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Play De-nua De-nua Nov. 19, 2012
Awesome game! Gets insane after awhile. Very addictive! 5/5
Play Advancer Advancer Sep. 04, 2012
Impressive how much content and polish you fit into 48 hours. Nice work!
Play evolving evolving Sep. 04, 2012
Yeah the controls need work. Right now it is in a competition. As soon as the competition is over, I will work on all of the issues everyone has commented on.
Play evolving evolving Sep. 01, 2012
Since this game was made for a 48 hour competition, there are some major changes I want to make. I will update this game soon with some major changes. My comment is all sad and lonely, so please post comments and feedback after playing the game!
Play Mutagen Mutagen Aug. 28, 2012
Nice game. I like the upgrades/assimilation mechanic.
Play Psychiatric Evaluation Psychiatric Evaluation Aug. 28, 2012
wonderful game :)
Play The Brewer The Brewer Aug. 27, 2012
Pretty fun but I had a hard time on the third level between the two black beers. Nice work for the Ludum Dare Compo event!
Play Tiny Evolution Adventure Tiny Evolution Adventure Aug. 26, 2012
Nice! Enjoyed the music. Impressive amount of content for 48 hours. Have you ever played E.V.O. for Super Nintendo? Your game and that one share some similarities. If you have never played it give it a whirl. It is pretty cool. Hopefully I will find your game on the Ludum Dare site and I can rate it.
Developer response from AdventureIslands

Yes I have, loved that game! It was the inspiration behind this one. Glad you enjoyed my game! You don't need to look for it for long because there is a link in the game description.

Play Cream Knights Cream Knights Aug. 14, 2012
the game never loaded :( no image, no feedabck
Developer response from reveng3d

Ik, its in Beta, kong told me a mod has to approve it before it can be played.

Play Rick Roll'D Rick Roll'D Aug. 13, 2012
Play Straight Ballin Straight Ballin Aug. 13, 2012
Not sure if leaderboards is working, if not I will fix it as soon as possible! And I will be replacing the music with 8-bit awesomeness later this week.
Developer response from pjchardt

Leaderboards are working :)

Play nevermore3 nevermore3 Aug. 09, 2012
Very nice game. I really enjoy the subdued visuals. Ncce atmosphere. Now I need to check out the first 2 games.
Play Gravity Force 3 Gravity Force 3 May. 07, 2012
Nice concept. I like the graphics. Pretty tough game!
Play The Brick Maze The Brick Maze May. 02, 2012
Perhaps the greatest music track for a 2D game ever?!? Fun game, liked the smooth controls.