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Play Strikeforce Kitty 2 Strikeforce Kitty 2 Feb. 20, 2015
Uggh, too bad you can't edit comments. the convention is artifact-page-position. Hopefully it's not too confusing.
Play Strikeforce Kitty 2 Strikeforce Kitty 2 Feb. 20, 2015
Also, here's the outfits best used for the final boss and level 20, which assumes you use the matching artifact. Includes type, stats and ability just in case. Obviously there are a ton of other setups, but so you don't have to find it: 3-16-6 (M/R 32,30,31 Energy +8) 9-18-8 (R 40,32,33 Fish) 11-14-8 (R 42,33,35 Barrier) 12-10-7 (R 30,33,35 Teleport) 18-17-6 (M 24,31,29 Heal +3) [Technically any of the ones from page 17 will work, but the healing one is specifically for level 20] 20-20-8 (M 36,30,29 Crit 15%)
Play Strikeforce Kitty 2 Strikeforce Kitty 2 Feb. 20, 2015
Super outfit location and stats: 1-9-11 (R 22,23,23 Heal +2) 2-3-9 (M 17,19,19 Crit 5%) 3-16-6 (M/R 32,30,31 Energy +8) 3-16-10 (M 24,30,23 Invisible) 4-13-8 (R 27,25,29 Teleport) 5-19-1 (R ?,?,? Invisible) 6-9-9 (M 29,20,25 Teleport) 7-7-10 (M 17,18,14 Unlock) 8-6-7 (M 30,28,28 Barrier) 9-18-8 (R 40,32,33 Fish) 10-6-2 (M 31,22,31 Crit 7%) 11-14-8 (R 42,33,35 Barrier) 12-10-7 (R 30,33,35 Teleport) 13-12-8 (M 26,26,20 Teleport) 14-2-2 (M 19,19,16 Invisible) 15-9-8 (R 12,26,21 Power +4) 16-15-6 (M 37,22,19 Fish) 16-15-7 (M 28,28,25 Speed +8) 17-14-1 (M 24,31,29 Heal +2) 18-17-1 (M 30,38,30 Crit 12%) 18-17-2 (M 29,45,31 Energy +8) 18-17-4 (M 28,44,31 Speed +9) 18-17-5 (M 29,37,27 Speed +9) 18-17-6 (M 24,31,29 Heal +3) 18-17-7 (M 29,51,34 Teleport) 19-12-2 (R 25,26,26 Obstacle) 20-20-8 (M 36,30,29 Crit 15%) 21-7-5 (R 22,26,21 Crit 7%)
Play Champions of chaos Champions of chaos Mar. 22, 2014
I've been going to the wrong types of pet stores my whole life!
Play Once Upon A Life Once Upon A Life Mar. 02, 2014
@littlemanSMG You could try searching top comments since the answer is there :)
Play The Fancy Pants Adventures The Fancy Pants Adventures Oct. 19, 2013
Is the controls issues everyone talking about the sudden random decisions by the computer to move left when I'm pressing the right key? Or is that just my keys getting stuck?
Play Hedgehog Launch 2 Hedgehog Launch 2 Oct. 02, 2013
Easy way to hard badge: Day 1 - Chain as many platforms as possible. you don't need to go high, just stay alive long enough to make at least 1000. Buy Radar 2 and a rocket (or 2 if you have enough). Day 2 - Same strategy as day 1, but you need to come away with at least 5000. You'll want to but the second to last fuel and as many rockets as you can afford. The rest can be spent on fuel sucker, but it should be unnecessary. That's it! All you need is the Radar and fuel to keep moving up, while using the rockets as a back-up. You should be able to get to Mars with tons of fuel left even without a high level of Fuel Sucker.
Play Live Puzzle 2 Live Puzzle 2 Sep. 13, 2013
I can't find the hard mode. Where is it?
Play FPS-MAN FPS-MAN Mar. 13, 2013
I'm sure this might kill the whole point of this game, but if there could be some way for the radar provided could show ghosts. Still be scary as heck and impossible trying to get away from them, but it would at least provide you with the opportunity to avoid the oh i turned and died for no good reason. maybe have an item that can temporarily detect ghosts?
Play Shadow Snake 3 Shadow Snake 3 Mar. 03, 2013
Wow, it's nice to see that the developer reads people's feedback and made the correct adjustments. The game was fun but extremely tedious and now he made it just fun with the difficulty still intact.
Play Bearbarians Bearbarians Mar. 02, 2013
It's a bit glitchy. sometimes it says there are 63 stars in the game and sometimes there are only 60. right now i have 63/60. Also, as mentioned by everyone, serious balance issues. Potentially good game brought down by how broken it is :(
Play City Siege 2 City Siege 2 Sep. 17, 2012
Does this game just not save?
Play The End The End Aug. 06, 2012
This game works on Firefox...not Google Chrome.
Play 3 Slices 2 3 Slices 2 Jun. 23, 2012
oh and so you know, at least try first...i got to 1600% on my own until I finally gave in. I only needed help on one of the levels too, so I don't feel too bad >_>
Play 3 Slices 2 3 Slices 2 Jun. 23, 2012
Watching this really helps:
Play Bunny Flags Bunny Flags Jun. 09, 2012
They finally fixed it!!!! :D
Play Axon Axon May. 27, 2012
20 attempts on trackpad and my highest was 45k. Then i switched to a mouse...and 5 attempts later got the hard badge. Not sure if this was due to luck or the mouse, but it's definitely easier to just keep clicking on a mouse than trackpad. the game involves too much luck. i kept getting blue power ups near the red axons on my winning run.
Play Utopian Mining Utopian Mining May. 10, 2012
There is a balance issue as well as a possible bug. The bug is you can buy infinite Diamond Chasis upgrades (doesn't do anything for you but it lets you spend your money). The balance issue is with the level 5 of anything besides the chasis, especially the cooling liquid. They are just way too cheap because the jobs give you a ton of money and buying the final cooling liquid upgrade takes away any difficulty in the game. It would also have been cool to see enemies wondering around. Overall, I enjoyed the concept of the game with rebuilding a fallen city, but there was definitely a lot more potential.
Play Johnny Upgrade Johnny Upgrade May. 10, 2012
Overall, I enjoyed the game. I like how the game progresses nicely. Although, the only thing that kept me from giving it a perfect score was the fact that the boss only had one attack pattern. You should have tried to make it a bit more difficult to dodge his shots, perhaps by adding a gun after every 25% health was gone. Something that would have made the fight less boring. Otherwise, solid 4/5 game.
Play Pirateers Pirateers May. 08, 2012
A day in the Navy Officer: Hey look at all those pirates chasing the one little pirate ship, we need to destroy them all! Captain: No, let's just attack the little one too and leave all the other pirates alone. Me: WTF....they are pirates too, why is everyone picking on me???