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Play Deep Sea Hunter Deep Sea Hunter Apr. 09, 2014
Hmm...Since I'm a snorkeler, I like this game.5/5. :D Amazing.I'd like it very much if this was like an online multiplayer game or you know..never-ending type.
Play Galaxy Online Galaxy Online Mar. 26, 2014
Please, Increase the percentage of getting a commander card from the lucky wheel. + So IGG can see this.
Play Galaxy Online Galaxy Online Mar. 24, 2014
@Shin_Violator, I'm 68, And I also can't do lvl 6 humaroids.I can only do up to 3.
Play Galaxy Online Galaxy Online Feb. 25, 2014
IGG.Plan on fixing this bullshit.This has been happening for like 3 days now.It's annoying so phucking fix it!I'm not patient enough to wait another year.
Play Galaxy Online Galaxy Online Feb. 24, 2014
wtf?My game isn't loading.It's always stuck on 100%.What the hell?
Play Galaxy Online Galaxy Online Feb. 03, 2014
Sometimes I even forget to English because of the OPness. :P
Play Galaxy Online Galaxy Online Feb. 03, 2014
@Excaliber,No.Don't be ridiculous,If there is a chuck norris divine,It wouldn't be fair.Because,For example,A player might be jealous because someone else has that card,It won't be easy for everyone to get the same card.But that's also the way it's supposed to be.But putting in a divine that OP,It's just not acceptable.It will only start problems.And there is a possibility the GO2 players might stop playing the game just because of one single card being added to the game.In other words,There are people who are unfairly strong.And just because of them,Sometimes the owner of the game has to make changes.Just because of a single player.After all,because of Shaq the NBA Basketballer the No Charge area was made.
Play Galaxy Online Galaxy Online Feb. 02, 2014
@shockwave443.Insult your self.Not others.I know I'm a developer,But I don't give a single shit about what people say at me.Take it this way,Making games and uploading them is called being a nice person.Unlike you.There is a high possibility you could be jealous because IGG's games are better.
Play Galaxy Online Galaxy Online Jan. 24, 2014
@BlueWolf7, You don't know how to play this,Then leave.
Play 3D Car Racing 3D Car Racing Dec. 29, 2013
Holy crap...the last comment was on jan 21 2013...
Play Galaxy Online Galaxy Online Dec. 20, 2013
@28934, shut the hell up. IGG,Don't stop.keep going.
Play Red Ball Red Ball Dec. 17, 2013
@Nathen1233, Not the rap god.but some other eminem. :P And,Nobody cares.
Play CS Portable CS Portable Dec. 16, 2013
@UBD, Oh is it brother? :P i just noticed.
Play Idle Mine Idle Mine Dec. 10, 2013
Blacksmith: aah...umm...I'm sorry,i made nothing but a boatload of duds. D: i hope you don't mind. Me:don't mind?sure.I SPENT HALF A HOUR CLICKING CLAY AND ROCKS!I RAGED SO MUCH I AM NOW THE SECOND PEWDIEPIE!! Blacksmith:oh sorry.. D: don't be rude! Me:why don't you start giving me pick axes more often?then i will be nice! Blacksmith:but there is no pick in the stock.. ._. Me: *rage dances* Brboopojbijsojgoisj!i don't know what i said!
Play Island Escape Island Escape Dec. 05, 2013
If I was able to download this game,that would be great.
Play Island Escape Island Escape Dec. 05, 2013
@mrghostfreak,this is not minecraft to fly..i am also a minecraft fan.but.,it would be awesome if there was a download link.
Play Galaxy Online Galaxy Online Dec. 02, 2013
how do I kiss in this game?
Play Galaxy Online Galaxy Online Jun. 04, 2013
Don't know how to use a loud speaker?Then don't use 'em!
Play Basket Ball 'A New Challenge' Basket Ball 'A New Challenge' May. 01, 2013
Play Sports Heads: Basketball Sports Heads: Basketball Apr. 30, 2013
This game......A fitting game for me =D