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Play FlappyBird FlappyBird Apr. 23, 2014
Have you imbeciles noticed that there are 4,000 clones of the exact same game on this site... and that nobody is playing ANY of them? Just stop.
Play Infinite Dungeon Infinite Dungeon Apr. 22, 2014
Cool game. Would be pretty cool if you could add some kind of treasure chests in the dungeon levels for extra gear/money/potions that could then be used/sorted through/sold in town though. Just something extra to do.
Developer response from niastras

Thanks for the feedback, i will come back to this game at a later time and will implement more features

Play Work Clicker (Early Beta) Work Clicker (Early Beta) Apr. 21, 2014
I guess it's not technically a true "idler" because if I just idle, nothing happens. However, solid start to something. Needs some kind of idle function where I can leave the game alone and have money to spend. Needs some other kinds of upgrades as well, but all in all, a nice start and a good, clean, responsive interface. Gave you 3/5, and if you update, I'll bump it up based on what I see. :)
Developer response from PsyclonJohn

Idling will be coming soon (description mentions 100% click based), also if you have any feedback on what should be added, feel free to send me a message or comment some features :)

Play Flappy Bird Flappy Bird Apr. 21, 2014
Stop. Please just stop. Kongregate has 6,000,000 clones of this game already. There is absolutely no need for more of them. Make your own game, pretty please, with sugar on top.
Play Idle Growth Idle Growth Apr. 16, 2014
Shield ought to prevent my number from going down, no? As it stands... top number drops and bottom number drops... which sort of seems like shield does nothing.
Developer response from h3ndy

The Shield acts like extra health. Basically, over the course of a fight the enemy takes the whole shield as damage. I played around with the idea that the shield could block the whole damage the enemy causes, but since it doesn't grow (the enemy grows while combat), it just delayed the fight.

Play End of Days End of Days Apr. 16, 2014
Looks pretty solid to me. You could definitely do something with it. However, I was able to walk out of the enclosure pretty easily at one part where the mountains are low. Which got me outside of the built area.
Developer response from 2StupidGames

Yeah haha....I dident put too much polish into this. I do have a long way to go till i start making serious stuff with this as im still learning programming and unsing the Unity3D engine. If you want to try out something playable, I am developing another game (Its already on Kongregate in Alpha state) Wich i think is quite playable, Updates to come soon ;)

Play War of Omens War of Omens Apr. 15, 2014
Far and away, the most frustrating aspect of this game is the cpu's very tenuous grip on the rules of it.
Play Biker in Paradise Biker in Paradise Apr. 14, 2014
This game is unplayably bad.
Play Pinwheel Pinwheel Apr. 11, 2014
I don't lag. And I think it's a very interesting game with a lot of potential... but it needs more of a sense of direction to it, some purpose. Some goals, rather than an open-ended trek. And something to do with the coins that's more compelling that just changing a backdrop.
Developer response from yogert96

WIP my friend, hopefully more can come in the future.

Play Shadow Era Shadow Era Mar. 28, 2014
All the server criticisms and whatnot aside, this game is slow and dull. I'd honestly rather beat off with a brillo pad than try to tediously knock 29 life from some non-distinct 'shadow warrior' dbag.
Play Puzzling Rush Puzzling Rush Mar. 26, 2014
Yeah, would really LOVE to know what these upgrades are doing for me.
Play Papa's Wingeria Papa's Wingeria Mar. 05, 2014
Play Flappy Duck Flappy Duck Mar. 05, 2014
Jesus... please. Stop with the f***ing "flappy" games. You're not going to make any money. You're just not, because there are 10-f***ing million of them.
Play Papa's Wingeria Papa's Wingeria Mar. 05, 2014
Wow... stolen and removed?
Play Paper Doors Escape Paper Doors Escape Feb. 03, 2014
Cute puzzles, needs more. 3/5
Play Infinite Ideas Infinite Ideas Jan. 31, 2014
Not seeing any point to this at all.
Developer response from Cade642

Is there really a point in any video game?

Play Fishing With Guns Fishing With Guns Jan. 28, 2014
Agree strongly with the folks who say that the game needs a whole bunch of polish. The concept is very good though. If improved on, you could really have a hit here. Despite it's flaws, it's a pretty addictive game. Gave you 4/5 stars for the effort.
Play Band Tycoon BETA Band Tycoon BETA Jan. 28, 2014
Have you considered going the route of making this an idle game, where money is earned per second based on your merch rating rather than only by clicking? Also, there's some sort of bug with the equipment going on. Got my skill up to 30 and now the equipment button stays green and allows presses, but basically just skips the day.
Developer response from SusuReedJango

Thanks for the bug report, I'll get that fixed. But I'm trying to keep this realistic.. So unless I found a way to make days casually go by and be able to play shows too.. then Idk. I'm working on methods for less spam clicks for resting atm. EDIT: Bug fixed. && 1 click full rest. yayy

Play Catch The Thief Catch The Thief Jan. 23, 2014
You'd think with all that money they could invest in a better security system than a kid in boxing gloves.
Play Train Raiders Train Raiders Jan. 22, 2014
Upgrading rate of fire does a whooooole lot more for you than upgrading your bullet damage. Yeah, that's worth knowing.