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Game Comments
Play Quest Defense Quest Defense Dec. 11, 2013
too easy but I like it 4/5
Play Bit Battles Bit Battles Oct. 21, 2013
I need a magnifying glass to play this game 1/5
Play Crusade of Undead Crusade of Undead Mar. 13, 2013
when you finish the game (normal mode), game brokes and save game dead
Play Notebook Defense Notebook Defense Feb. 11, 2013
I lowered the rating from 4 to 2 because the save game problem, sorry :(
Play Wild Heroes Wild Heroes Jan. 26, 2013
This game is wonderful! The last boss is awesome! The game is underrated :( Thank you for this great game! 5/5
Developer response from Global_Pixel

We are so glad you like the game! thanks for your kind comments!

Play Dungelot Dungelot Dec. 11, 2012
infinite loading :( And I played dungelot at official home and after last patch save OUT. I'm downloading PC game at 4 KB/sec I rated this game 5/5 and favorite, but I'm unhappy (with the problems)
Play Click defense: green danger Click defense: green danger Dec. 02, 2012
Good game but short :)
Play Prison Bus Driver Prison Bus Driver Nov. 28, 2012
A 15 min game :S
Play Montezuma Treasures Montezuma Treasures Oct. 17, 2012
Play Party Politics Party Politics Sep. 14, 2012
Only 2 political options? 1/5
Play ElectroCombo ElectroCombo Aug. 28, 2012
No sound control (only mute/on), no scalable screen, no upgrade info, easy and short. It's a 3/5 but It will be 5/5
Play Wasted Colony Wasted Colony Jul. 23, 2012
Good Game! This game is underrated (It's a 4/5, I rate 5/5). But there are some problems: no sound control (only mute/on), no scalable screen (and small).
Play Legendary Heroes - Demo Legendary Heroes - Demo Jul. 06, 2012
DEMO!!!! 1/5 only 2 maps
Play Top Shot: The Game Top Shot: The Game Jul. 03, 2012
ONLY 20 CHALLENGES? This game is a fake?
Play JRPG Defense: Age of Sieges JRPG Defense: Age of Sieges Jun. 26, 2012
developer has cheated rate. He overrated game with multiple users...
Play Muddle Farm Muddle Farm Jun. 19, 2012
Nice Game! Do our investment on the tent/house reset everytime we close the window? Developer response from JunkiW blablabla joswan says that game resets house upgrades when you load game... Good game 5/5
Play Troops Tower Defense 2 Troops Tower Defense 2 May. 09, 2012
Where is fast speed button? Where is next wave button? Where is mute sound button? Good game but needs improvements ;)
Play Thats my dungeon! Thats my dungeon! Apr. 07, 2012
This is a 5/5 game. What are happening! :S
Play Kingdom Rush Kingdom Rush Dec. 24, 2011
Where is my save game!!! 1/5 :(
Play Zoo Builder Zoo Builder Dec. 17, 2011
15 levels complete with small bugs. 4/5