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Play Make it Rain Make it Rain Aug. 15, 2014
So... five buckets full, getting $10 for 20 rain drops... nets me an upgrade... that gets me $20 for 40 raindrops. Double the work, double the reward. Except for the $50 in vested to make it take twice as long to dump a bucket. Not really rewarding my work. I stopped there.
Developer response from trollol333

There are different upgrades later. Also, bigger bucket makes you spend less time on going to the mill, which means you earn money quicker. Later there are upgrades like more water per waterdrop and more money per a point of water. I actually don't think anyone is gonna get the ending, so yeah. My next game is MUCH better, I swear!

Play Knightly Idle Knightly Idle Aug. 08, 2014
One big issue here. And I haven't refreshed in a while, so maybe others have noted it. Gear stats will maaaaajorly outpace the attack/defense upgrades, making them pretty useless later on.
Developer response from IceBrosGaming

Thank you for your feedback! We will look into making the upgrades more useful in the later game.

Play Nobody Said It Was Easy Nobody Said It Was Easy Aug. 01, 2014
You might lose a star for naming your game after a Coldplay lyric.
Play Starship Turret Operator Guy Starship Turret Operator Guy Jul. 28, 2014
Two Words: Frantic Frigates. I believe that's the game where your progress doesn't save, but you level and start with additional money which allows you to improve your progress over time. This game would go far with that sort of mechanic added.
Play Auto Turret Auto Turret Jul. 28, 2014
Also... sort of seems like the payout for killing enemies needs to be lifted somewhat substantially. In terms of making money, I don't much even worry about that as I'm making probably 95% of my income from the packet every 10 seconds as it stands.
Developer response from Supercluster

Thank you for your feedback! I increased amount of kill cash and increased cash production time. I also added commas to numbers.

Play Auto Turret Auto Turret Jul. 28, 2014
I'm actually really digging this game. One small improvement... commas. In the numbers. Would make it a lot easier to tell 75 million from 750 million.
Play Fantasy Online (Fan Remake) Fantasy Online (Fan Remake) Jul. 19, 2014
So uhh... how many of these tomatoes do I have to kill while dressed as a parrot before anything else happens? Did I mention that I can hit them, without a weapon, from across a full screen? Mind powers, I'm presuming? Also, I can literally walk through anything, on water, etc. I'm pretty sure I'm like... Jesus Christ the parrot. How did you know what I always wanted to be? 5/5 stars!!!!
Developer response from TitsOnAGoose

This is just a test for myself, basically... Nothing happens if you keep killing tomatoes, and yes, I removed the distance that you need to be from tomatoes to kill them.

Play Universo: Gaia Universo: Gaia Jul. 19, 2014
My dear sweet word. This has got to be the most pretentious piece of media that I've ever seen in my life. It's basically a bad self-help book written for, and being loved by people who weren't hugged enough (or were hugged too much) as children. Moreover, it's barely a game, as the mechanic used is basically worthless. Want proof? Don't read the stuff or listen to the music. Would you still play past about 5 levels before you moved on?
Play The Amazite The Amazite Jul. 14, 2014
Yeahhhh... had this game rated a lot higher before I noticed the description and comments about it being incomplete. Shame, because it's a really solid idler until you quickly run out of content and the fact that it doesn't save.
Play Idle Tree Idle Tree Jul. 10, 2014
On another side note... the game loses focus when you move off of it. Which isn't great for an idler. The more I play, the more I like it though. Good work.
Play Idle Tree Idle Tree Jul. 10, 2014
Oh shizzle.... just saw the other levels. So yeah.. there's stuff that happens when you idle. That just upped my rating for sure. But still, decimal point bug. Yeah.
Developer response from Jelnir

Thanks for the Feedback, the focus issue is a html5 issue if i'm right (might even be chrome related). The calculations keep running, you just don't see them happenning apparently. I will look into the decimal point bug

Play Idle Tree Idle Tree Jul. 10, 2014
Cool game... could use some idling features. As it stands, idling doesn't do anything.... which sort of makes it not an idler. Also, there's a weird number bug where it starts running 10+ decimal places on the bottom of the screen and you can't see how much $$ you have.
Play Glitch Lab Glitch Lab Jul. 07, 2014
Not sure why this game is only pulling 3 stars right now. This definitely ought to be in "hot new games" as it's quite good. I probably would have given 4/5 overall, but I upticked it to 5/5 to try and help correct some of the chronic underscoring that's going on.
Play My Friend Pedro My Friend Pedro Jun. 16, 2014
I just grew wings and killed a f---ing hipster!!!! 5/5!!!
Play Helinon Helinon Jun. 16, 2014
Magnet really needs to be always on, rather than a powerup... since the blips are practically invisible.
Play The Chronicles of the Aruna The Chronicles of the Aruna Jun. 12, 2014
When you start with "Like nothing else on the market" and continue with "Like Game of Thrones" we're probably talking about some kind of cash grab off the bat. That said, I couldn't even load it because it's not actually ON Kong. 1/5 and flagged just for the hell of it.
Developer response from defactor1

Cause it is. It is a game for people who do not want to spend their entire life in the rat race. It is not so effective and addictive as the other rat race oriented mmo games, however it's different and one of it's kind. We do understand 10-15% of players will be enough patient and smart to play it. In the COA you simply inscribe yourself for a contract or plan plots or deffence of your home castle.. Then you can go back to your normal life and continue another day... What we additionally have it is an autogenerated system so the game looks different day by day. Everyday you have new items and skills in the location shops.. We also work to make the Aruna first artificial living world, but we need few next months to accomplish it. All the best!

Play Arena Rush Arena Rush Jun. 09, 2014
Are these really "Upgrades"? I'm not getting better... the only thing being "upgraded" is the difficulty. Still, gets boring pretty fast.
Play Deep Sea Deep Sea Jun. 09, 2014
I dunno... I don't want to spoil the plot by getting into it... but something about that last twist at the end just wasn't particularly satisfying.
Play Timber Lorry Driver 2 Timber Lorry Driver 2 Jun. 04, 2014
Yeah, there is no way this is a legit 4-star game...
Play Minewall Minewall Jun. 02, 2014
Yeah, digging the concept... but the notion of playing for score giving the game replay value is misplaced. To keep this concept, but also improve the game, might I suggest a system similar to Frantic Frigates? Where each playthrough awards experience, and that experience levels you (and provides money at the start of a new game)... so while you lose your upgrades and start fresh each playthrough... you also make progress? That kind of thing would push players to keep trying to get further into the game.
Developer response from Atmist

Hi primeoffense, thanks for the awesome feedback. This kind of mechanism would require us to rethink some aspects of the upgrade system but it would definitely add a lot of replay value.