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Play Battle Beavers Battle Beavers Nov. 24, 2014
Fantastic game, but I could really stand to see more exact numbers for my stats, like what my critical percent chance is, my damage percent reduction is, etc. 4/5
Play Higher! Higher! Nov. 21, 2014
The mouse isn't entirely responsive in the period of time where you ascend after collecting a balloon. Frequently I ended up clicking furiously after collecting a balloon to try and keep myself from lifting straight into a bomb (which takes out multiple balloons upon hitting). Certainly doesn't lend to a "relaxing" atmosphere.
Play Onomastica 2 Onomastica 2 Nov. 20, 2014
Would've been better if all the words were actually related to the surroundings (pen and turban? just there for no real reason?). And absolutely no recognition for completing the game makes me feel like I've just wasted my time. Also, math problems are not a part of onomastics. 2/5.
Play Zombo Buster Rising Zombo Buster Rising Nov. 20, 2014
Mainly in the earlier levels, I found that my allies and I focused the same enemies much too frequently. If you don't include a way to select which enemies our allies target, you could at least show us which ones they are targeting. Highlighting/outlining the enemy would be helpful.
Play Rose Dungeon Rose Dungeon Nov. 18, 2014
Great, 2 different mystery objects and absolutely no textual descriptions of anything at all. 1/5.
Play Radio Room Escape Radio Room Escape Nov. 18, 2014
I didn't cheat, dickhead. It's just obvious that the center card is a jack.
Play Amberial Amberial Nov. 18, 2014
At least you don't have to complete the level for it to count the ace as collected.
Play Platform Racing Platform Racing Nov. 17, 2014
Great, 3 badges that I will never ever earn because it's a server based game w/ servers no longer accessible.
Play The Great Siege The Great Siege Nov. 17, 2014
Started playing, thought "yeah, this game isn't too bad." Then I encountered the first of those dark elf units that just rush across the map (literally too fast to track w/ the catapult, not to mention take 3 or 4 level 2 catapult hits and also do a ton of damage) and thought "hmm, that could be problematic." Then I got to the last level of dark elves, and I decided that this game is complete garbage. 1/5.
Play Vilesteel Vilesteel Nov. 13, 2014
Field of view becomes sorta problematic for ranged classes. The whole advantage of range goes out the window when you have to approach your enemy's aggro range just to target them.
Play King's Rush King's Rush Nov. 13, 2014
Customizing the controls would be a nice option, because I typically don't like to use spacebar for anything. Also jumping felt a little sticky. Even on low quality, it lags a lot when you encounter enemy castles and spam cannonballs (maybe take out the explosion particle effects?). The tracking for the cannon was a little disappointing, but the tracking on the ballista was just plain upsetting. Coins w/ a value of 1 each have no place in a game w/ upgrade costs as high as these. All in all, not a stellar example of the genre. 2/5.
Play Mu Complex : Episode One Mu Complex : Episode One Nov. 13, 2014
I enjoy the text based adventure format, but I was less than pleased w/ how much googling the game required of me. I would much prefer all the necessary info to be accessible in the game, otherwise it's more like an internet scavenger hunt, which is not what I want to do. 3/5.
Play Aztec Curse Aztec Curse Nov. 12, 2014
Controls are subpar, no upgrade system alongside a severe lack of skills/abilities to scale w/ the increasingly difficult levels, a lives system that serves as nothing more than a waste of time, and ghostly hitboxes. 1/5.
Play Sky Quest Sky Quest Nov. 06, 2014
Pretty solid game all in all. Plenty of ways to spend money, but it doesn't feel entirely necessary. The amount of grinding you do doesn't feel all that unbearable. For the final boss, I used the crystals I'd stocked up and crafted equipment strong enough to take him down w/out even needing a revive from the pendant. Fairly challenging, minimal grind (compared to some of your other games), and an original storyline. 4/5. Looking forward to the next.
Play LethalRPGDestiny 2: Conquest LethalRPGDestiny 2: Conquest Nov. 05, 2014
It would be helpful if you could give some kind of preliminary info about the enemy before we enter the fight, rather than me hitting a fork in the path and having a 50/50 chance of getting stomped by something way stronger than me. Maybe just tell us how tough the fight is, so it's obvious which path will be easier in such an instance.
Play Wake Up the Box 3 Wake Up the Box 3 Nov. 05, 2014
I absolutely hate this entire series. You know it's a shitty puzzle game when following the walkthrough they link you to still doesn't help you beat all of the levels. I don't know how much of my time was wasted on retrying the same thing in a level, hoping I was on the exact right pixel to make everything work.
Play Takeover Takeover Oct. 30, 2014
Once there's a mass of units on the field, I have absolutely no idea which ones have how much health as their icons stack over each other. Display the health icons of selected units at the top of the screen or something.
Play Arkandian Explorer Arkandian Explorer Oct. 28, 2014
A good dungeon delving loot based game, but there are a few minor inconveniences. I would really appreciate the option to guide my character w/ the mouse, instead of having to switch to the keyboard. Also, is it really necessary to make us click to open the chest after every battle? That got tiresome quickly. Last thing, I chose a two skull dungeon and could only explore half of it. The only opening in the walls was blocked by a crate that I couldn't move past. I assume this wasn't intentional (if it was, extremely poor choice).
Play Zombotron 2: Time Machine Zombotron 2: Time Machine Oct. 24, 2014
Got stuck on level 4. Digger machine at the beginning wouldn't go through the rock. Got stuck on something (debris?) and couldn't find any way around it.
Play Rencounter Rencounter Oct. 22, 2014
Map is still inadequate. Difficult to tell which end of the room the map considers me to be, making navigation just as difficult.