 11, 2015
Range is BY FAR the weakest thing - heres why. If you have 2 shotguns (which bye the way take up more space than ANYTHING ELSE IN THE GAME) one with 5 shots - the other with 6 shots that increases your range by a total of 3 points... 2 of the large potions that take up 7 squares (14 total) is enough to max out your magic gauge - a couple of breastplates taking 7 squares (14 sub - 28 total) is enough to max out your defense a handful of swords taking up 14 squares is usually enough to max out your attack...
Play Earn to Die 2: Exodus Earn to Die 2: Exodus Jun. 02, 2015
oh god - you can't use the old vehicle over the 'upgraded' vehicle while your still upgrading the 'upgraded' vehicle so it matches your OLD ONE? 3/5 - 4/5 if you fix this...
Play Epic Boss Fighter 2 Epic Boss Fighter 2 May. 10, 2015
can someone please explain to me why the color of the orb I'm holding effects my droid's ability to harm mister bubble brain... also why does the color of the orb I'm holding affect my shots to affect or not affect bubble brain?
Play Knightmare Tower Knightmare Tower Apr. 28, 2015
anyone else think that "faster than the speed of light" needs to be a hard achievement?
Play Knightmare Tower Knightmare Tower Apr. 28, 2015
err... I feel into the lava the EXACT moment my rocket came up to break through a wall... now wierd stuff is happening ...
Play Bush Whacker 2 Bush Whacker 2 Apr. 25, 2015
@ superdup23 - the red x on the upper right hand of the mini-window
Play Frozen Islands Frozen Islands Apr. 15, 2015
also you forgot the 'H' in "unter"
Play Frozen Islands Frozen Islands Apr. 15, 2015
quick question: why isn't there a actual description of what each unit DOES - I mean sure the individual things are there but...
Play Decision 2 Decision 2 Apr. 10, 2015
@shadree: You have a few options #1 straight on combat keep in mind to A: Avoid the boss till the very end unless you have cleared out a cubby for you to fall back into so that you can fight the boss on YOUR terms. B: CLEAN OUT A CUBBY - you may have to run to it multiple times... #2: Clean out other areas - eventually the high danger zone will attack - and while that will increase the danger in another zone regardless of how many bad guys you kill it will ALWAYS decrease the danger in the attacking zone - use this to clear out some overgrown zombies
Play Decision 2 Decision 2 Apr. 10, 2015
Glitch time: If you cause a large enough explosion that BARELY kills you what will end up happening is that the game will go red but your softlocked...
Play Bush Whacker 2 Bush Whacker 2 Apr. 08, 2015
It gets better when you level up Desmer
Play Bush Whacker 2 Bush Whacker 2 Apr. 05, 2015
@zebriPro: Just add everyone in the bushwhacker chat... send them a request - people will likely auto-accept - vwa la you have lots of active friends
Play Bush Whacker 2 Bush Whacker 2 Mar. 31, 2015
@Abid_786 There is a way to (WARNING THIS IS PERMANENT) get rid of an item in your inventory for the ranch. 1. Go into your house 2. while standing in your house place an item you don't want to see again OUTSIDE walls of house. The game places the item in your house in the field (which is a space which doesn't exist) as there is no ranch reset... that item is gone
Play Freeway Fury 3 Freeway Fury 3 Mar. 25, 2015
I felt like jumping up and left or up and right was kind of hit or miss... sometimes it did what you were trying to do and sometimes you were about 45% from your intended destination... causing you to fall and crash and not want to try to jump at an angle...
Play Bush Whacker 2 Bush Whacker 2 Mar. 17, 2015
PEOPLE: This game is rated 3.64 out of 5 with 3,908,341 plays (although I don't know how many of those rated the game) Do you think that a basic energy game with pay walls would get close to 4/5? No? maybe there's something your missing about this game...
Play Family Rush Family Rush Mar. 10, 2015
A few quality of life enhancements: 1 - there is a certain area about halfway after saving grandma where every single time 6 spiders come out and the very next wave is 2 more spiders and an octipus with other stuff... the problem I have is that whenever the first wave comes it almost is always bunched up over one person and that person is more or less dead after wave one regardless of what I do - then wave 2 finishes off the other guy simply because I lack the amunition to fend off 8-9 spiders in a row... And all the other aerial stuff that usually comes at this time. 2 Grandma does not even come close to doing enough damage with that painfully slow cat which tends not to hit bouncing enemies - also it misses a good portion of the time due to bouncing... 3: It can be a bit difficult to aim for some of the smaller flying enimies - I get their small but the anti air rocket seems to have trouble with them?
Play Bush Whacker 2 Bush Whacker 2 Mar. 03, 2015
oh - nvm he can be things other than gold too... (ty pagas)
Play Bush Whacker 2 Bush Whacker 2 Mar. 03, 2015
@rubberman61888 Especially when they made the pet a gold pet "We are remembering Leonard Nemroy with a quest that gives people the WORST type of pet there is..."