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Play Party Of Heroes Party Of Heroes Nov. 20, 2014
Hate the energy system. That's what's going to kill you here, to be completely honest. People aren't going to sit around and wait to play the game. They're going to go play another game... enjoy it, and forget about your thing. And this business with resources to build even early upgrades is also going to hold the game back, because players will always see it as a cash-grab. Do yourselves a favor, and look at what the devs at War of Omens have done with their game. They've incentivized spending money on the game without screwing players or putting up a pay-wall, and they've done just fine in terms of making money off of the game. This game's good, it looks good, it's satisfying to play... until you can't play any more. And then it's just boring. This is a 5/5 game that's getting 2/5 because of the implementation of a pay-wall between the player and actually playing the game.
Play Sports Bike Challenge Sports Bike Challenge Nov. 17, 2014
The hit boxes for other motorcycles are wayyy to big. And the fact that other bikes drive through the cars is kind of annoying.
Play Fisk Fisk Nov. 14, 2014
Could use a pause button. And a way to know what fish you're bigger than. Gets hard to decipher. Maybe a color change or a lighter/darker shade kind of thing.
Play Revenge Dojo Revenge Dojo Nov. 12, 2014
Yeah... replaying a stage because you did everything perfectly, collected every coin and still didn't have enough coins to pass the monk completely kills my buzz. Nice try, cute animations... and a miserable failure in spite of it. Get rid of the monk, let us use coins for upgrades that add depth to the game. Double-jump, longer sword, dodge % or armor that blocks a hit. Then you can make the staged a tad harder and you might have something. As it's constituted, this blows after about 4 minutes.
Play Monster Clicker Monster Clicker Nov. 12, 2014
Hey guys, great work on this game by the way. Reminds me of another one I saw where, instead of weapons, we were buying heros... but the layout and whatnot was similar. Still, a very very quality effort. Now for the suggestions. (1) Achievements based on # of a weapon bought. At say 25, 50, 100, 200, etc. is a pretty standard thing. (2) Of course, more enemies/terrains are always welcome. (3) Upgrades to the weapons themselves that boost the base dps or dpc that can be bought. (4) Maybe add spells or skills or some form of time-based, click-activated boosters that could be used for boss fights or to maximize cash-gain. You'd click it, or hotkey #1 and gain 200% gold for 20 seconds with a 5 minute cool-down. Or get 150% damage for 10 seconds with a 2 minute cooldown. That kind of thing. Would also give us something to do with our clicking once DPS sort of takes over, for when we're not idling.
Developer response from BJ_Interactive

Hey primeoffense! We really-really appreciate your feedback, let's break it down 1. Yeah we admit it's a pretty standard things in idle games, but it's no harm to implement it, so we decide to implement it anyway :), we consider it as a 'bonus' achievement, you can get it while chasing others things, also every achievement add points to your exp and gold multiplier bonus, which is nice things to get. 2 & 4. a new terrain and skills!! we will make a serious discussion about this 3. this will make a new balance system, but we will take a discussion about this, this actually pretty good idea. once again thank you! *bro fist*

Play Coinfall Coinfall Nov. 12, 2014
Very probably a scam. And honestly, not much of a game. Might want to fix the "Main Memu" button that pops up after completing a game.
Play Wall destoryer Wall destoryer Nov. 11, 2014
First off, using Chrome, the "wall" is just a tiny little pixel. Which makes the hit-area to click non-existent. That's a pretty big problem.
Developer response from AntonioS2740

Please trying zooming out or in the game. If that does not work, use a different browser. If using different browser does not work or it works but get really some problems, you might need to reinstall. It set things back.

Play Idle Mining Co. Idle Mining Co. Nov. 06, 2014
You cannot get anywhere in this game without watching the walkthrough video. If you play without viewing, you're just missing the point of the game entirely.
Developer response from GroZZleR

I think you're on to something here.

Play Papa's Freezeria Papa's Freezeria Nov. 06, 2014
Wow. I came here to point out that this was obviously stolen... and it won't even load. You failed at failure.
Play Grims Quest Grims Quest Nov. 06, 2014
Fight a Lannister, it says. It'll be fun, it says. So now Optimus Prime is a Lannister? F*** YOU OPTIMUS PRIME!!!
Developer response from KascasMage

Still not past your old nemesis eh? haha :)

Play Waiting hero Waiting hero Nov. 06, 2014
This thing's crashing my flash player.
Play Grims Quest Grims Quest Nov. 06, 2014
Wondering if the "upgrade" numbers on the city bosses are actually coming through rather than whatever their difficulty reward is. I dropped Batman (25) a couple of times and Ernie (15) in one playthrough and felt like I should have had like 65 points for that (plus other mobs) and I was farrrrrr short of it.
Developer response from KascasMage

They indeed give their difficulty reward. The upgrade number displays its strength :) Note that its strength will be multiplied by the difficulty as explained in the "enemies info".

Play Grims Quest Grims Quest Nov. 05, 2014
Haha, so... the number of times I've said "F**king Optimus Prime" today while playing this... has by far exceeded the number of times I've said the rest of my life.
Developer response from KascasMage

hahaha, when you see the orange battle screen without the buttons appearing for a little while, you know you're fked :)

Play Grims Quest Grims Quest Nov. 05, 2014
Great improvements to this game already. Can't wait to see where this is going. Gave you that 5th star like I promised! One thing though. Spending souls into teleport doesn't seem to save. Looks like it goes back to 1 after each life.
Developer response from KascasMage

hp pot and teleport are switched in 5.0 (for mouse, hotkey works fine) will be fixed in 5.1 Thx for the bug report and positive feedback! dont hesitate throwing all the bugs or negative things at me aswell! :)

Play Grims Quest Grims Quest Nov. 04, 2014
Okay, big thing here. Saving is crashing the game. And I can't load. Which is making me lose the drop I got and making me start over. For the second time. Using Chrome (v 35.0.1916.153) if that helps.
Developer response from KascasMage

Perhaps i shoudnt flush the savefile after every single statistic haha derp. Hope its fixed now, thanks for the submission

Play Grims Quest Grims Quest Nov. 04, 2014
Definitely has some potential here. Looks pretty deep. The buttons are pretty horrible, but I definitely like what I'm seeing. Gonna go 4/5 stars for now, while I mess around. You can get the other star when you clean things up, my man. Best of luck.
Developer response from KascasMage

Thanks for the feedback!

Play Zombo Buster Rising Zombo Buster Rising Nov. 03, 2014
Kind of sucks to absolutely ALWAYS feel like the worst member of my team. They get a sniper rifle and a rocket launcher... and I get a handgun that needs to be reloaded every 6 seconds even at max upgrades... that hits like a f*****g pea shooter.
Play Outside, there are 13 kids in spooky costumes Outside, there are 13 kids in spooky costumes Oct. 30, 2014
Holy jesus. This game is incredibly deep. There's so much more going on than I ever anticipated.
Play Farmer Adventure Farmer Adventure Oct. 28, 2014
I don't mind the similarities to other games. Most idlers don't have a TON of innovation behind them. What ~does~ tick me off is the notion that you're going to release the game before it's even CLOSE to complete and expect people to "support" it. I supported it with 2/5 stars, because that's what this deserves. Either warn people that this is an alpha-build that's missing several key features, or don't put out 1/3rd of a completed game. Put the work in or stay home.
Play Little Warlock Little Warlock Oct. 27, 2014
The rate of payout on this thing reeks of yet another card game that's being made solely for the purpose of dry-humping dollars out of my wallet. On top of that, the game plays super slow, which kills the replay value of it, especially since one fight feels exactly the same as the next.
Developer response from StormPotion

There is an option in combat to double the speed. It would be very valuable to us if you could clarify what you mean by "the rate of payout in this thing reeks" ? Regardless, thanks for your opinions and feedback.