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Play Kingdom Rush Kingdom Rush Dec. 24, 2011
I left a comment, cuz itches love comments
Play Run 2 Run 2 Mar. 25, 2011
Impossible badge beat- one sitting, now excuse me i have to go do something productive apparently. a wonderful addition to the already great series, another simple concept carried out flawlessly. on a side note, the skates were much easier to control then running...
Play Fairy Cubes Online Fairy Cubes Online Dec. 22, 2010
yeah im not installing that stupid addon to play a game i should allready be able to
Play Divine Intervention Divine Intervention Dec. 16, 2010
well the shooting seriously sucks. it really wouldn't be that difficult of a game if you made the bullet paths hit, i died like 8 times before i realized you couldn't just aim at their heads, you had to actually click them.
Play Tentacle Wars Tentacle Wars Dec. 11, 2010
i dont see why people say 10 is hard... its actually really easy. all you have to do is go for the smaller bubble at the bottom, once you have that you can take the enemy bubble at the bottom, then the top one is easy.... as long as you dont go for the middle bubble, its pretty easy
Play Love Love Dec. 11, 2010
odd, it just started working, maybe it has to do with needing to click "see stats"
Play Love Love Dec. 11, 2010
the "four's company" and "spin me right round" badges are not working for me.
Play Love Love Dec. 03, 2010
i think its funny the theme of this is "dont be afraid to take risks for love" but what it actually says is "love makes you happy, but if you let people get too close to you, will will always get hurt."
Play Ray Ardent: Science Ninja Ray Ardent: Science Ninja Nov. 24, 2010
being able to turn off friction WILL make you able to run faster. Think about it, he is running, not sprinting. Runners don't sprint because it's very energy inefficient. However, if you sprinted all-out, then turned off the friction, you would be able to keep up that pace indefinitely with minimal amount of energy required. Therefore, being able to turn of friction will allow you to run faster, for longer. great game ^.^ 5 stars.
Play Demons Took My Daughter Demons Took My Daughter Nov. 22, 2010
two towers of powerblock/piercing blocks facing in makes all the levels easysause
Play Brain Waves Brain Waves Nov. 09, 2010
83% with a tracball
Play Monster Slayers Monster Slayers Oct. 09, 2010
easy easy easy easy easy easy easy.... WAY TOO EASY on bosses, here's what you do... click defend, go get sammich, eat sammich, come back and TADA you won
Play Sniper Assassin: Final Sniper Assassin: Final Oct. 09, 2010
one word ShortCicut... this pretty much says almost everything wrong with his game, so the guy pops out, finds you, aims, and fires, hits you one-shot, with a handgun.... i know you made some effort to build that map, but come on, adding an instadeath to a sniper game is just weak. why cant i shoot him before he hits me? its a level of skill required, and if i can do it that way, why not? also the way that when they go into "cover" they are invincible... if you go into cover from a sniper, make damn sure the top of your head is also covered, cuz they will shoot it off.
Play Craqua Craqua Sep. 12, 2010
"relaxed" and "shooter game" generally dont go in the same sentience, but i think in this case you really have something... its simple, fun to play, hard enough to keep your interest, yet easy enough not to make you too tense to enjoy it... 5/5
Play Don't Look Back Don't Look Back Sep. 03, 2010
its a great day in kong when you can play an inquisitively deep game, then quickly change to headshotting bunnys for an hour.
Play Reys Flash Tips #1 Reys Flash Tips #1 Sep. 02, 2010
oh good god i have heard this song before.... but i cant remember were Y.Y this is gonna piss me off all day
i really dont see why this is int he top 3, i mean its basically the same game no matter how you upgrade it. also once you get max missiles, it becomes "hold space bar to win" honestly, frantic or balloon tower deference is much better then this game.
Play Defense Hill Defense Hill Aug. 29, 2010
the minigun is so effing cheap... but other then that. AMAZING game, its quite interesting.
Play Solipskier Solipskier Aug. 27, 2010
nice to see S4 adds on this page. GO TO IT YOU NUBS! xD
Play Crash Test Launcher Crash Test Launcher Aug. 23, 2010
Baseball achevement is broken, i hit 10 baseball guys, in a single run (i counted) and still didnt get the achevement. Its annoying because i have gotten every other achevement