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Level Up!

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Dec. 13, 2009

Rating: 0


99 Bricks: the Legend of Garry

Play 99 Bricks: the Legend of Garry

Sep. 03, 2009

Rating: 0

Well, this is frustating. I have completed 19 cities and now the game refuses to load. Not funny.

Turn Based Battle!

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Aug. 20, 2009

Rating: 0

That was funny. Reading comments of people who don't understand the game makes me lose my faith on the human race.


Play Castlewars

Aug. 05, 2009

Rating: 0

It sucks when you're about to win and the other player quits. I sometimes forget that there is a lot of children here. Please be adult.

Splitter 2

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Aug. 01, 2009

Rating: 0

I find this version less challenging than the first one, but it's still enjoyable.

GUNROX: Superstar Bodyguard

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Jul. 17, 2009

Rating: 5

I completed it in the first try, it's too easy. Have the upgrades of the weapons any effect?


Play MoneySeize

Jul. 06, 2009

Rating: 0

I join to the comments regarding the double jump without clicking the button twice. But the game is great.

Heavy Weapons

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Jun. 04, 2009

Rating: 0

I just discover that you can swap weapons with space. That is a huge improvement, it should be on the instructions.

Heavy Weapons

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Jun. 04, 2009

Rating: 0

It's annoying that when I use the mouse scroll button the screen moves up and down. And when you are surrounded by enemies is too difficult to change weapons.

Raider: Episode 1

Play Raider: Episode 1

May. 29, 2009

Rating: 0

Where are the relics? I just can find two of them.

Meeblings 2

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May. 28, 2009

Rating: 0

I finished it but I feel like it's not so good as the first one, maybe because it's not original anymore. Great game anyway.


Play Splitter

May. 12, 2009

Rating: 0

I have to solve all the levels twice to get the hard badge. That, and some other ugs already commented, makes this game annoying.

Exorbis 2

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Apr. 03, 2009

Rating: 0

Great, all my progress lost. I will not bother in getting the hard badge.

Space Mutants FROM SPACE!

Play Space Mutants FROM SPACE!

Apr. 02, 2009

Rating: 0

Buggy. All maxed out and then black screen. Otherwise very fun.

Shopping Cart Hero

Play Shopping Cart Hero

Mar. 17, 2009

Rating: 0

LOL, I can't reach 600 distance but I already got the hard badge. Any tips?

Shopping Cart Hero

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Mar. 17, 2009

Rating: 0

1800 trick points – Note that this is NOT your total. Best so far: 1,797. Almost there.

StormWinds: The Lost Campaigns

Play StormWinds: The Lost Campaigns

Mar. 14, 2009

Rating: 0

Easy and a bit boring. A combination of the triple machine gun, mines and drones makes evreyone die very quickly.

Death vs. Monstars

Play Death vs. Monstars

Mar. 10, 2009

Rating: 0

I don't like controls, sorry.

Bible Fight

Play Bible Fight

Mar. 06, 2009

Rating: -4

I think the game, as a fight game, is very poor. I perfectly understand that catholics feel offended. cpasley, if you can't see their point, you are bad. Besides there are children playing games here, and I'm not sure that a game where you can choose Satan and beat Mary with the Child is appropiate. For all those reasons, 1/5 and flagged. Bad for Kongregate.

Globetrotter XL

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Feb. 28, 2009

Rating: 0

Are you kidding me? I can't even click on my own city because the map is too small. Add a zoom or something, as it is unplayable now.