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Play Infectonator: Hot Chase Infectonator: Hot Chase Jul. 02, 2014
Really disappointed. I guess seeing the infectionator name really got my hopes up.
Play Hippolyta Hippolyta Apr. 16, 2014
this game is just laggy and almost entirely unplayable for me. I've tried turning down the quality. it doesn't help
Play Fishy Waters Fishy Waters Apr. 16, 2014
game not loading for me. Just a black screen after the ad finishes.
Play Cursed Treasure 2 Cursed Treasure 2 Dec. 24, 2013
The weird thing is that I usually have better tower formations that let the enemies get less far when it's night time than during the day.
Play Frenzy Garage Frenzy Garage May. 15, 2013
An alright game. Reminds me of the Papa's _____ games. Could use some more upgrades, like the ability to automatically brew coffee, or simply keep it warm.
Play Pandemic 2 Pandemic 2 Feb. 15, 2013
So I somehow was able to infect everywhere in the world EXCEPT Greenland. Well, here we go again
Play Monster Legions Monster Legions Jan. 19, 2013
It would be nice if you could see the stats on the card the opponent is about to play
Play Bot Arena 3 Bot Arena 3 Dec. 07, 2012
Basically in agreement with all of the other comments here. I'd love either a pause function in order to micro the bots better, more options for the AI (a selector for the range you follow at would be awesome), or even the ability to control one through keyboard controls and the rest via the mouse.
Play Back to Alien Party Back to Alien Party Nov. 29, 2012
INCREDIBLY laggy. I only get like 2 or 3 frames per second when I get going fast. Makes the game unenjoyable. Add some sort of quality option, please.
Play Earn to Die 2012 Earn to Die 2012 Nov. 29, 2012
No unlimited mode??
Play Hungry Shapes 3 Hungry Shapes 3 Nov. 29, 2012
Great game. I'd like to see some sort of "Back to Main Menu" button on the level victory screen. Took me a little while to find it on the right hand side. Other than that, 5/5 so far!
Play Arkandian Explorer Arkandian Explorer Nov. 17, 2012
woo! first to get both the medium and easy badges!
Play Arkandian Explorer Arkandian Explorer Nov. 08, 2012
Why does luck cost 45 mana after the first casting??
Play Pandemic 2 Pandemic 2 Jul. 30, 2012
Ugh. Started in Madagascar, but Argentina closed up before I could get an infected there. Damn. there goes a good run.
NOOOOOO!!!! I got to the end ON day 50! CURSES!
Play Glean Glean Jul. 11, 2012
I have a weird bug that started recently. Now whenever I hover over the option to enter the shop, the option to teleport also comes up, no matter where I am. Instead of getting into the shop, I get teleported.
Play Wizard Walls Wizard Walls Jul. 02, 2012
It would be awesome if there was some indication that the wall was about to disappear, maybe a quick flash or a fade effect? Sometimes its hard to know exactly when a wall will go poof on you.
Play Kamikaze Pigs Kamikaze Pigs Jun. 23, 2012
Ok, I had beaten everything except for the secret big boss a week or so ago, but now I don't have a save file for some reason. I'm really not looking forward to doing all the levels again.
Play Storm the House 3 Storm the House 3 Jun. 22, 2012
Made it to 2 minutes, 1 second on zombie mode! hell yeah!
Play Endless Migration 2 DEMO Endless Migration 2 DEMO Jun. 13, 2012
It would be good if there was some indicator of exactly what bird type is the leader when you switch. I have a hard time telling between swans and the albatross. Also, maybe a better representation of what they look like in-game on the upgrade screen?