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Play Farmer Adventure Farmer Adventure Oct. 28, 2014
I don't mind the similarities to other games. Most idlers don't have a TON of innovation behind them. What ~does~ tick me off is the notion that you're going to release the game before it's even CLOSE to complete and expect people to "support" it. I supported it with 2/5 stars, because that's what this deserves. Either warn people that this is an alpha-build that's missing several key features, or don't put out 1/3rd of a completed game. Put the work in or stay home.
Play Little Warlock Little Warlock Oct. 27, 2014
The rate of payout on this thing reeks of yet another card game that's being made solely for the purpose of dry-humping dollars out of my wallet. On top of that, the game plays super slow, which kills the replay value of it, especially since one fight feels exactly the same as the next.
Developer response from StormPotion

There is an option in combat to double the speed. It would be very valuable to us if you could clarify what you mean by "the rate of payout in this thing reeks" ? Regardless, thanks for your opinions and feedback.

Play Mu Complex Mu Complex Oct. 26, 2014
This thing was crazy, crazy short, but it's the first time I've seen this whole "terminal" concept really work. The interface is nice and there's some promise here. But is this really all you could put into the game before releasing it? This was like playing the tutorial for a game... and then finding out that there's no game behind it.
Play A Day at the Library A Day at the Library Oct. 24, 2014
Good game. Very very short and simple though.
Play Time Gangsters Time Gangsters Oct. 23, 2014
The rate of growth in the early stages definitely needs to be accelerated. You've got to hook a player before they settle into the grind. Sitting here and clicking my butt off for a dollar at a time just isn't doing it for me. And 5 petty thieves in, I still can't rely on them to do squat. It'd take me until tomorrow to get the $100 for a petty thug.
Play Idle Conquest Idle Conquest Oct. 20, 2014
Timers would be nice. Especially for the longer waits like the cathedral. To give a sense of how long it'd take to get X out of them for us number crunchers.
Developer response from CodeRiftStudios

We are working on a form of timer display for a future update! Not sure at this point if we want to go with timers, or just display the gold/troops per second for various structures. What would you rather see? Thanks for the feedback!

Play Mining Truck Mining Truck Oct. 17, 2014
So the point of the game is to drive slow, basically? Yeah, very fun.
Play Sky Quest Sky Quest Oct. 16, 2014
Really really solid game. And the In-App purchasing options don't seem intrusive or obnoxious. I'll definitely give the dev that, they're fighting the good fight and taking care of the players here. So thumbs up for that.
Developer response from BerzerkStudio

Thanks a lot for that feedback! Means a lot to us :D. Cheers!

Play Idle Gems Idle Gems Oct. 15, 2014
redfenix99's observation is correct. Moreso, once the game transitions from emeralds to rubies, it goes off a complete and utter grind-cliff. Progression turns so slow, and the fact that clicking doesn't seem to grant XP and doesn't scale reasonably makes it useless later on.
Play Monster Slayer Monster Slayer Oct. 14, 2014
Also, the 500,000 upgrades that "make everyone better" improve your MDPS and GPS by about 2-3. Which means it'd only take 115 days for them to become "worth it" if you idled 24/7.
Play Monster Slayer Monster Slayer Oct. 14, 2014
Derrr... wtf do Turtles do? I have them now. And what's with the clowns? Like... I get that you want to do something original... but it's got to make sense. Still, I'm sitting here so you must be doing something right. Keep at it.
Play Career Career Oct. 10, 2014
Kind of disappointing. Is there anything better than Security guard right now? I'm 23 for crying out loud... I really like the concept however. I'm giving you 4/5 as incentive to keep going, because I think you have something here.
Developer response from igorcamp

Not yet. I created and published the game yesterday. More stuff coming next week! Thanks!!

Play The Racist Test The Racist Test Oct. 09, 2014
So this game taught me that black people are invincible.
Developer response from theybeadragon

A life lesson everyone must learn at some point...

Play Tyrant Unleashed Tyrant Unleashed Oct. 08, 2014
Such a P2W moneygrab that I've actually blocked it. I don't need these beggars crawling into my kongbox and wasting my time on their next attempt to dryhump the money out of my wallet.
Play Hook Hook Oct. 07, 2014
I just knew timing puzzles were coming. God, I hate timing puzzles. Still, original concept and nice execution so I'm not going to punish the game for my own spastic inadequacies. 4/5 stars
Play Mr. Splibox Mr. Splibox Sep. 25, 2014
I'm actually really surprised by how much I like this game. I didn't expect that much, but the mechanic is fresh and original as far as I've seen. Execution could be a tiny bit better in terms of tilting stacks and whatnot, but this is very good. 5/5
Play World of colors World of colors Sep. 25, 2014
Not a bad little time killer for a minute or so... but why on EARTH does this game have 4.4 stars right now? 1/5 just to balance out the fact that this thing is getting falsely inflated , probably by some form of cheating/manipulation.
Play Joker Babe Slot Joker Babe Slot Sep. 24, 2014
Payouts kind of suck too. Could be a much better game if any effort at all was put into it. Also, something tells me that these ladies haven't been informed that their pictures are being used for this purpose.
Play Joker Babe Slot Joker Babe Slot Sep. 24, 2014
Jokers aren't exactly jokers, are they? Joker, Joker, 7, 7, Joker ought to pay me, no?
Play Fun Simulator (V1) Fun Simulator (V1) Sep. 23, 2014
I just fell off the world. Twice. Falling off the world is not fun.
Developer response from xXCrazyCowXx1

thats why its "V1" in "V2" you can fall of the world 3 times! :D